15mm Lart 200 points

Hey All

Had a great game against Dave, needless to say one of the top tier gamer’s that usually takes pleasure in beating me

200 points of my newly painted medieval types, this time playing as the Swiss vs Arthurian Types

Roll off and I was the defender

Terrible pic of my brave lads in the center, two divisions of 2HW halberdiers and pikes, facing them were a massive division of spears and a smaller division of swordsmen and skirmish troops


On my right was a smaller division of halbardiers with an organ gun and some mounted X Bows, loved these figs for years. The third enemy division was not on the table either in flank march or ambush

Light green hills were hills, dark green patches were scrub and the road was a road. I had a cunning plan, stay out of the scrub with the pikes


Arthurians move forward, I thought to draw me forwards and flank me on my left. light infantry and light horse started surrounding my pikes and putting cp on them. This I could not have and charged in, remember no pikes in the scrub oh bugger


My lads in the scrub didn’t exactly slaughter all before them as I hoped but did see of some archer types. Rest of my lads moved forwards fairly certain now that the enemy had flankers so needed to try to kill the ones on the table first. On my right I moved forward as a group twice, as I had a light artillery piece I was moving 1 UD. So after a while the organ gun was dropped off to await the flankers

Enemy charged in against my main units, x bows bravely fled away to the rear. The light blue chits behind the enemy were the cp markers after the first clash. Very low rolling from Dave combined with my elite troops, all but three of the main units were elite, meant I had the best of the fighting. However the forces on my left were crumbling and I was in threat of being flanked. Top right of the picture my LH X Bows danced with some archers and spears. Through the scrub half out of sight on the right my foot moved forwards much faster without the organ gun


The phone camera shamed into working correctly by the professional film crew that arrived started taking clear pictures just in time to capture the flank as they rolled to come on. As of next turn they would come onto the table and start to cause trouble. No problem I had a hell blaster volley gun


Holes were starting to appear in the battle lines. It was going to be a race to see if the forces in the middle could break the enemy and turn to face the two flank chargers or if I would be turned into the squash stuff in a sandwich. I was starting to feel as confident as I did when the enemy started the game placing terrain and figures which left me with the impression he knew how to play


These lads looked like they were up for some choppy choppy


A unit of halbadiers that had held up the left flank for a decent amount of time finally died. One more unit and the pikes would be flanked


Top left one unit of heavy cavalry hits some halbadiers that had been given the dubious honour of trying to protect the flank. Another unit made use of the road to get behind my main force. The last stand was just in arc of the organ gun. The bare bases are my camp, scorched earth policy here. Fortunately a fortified camp or the horses would probably had plundered it


Suicide wing one normal and one elite unit of halberds


Counting up I was on 22 of my 23, or so I thought, and the enemy were on 19 or their 25 break points. Lots more table could be seen as units were removed. I don’t think my lads rolled particularly well but elite saved them. One turn I am sure the enemy rolled six sixes out of eight fights or similar. One unit of LH were having a great time riding down my LI X Bows. Pikes with commander were flanked but importantly had just killed the enemy to their front. Things were not looking rosy for the Swiss


yay, the organ gun finally hit something. a crucial cp


My left division managed to win out and form up again, this flank looked like it would hold. My center division was able to take out the enemy to their front, non elite halbardiers and LH assisting with support. The suicide squad fighting the horse and spears on the right flank won with a six vs one roll


Close up of a surrounded unit facing foes from all sides and the dedicated blocking force


Organ gun got another hit and when we counted up it was a victory to me after a recount, really thought I was dead in this and got a little luck with rolls and terrain. That and the flank march not coming on for several turns. Couple of turns earlier and it would have been curtains for the center force


However it was clear the true victors were the organ gun crew who got the winning point


Will have a few more games with the Swiss as they are all I have done at the moment

NB my lads were one base to a unit due to it being all I had whilst the enemy had two bases per unit so looked terrifying on set up

22-25 victory for the Swiss so huzza

Thanks for game Dave, again I learnt a new rule every turn it seemed




Warhammer 40k 8th Edition release

So with the new edition of 40k hitting the shelves on saturday we all flocked to our home away from home Janco Toys. Upon arrival we saw that Colin had hired some extra security.

When we had made it passed the new body guard we saw the supply drop that had arrived and quickly gathered the resources we needed.

Some retreated to safety to assemble their reinforcements

While the rest of us forgot the days truce and took to the battlefield in a test of strength. Even the southern commanders showed their faces with their newly painted painted thousand sons

After a few squabbles over who was the greatest commander it all collapsed into battle across multiple areas. Below is footage of the ongoing carnage.

Overall it was a great day, it was good to see everyone back in the shop all at once. I’m sure many more battles will commence and we will endeavour to bring the reports from the front.

Lart Scipio vs the Seleucid’s

Hi All

In the third of our grudge match it was once again Romans vs Seleucid in what is rapidly becoming one of my fave game systems Lart

Matt was game on for this one, choosing to attack and place a coastal zone on his left flank to limit the movement of my cavalry. There looked to be a few other little tweaks in the army and he had also learned some new tricks.


Legion on the right just one had armour, heavy infantry in the middle all clad in their nice shiney shiney and a group of less enthusiastic auxiliary on the left flank with some medium cavalry supporting them.


My left was my elephants with light support, blocks of pikes in the center and my cataphracts on the right


The Romans come on in force, attaching commanders to get more CP to convert into movement. My lads also get close, trap spotted on my right where the infantry looked to have been thrown in to hold me up whilst the cavalry get into my flank and rear.

I had learnt a few tricks as well, called the rules and for the first time ever shot my bows at 4 UD rather than 2 UD, take that slings


My cataphracts charge in and immediately take out two stands, it does leave my flank a bit in the open but hopefully the heavy cavalry can hold on for a while


Our two main units look happy to let the missile troops have their fun before getting stuck in on my left the elephants charged forward but stopped short of the enemy, my horse archers even decided to get a few pot shots in


The nellies wanted some action, probably been better to stay in the field but they would not be stopped


Romans decide to get some pay back but terrible rolls mean the heavy cavalry only takes a single pip. Meanwhile the cataphracts start to roll up the infantry. Hope was to get finished here to go help the pikes


Romans decide to do the charging but again the dice gods favoured me


Main lines finally clash, once again apologies for playing against a well painted force with my dregs. All fired up even the bows decide to get some combat experience. The horse archers play games with the slinger’s. Scipio himself is in combat


The cavalry clash on the right is unsurprisingly going in favor of the heavily armoured killing machines rather than the medium poppos. Most amazingly the heavy cavalry are still there


Handbags at dawn for a few turns in the center but the bows and mounted archers had nibbled out a flank and were looking to keep going


On my left the legion were getting a going over by massive beasties and also tiny little javelin men who were now in a position to start flanking. Even the elite armoured lads on the left of the pic were getting stabbed by the spears. It is fair to say that my dice were not amazing but Matts were shocking


The great Roman leader who had attached was hit in the flank and taken out which was a load of cohesion points


Heavy lads, they really must get painted for their heroic stand, hold out whilst the showy lads murder death kill all before them


Roman center starts to crumble with the death of their leader, no Janco James they are not my rolls that was after multipliers but still best rolls in the center where threes had been the norm


Elephants tenderising Romans, top of the pick the javelins decided to chase off the skirmish types. Still the elite Romans stood steadfast with another commander attached


With that it was game over something like 34 cohesion to five and no Seleucid deaths.

Two out of three so series to me which really says more about Matts terrible luck than my skill and to be fair Matt is also the person who has pretty much shown me how to play the game and has slaughtered me before.

Below is a quick clip from another game where our plucky English  peasant types gave a good drubbing to the French landed gentry. A joy to watch.


M&T British vs Canadians

I has been a while since our last game of M&T so we were a little rusty.

At Janco toys we often play with beautifully painted figs on terrain made specifically for the game, unfortunately this was not one of those occasions as shall be seen.

Still a great game


Officer, couple of units of militia, Indian chief and three units of Indians two of them were blood thirsty



Officer and a terribly large looking unit of regulars, unit of rangers and a couple of units of Indians


Table was set up before rolling for the mission, which is typical. We then rolled that the Canadians had to defend the homestead, we decided not to get out any buildings and placed indian sacred groves. So sacred that they still had snow in the middle of the summer. British were trying to slaughter civilians, here the cunning idea of sacred groves came unstuck as we only had European looking civvies.


British start their advance, not only had we forgotten the smoke but also our hidden movement markers. This was turning into a classic Janco’s match up.


The British firing line looked deadly


Meanwhile civilians huddled behind the sacred groves thinking it would be much safer inside a nice house.



First card of the game and random event was all civilians had to test moral, one failed and fled the table so there were five dead civilians and a second unit also failed and recoiled towards the board edge. Great start, it would have been amazing if all three units routed on turn one giving the mission to the British forces.


Second card out and this time we rolled an eclipse giving the British all the cover they needed, night fighting in effect, as they advanced. The spirits were displeased that outsiders had been allowed to visit the trees, presumably thinking they were going to chop them down to build a nice safe fort.


Few cards on and British advanced and got into a firing line as another random event card forced all civilians to move, the British player won the roll of and two groups of Civilians moved into plain sight. Wonderful, the chaps lying down were unable to stand on the gentle hills obviously not good woods folk, one had a spyglass and could see the crops moving in the field but couldn’t spot what was causing it.



SO excited by the game were we that photos were totally forgotten. A group of savage indians made it behind the British lines and took out a unit of irregulars and whittled down the regulars enough so that some Canadian militia managed to take them out. Hope was to draw indians away from the trees and the remaining civilians but the enemy was not cooperating. It had cost a two full units of indians and most of a unit of militia to take out the British which meant there was not much left to try to take out the last two units of indians.

The British officer was achieving his side plot by staying more than 4″ from his own units crept up on the last two remaining Canadian militia that had chopped up his men. He got right behind them drew his pistol and missed.


Alerted by the shot they managed to get two cards and chopped up the officer then went to advance into the woods



To the left of the picture the indian chief who had managed to read a secret message gaining him his side plot hoped to hit some indians forcing a test he may have managed to read it earlier had I not forgotten to reveal him so he could start trying to decipher it. Another unit of blood thirsty savages had managed to route one unit of indians and eyed up the second. There was a little hope after all.

A shot ran out and a farmer, oddly hiding in a sacred tree shot at and hit a unit of British indians that were contesting a wood. The fled from the shot, the cards were now doing us both over. French indian chief got shot.


This is a picture of another unit of civillians, or at least where they were until another random event caused them to test and rout. Ten of fifteen had fled the table from random events, I eyed my opponent with great suspicion as he was obviously using some kind of Eldar trickery to twist the paths of fate. The rest had been shot so indian objective was theirs.


The French officer bravely made it to the top of the hill and managed to shoot at the indians in the wood hoping to make them rout if he could and managed to roll game end it would be a draw with both missions achieved and also both side plots admittedly the British had killed nearly everyone that faced them, unfortunately he missed.


Indians then got a card and went into a charge but a well aimed tomahawk to the head took out the last remaining Canadian


British got mission and side plot

French just got side plot

Game most definitely to the British, game was really brutal as we forgot to put in the moral card after taking 1/3 casualties

Great fun as the cards and event did their best to break both sides without any combat at all, def looking forward to more games. A big multiplayer game next time methinks




Hail Caesar

Hi All

Dale came up from the land of the roundabouts to have a game of HC, I have not played for a while and neither has Dale so there may have been a few oopsies.

New Kingdom Egyptians vs Early Hoplite Greeks we played 288 points as that was how much a basic list of NKE came to.

I wanted to get my new Greeks on the table so took them even though I expected to face chariots and worried about them getting round my flanks and rear.

Greeks were two divisions each of Hoplites and light infantry backed up with skirmish and missile troops.

The NKE had a division of medium infantry some with double handed axes backed up with medium archers and skirmish archers. Lots of archers. The second division was made up of two light chariot units and more archers.

After a couple of turns positioning the NKE started to hassle my lads with bow fire whilst one unit of chariots started to make it round my flank. Fortunately the lack of roundabouts confused them and they took several turns to make it round.


My left hand division was a mess with fleeing Cretan archers and the four infantry units getting separated. It could have got messy but the enemy failed a few checks which bout the Greeks some time.


The right flank had at least held together, again the opposing forces failed to move meaning they did not get the benefit of a charge. It was now that the medium archers got in the way of the harder hitting infantry behind them. One unit of bow men held up a phalanx on the charge drawing combat.


Back on the left a cheeky chuck of javelins by my skirmishers forced a break test and the flanking chariots fled from the table. Not destroyed but off the table for a while. Archers continued to punish my troops for failing tests to charge, we play cm in 15 mm scale so my lads were just out of 6 cm so couldn’t get into combat on an initiative move.


The Geeks were getting the better of their opponents and either killing them or driving them off, we did forget a round of double handed special rule capping my moral at 5+ on the left hand phalanx so was actually even closer. We commented on lots of shooting and fighting but no break through moment just a slow grind.


Handbags at dawn on the right, with the chariots deciding they liked being off table. The inability for the chariots to get behind me was pretty much reason for this flank of Greeks getting crushed.


Greeks finally charged into contact with the chariots, the light infantry got some closing fire to the face and broke.


No support for my lads now


We broke the chariots and the left flank broke the other division winning me the game.


Good little game with the Greeks getting lucky, def don’t like missile fire of that intensity.


Dale had to go so we had a good little DBA game with Sparta taking on Graham who had some Late Roman types.

Really good slog until the Spartan general got taken out.





Battle of La Rothière

Hi Chums

Myself, Andy and Tim with the aid of some child labour put on a demo game at Chillcon

The event itself was great and more like a bunch of mates getting together for a laugh than a typical games show. There were vendors, bring and buy, demo, participation, BA and a KOW tourney, food and even chilled beer. Not bad for a school.

Well done to all who set it up and I hope it continues to be a success

We put on a Black Powder game which was French, including guard infantry and cavalry, and some Swiss holding the area of La Rothiere and keeping the line of retreat open to Paris. The allied coalition of Russia, Prussia and Austria. As we play BP in 28mm scale we tried to give more of a feel for the battle rather than an accurate 100% accurate presentation. As it came to pass the game was actually very close to reality.

We were given loads of room and five tables to use so game was about an 8′ x 6′ set up.

We used my cheap green cloth, ok ok it is all I have right, which gave the look of a sunny summers day rather than the wet snow storm of February 1814 but it would not be last of the historic accuracies ridden over I am sure.

Here is the table and set up. French hold the center and back quarter of the table with Prussians attacking down one long length and the Russians and Austrians attacking from the short edge, basically and L shaped attack with the French holding everything else. French were outnumbered but had a leadership rating of 8+ and 9+ for the guard and allies were all on 7+ the young, old and mounted guard also had elite 3+ meaning they could recover from disorder easily.

My Russians on each side of the field on the right flank infantry and some hussars, they were supported by some grenadiers and cossacks loaned by Tim, massed artillery in the middle, on the left of the field more infantry and the Russian cavalry which was cossacks, curassiers and dragoons. At the top of the picture on the Russians left flank were the Austrians in large formations mostly infantry with some artillery support. The thin blue line looked on but the young guard showed no sign of concern.


This picture shows the Prussian infantry stretched across the field of battle holding he French in place until the hammer arrived from the other end of the field. Guard infantry, cavalry and artillery holding the center and to the top left more line infantry held the woods.


More French and Swiss holding La Rothiere, in here there were four units of cavalry that were waiting to see where they were needed the most.


First blood to the French as the Austrians and Russian right advanced but the Middle Russian division sat still for the next five turns. This was bad as it allowed the French to form up and hold a good defensive line from the field to the small farm cottage and on to the hill and house with the walled garden. The Prussians did best moving to cut off the French retreat straight away. The French had not to destroy us to win but hold the line of retreat, we also left firing ranges as per the rules but dropped all movement by half which worked well, so well in fact that we are sticking with it.


We had been thinking the game may be over a bit quick and how could we make it last all day but the low leadership ratings and half movement coupled with us going off for regular mooches about and chats gave us a good day of gaming from set up at 09:00 through to pack up at 16:00. The Russian cossacks were the first from their division to move and only then to counter charge some French hussars, mighty Russian lances and saving five out of six hits on 5+ saw us crush the french cavalry. Austrian skirmish troops had made it into the house and were merrily blasting into the oncoming French lines. The complete inability of the Russians to advance meant that the French had come to us to buy time with a defense in depth strategy.


As Russians advanced on the right cavalry forcing the French into squares the Austrians form line and blast at the enemy, the house had been retaken by French line troops. Russians in the middle still stationary and the cossacks now gone as they had been hit by some Currasiers who proved much more able troops than the earlier lights they had faced. French young guard square in the center with Guard Grenadier on the hill also in square due to the Prussian cavalry.


A fight was also on for the walled Garden house, Prussians got there first to be forced out by Swiss and French and then the Prussian gained it again. The diversionary Prussian attack had turned into full scale destruction. French Cavalry wait it out seeing which flank needed them the most. I now realised that the Russian reluctance to move was because of a loaned mounted commander. As soon as I replaced him with one of my own figures he got the job started.


For me one of the best pics of the game, Prussian line facing French line in the Woods. A large unit of Prussian cavalry waited for a break through and also kept an eye on the French cavalry who did not want to move to Face the Austrians with the threat of Prussian horse coming through the gap to make a mess of the pretty French lines.


The French had found a gap in the allies lines and had decided the best way to buy time for Napoleon to run back to Paris was to go and slap the enemy around. It was not looking good for the allies as the Prussian infantry attack had been given a very bloody nose by French attack columns.


Now just as the French thought they had it the tide started to turn

First the French held position in the center house was decimated by the Russian grand battery that literally blasted the French out of their positions.


Then miraculously without the French imposter holding them back the Russian Curassiers and Dragoons charged a shattered and disordered young guard square. The Shattered and disordered young guard laughed as they drew the combat but had to test because of all the Russian support. Needless to say they held but the French defence was just starting to look a little under pressure.


In a stroke of true tactical genius our gallant Russian commander allowed his Hussars to be routed by French fire, allowing his line clear lanes of attack to the French squares. Again the Young guard held.


A tide of allied infantry press on the French, even the Russian center had started to move. To the left of the young guard square was a clash of charging French curassiers and Russian dragoons. Unbeknownst to us all this was to prove a pivotal moment. The Russians won forcing back the French. Austrians again recapture the house and a Russian and Prussian firing line starts up meaning the French could not exploit the gap next to the walled garden. Prussian troops had decided this was the best place to be and shot at anything that came too close.


The Russian dragoons routed their breastplated opponents and went crashing into the side of a French infantry line in a sweeping advance. This moment opened the door and meant the writing was on the wall for the French. The writing became larger as the Young guard finally routed. These lads alone had meant half the french force could escape.


Andy looks on as the French who had smashed a division of infantry now moved back again as the order to retreat was given by French command, the pressure the Prussians put up on this side was immense. The Guard cavalry had also now disappeared in a hail of allied musketry and blooming big cannon balls plugging the gap. Only the Guard grenadier square on the hill held and it was getting hit on three sides now. The Austrians started down the Paris road as French cavalry blocked the way to slow them down.


French attack column on the hill with the routed Prussians on the top left of the picture. French line making their way back through the woods on their way to escape. There were plenty of French left to try to crush the rest of the Prussians but they would simply have allowed the rest of the allies to  cut of their retreat.


Austrian and Russian advance from the French view of the table


Russian Pavlov grenadiers get round the side of the French now the cavalry has protected their flank and let rip on their French counterparts.


The Guard grenadiers who had taken and held up to a terrible pounding formed line to retreat but got a bad roll so just formed line and were hit terribly from all sides. Prussian cavalry holding off any hope of reinforcements from their own side.


French roll for moral and with -4 they are gone.


In a puff of smoke


French in full retreat


As the allies get in each others way. A certain Colonel Cain may have been responsible for the Russians very slow march forward, just behind most of the fighting.


Even the once proud advance of the French attack column reverses.


Absolutely fantastic game which ended up going as historically planned as we could have managed, the dice gods were watching.

Thanks to everyone who came over for a chat and the lads that put on such a great show, def going again next year, if they have us.

Also of course big thanks to Andy for sorting and to Tim for an amazing defence under very difficult conditions.

Epic “of some kind” 4K Eldar vs Kreig

Great game vs Scott, need more games to get some better idea of how to actually win as killing off stuff is not all that.

Took an Eldar list that is great at taking out everything other than infantry, this is really good against Scott with masses of grenadiers and death riders.

We set up the table and off we went


Starting deployment, Eldar mainly vehicles so nothing could start holding an objective. There was a Phantom on the Eldar side but the Guard had brought a Reaver and two Warhounds.


Larger of the two Krieg death rider formations moved into the woods to hold an objective and Eldar vypers went off to tickle them. Falcons also took pot shots with their secondary weapons but it was never going to be enough. Nightwing fighters arrived to shoot up a shadow sword that was making the Phanton nervous, so nervous in fact that it forgot to measure range and so did not shoot for a turn which in a four turn game was a problem.

Warhounds moved up and took a massive barrage of shots at the Eldar Titan but the hollofields saved it, couple of blast markers remained though.


On the other wing a few shots were exchanged and the Eldar howling banshee warriors in their wave serpent, one that looked suscpisiously like a scorpion, end of turn and I was bound to get to go first and take out the deadly death riders in the woods on this side of the table.

This is a picture of my two cobras with their deadly titan killer weapons ready to blast the Reaver, or it would have been if the Reaver had not gatlin blasterd them back to the craft world. Hide and pop up Eldar, dont get caught out.


Got onto the next turn and rolled a one for initiative Scott was going first as he rolled a six which with my plus four and his plus two was bad.

This blury picture shows a distinct lack of Banshees cos stupid Scott went first and killed two wave serpents with his I always strike first lances, the explosions killed two stands of infantry including my Banshee exarch. I killed tow rough rider stands then lost another two bases and last wave serpent. Ended up loosing assault by something like seven points which popped my last base as well.


My Falcons took pot shots on way past the rough riders who had so mercilessly run down the Banshees then went into hiding to try  to claim line breaker. Only two of them alive as the Reaver which is a tank killing behemoth vaporised four of them.


Falcons on my left flank took a couple more stands of the large RR company before running and hiding on the other side of the woods again acting as a second line breaker unit, the vypers also put a blast marker on them then went over to contest an objective

Night spinners continued to place blast markers on the RR hoping to pin them in place, the scorpions took some shots at the shadow sword before the aircraft finally took out the titan killing super tank. Scott was on his way to a glorious victory as his big formations can take a real hammering and still have loads left and the Reaver and Warhounds put out awesome fire leaving the RR companies to muller stuff in combat. There are still loads of grenadiers in the two gorgon transports on the hill and the one to the right of the picture next to the objective


Obviously being Eldar we still had a few tricksies up our sleeves. My right was looking a bit dodgy as the RR were holding the objective with the Leman Russ demolishers on standby and the Titan was taking out formation at a time.


My scorpions went off to hide and shot up some of Scott’s incoming super heavies and the big boy at the back strode over to the objective as I thought Scott may triple move onto it. A unit of broken Falcons looking very like fire prisms went off to the corner for a long think about their poor performance, more useful alive than dead around an objective


Scott’s tanks moved across and shot my line breaking Falcons either killing them outright or breaking them meaning they were no longer scoring for line breaking. Reaver came across and I think took out the scorpions, I really don’t like that thing as it is perfectly designed for killing my light vehicles. Ont the tray you can just see the Grenadiers that were sitting comfy in their gorgon transports


We had decided turn three would be the last cos it was 23:00 and the imperial guard commandeer had been asked to send a transport to Sheffield to collect another set of Banshees. So the Eldar do what Eldar do best and moved fast units to contest objectives and score as line breaking.

Result is what James loves, a glorious draw. If game had gone on for another turn or two I doubt the Eldar could have held on and certainly didn’t have the kind of fire power to take out the masses of infantry still waiting to pop out and assault the unwary

Still fantastic game and left me wanting more