Lart de la guerra 200 points

Recent outing for my Seleucid force vs Republican Romans

200 points with me defending, my break points 20 and the Romans 26

My force so shamefully put together when faced by finely painted opponents

Elephants on the left, Pikes in the middle and deadly cataphracts on the right, Romans had placed their best troops on their right expecting to fight the cavalry so had to spend time moving over which shall prove to be a big problem


Game begins and Romans move the infantry out of line to start making it over to the left and shuffle the other two divisions to their right. My elephants move into the plantation, missile troops move to start harassing and the cavalry start to manover to threaten a flank


The first clash goes to the Romans as the blades get stuck into my pike on the right and only the rough ground on my left keeps the javlins and spearmen alive. At the rear my grey horse starts to drive off the enemy light horse and the Roman troops with some low rolls don’t manage to get far across. Even at this stage it looked like it was a race between my cavalry now ready to turn the tide in the foot battle and the Roman reserves trying to get across to stop them


Think I missed a turn where my light horse drove of the Roman skirmish horse from the camp and allowed my heavy cavalry to start attacking it, as it was fortified camp I needed a six to destroy it, good lads it took em two turns but there goes 6 more point to me


Last turn of the game the cataphracts moved in to take off cohesion from Roman blades fighting the pike blocks, the fight here had been incredibly even until the flanking cavalry made an appearance and I got some really good command rolls allowing me to remove lost cohesion points on my troops. One elephant chased off some skirmish troops and the other luckily survived being flanked by Roman blades then turned around to fight to the front and got support from javelin and spear troops to help out


Game ended with a crushing victory to the Seleucid forces, taking out 26+ points for the loss of 1/2 point each for a javelin and a spear unit and two cohesion pips for a total of 26 to 3

Romans rolling low on command really hurt them as the troops trying to relocate were too slow to get into a position to support

Really enjoy Lart, will def get these 10mm forces painted up and learn the rules a little more



Few shots from dino proof

It is all about dino proof at team Janco, a game we can all play to win but more importantly also try to do each other over

Here is the table populated with dinos


After we parachuted in Elsie my character parachuted in right next to a supply box, unfortunately the box was guarded by a Dino, no worries I could take out one surely


Very shortly though it was surrounded by three of them, I took out three but the big lad got me

If I cant see it then it cant see me right?




Flames of War Version III Soviets vs Americans

Ok so we decided to do a Version III game before the weekend

MW 1650 points in hold the line. America defended with an armoured recce company vs Soviets mixed Tankovy

The Soviets 10 T26, 10 T34, 10 BA-10, 3 KV-1e, Limited Il-2


The Americans 2 Infantry in HT, recon platoon, 2 platoons of Shermans and some 105’sIMG_0055[1].JPG

Table had been set up like this before mission was rolledIMG_0056[1].JPG

105’s started on top of an objectiveIMG_0057[1].JPG

An American platoon started dug in around  the other one which was in between the golden domes church and the much more impressive barn to its right. A sherman platoon was in ambush, it was going to be two platoons of shermans in ambush but I reminded the American supreme command that my BA-10 could recce to contest objective and push back the ambush at least 8″. Still one platoon of shermans was still out there


Plane came in and took out the artillery commander and staff team but all the guns saved, the American company 1IC was camped next to them so Rich preferred the guns to stay


BA-10’s moved forwards hoping to stop shermans ambushing from the woods and also managed to take out the 2IC


Ambush reveled and some of the BA-10’s were burning, artillery joined in and more went up as well


Burning Russians pointed out to the rest of the battalion where the enemy were located, the BA-10’s had been used to store the companys spare supply of aviation fuel ready to turn into vodka so went up well


Sturmovik came back in and repaid the favour, Rich regretted not putting them in the wood next to his observer as the last one ran


T34 fire wiped out two guns and the rest ran, the commander looked on at the T34’s and dug his hole a little deeper. If the reserves didn’t come on then he was holding the objective with a single LMG team


Whilst KV’s and T26’s held the infantry around the far objective the T34’s went on the assault and despite the American commander holding on for a turn they got the objective before reserves arrived to contest it. Victory to the Soviets


American player is a returning FOW player and I am sure my chaps will get the kicking they deserve at some point in the future but hey a win is a win


Team Yankee – Lee vs Colin

Four of us have entered a tournament in Preston Feburary next year, so the race is on to perfect our lists and get some experience in.  I’ve made some significant changes with a view to being able to win at a decent points ratio, and this was the first chance to try it out.

Colin fancied another ruck; if this planned strategy could work against Brits, it should work on anyone!

Lee’s Americans


(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams

(1) FIST M113 Observer team

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(3) 3 x M106 Mortars

Formation 2

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

Total 100pts

Colin’s Brits


(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAMs


(7) HQ – 1 x Chieftain Tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(6) 3 x Swingfire tanks

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams

Total 95pts

Mission and Deployment

My new strategy is to attack by night, as Americans by far have the best distribution of Thermal Imaging.  So I went for prepared attack.  Colin opted for Defence, so rolling on the chart gave us No Retreat.


The mission gave me a choice of Time of Day, so I opted for night time.  The biggest bonus here was that the Chieftains didn’t have Thermal Imaging, so would be hitting me on no better than a 5…

Setup followed.


Turn 1 – Americans

I charged forward with everything on the left (moving at Terrain Dash as per the Night rules – luckily Abrams are very fast).  In the middle, my 2 spare Mech Platoons get ready to keep the Brit Infantry busy.

I had left myself a line of sight to fire a smoke bombardment with my FIST as the spotter, but he need a 6 to make the pre-determined point.  He rolled a 5 and I pulled the smoke closer and ranged in.


Turn 1 – Brits

Col rolled for reinforcements and nothing was forthcoming for now.

With very little to do, he backed off his Chieftains to prevent me getting on their side armour.

Turn 2 – Americans

I ploughed forward with the Abrams and Inf Platoons on the left, whilst my Infantry on the right took up positions in the buildings and Bocage hedgerow to ensure Col’s infantry wouldn’t dare break from their Foxholes.


I opened up with my Abrams, and as per usual against Chieftains it was like throwing pebbles at a wall.  I ended up with 1 Chieftain bailed for 8 shots fired, and the 4 Abrams doing the shooting were now horribly exposed.

My other Abrams fired on a Swingfire and the Mech Transports, bailing a single transport.

My Infantry had a little more success, killing 2 Brit Infantry teams.

Turn 2 – Brits

Colin rolled a reinforcement and brought on a Chieftain unit with his HQ, blitzing into position.  Colin also moved up a single Transport to hold on to the Objective.

This could hurt…


His single Swingfire that I had missed fired first, bailing an Abrams from one squad.  Then the Chieftains opened up…  The unit of 3 behind the hedge blew up 2 Abrams immediately, and I waited for the squad wipe; but somehow, the second unit completely missed all it’s shots.  Some luck for once!

Turn 3 – Americans

My Mech Inf on the left dismounted and headed for the objective.  My beleaguered Abrams unit pushed forward suicidally to get a shot on the side armour of the Chieftains, whilst the other manoeuvred in the cornfield to fire on the Swingfire and Mech Transports.  On the right, my other 2 Mech Inf Platoons settled into their cover ready to fire on the Brits with their Dragons.

The Suicidal charge of the 2 Abrams paid off, with them destroying 2 Chieftains outright.  The other Abrams were also able to destroy the single visible Swingfire.  The Bailed Chieftain crew decided to run for it, spiking his tank before leaving the field.

Shooting continued on the right, but to little appreciable effect.  However, the goal was to simply keep them busy, any kills were just a bonus.

 Turn 3 – Brits

3 more Chieftains blitzed onto the field to augment the 4 still in operation.  Colin chose not to push anything forward onto the objective, instead electing for total destruction.


His Chieftains opened up, with his HQ-led team destroying one of my ‘Suicide Abrams’ and the other team only succeeding in bailing a single Abrams from the other team.  Amazingly, my solo Abrams passed his morale check to stay on the field.

Turn 4 – Americans

I manoeuvred to secure the objective.  With only a single FV432 preventing me securing it, my Infantry threw up a cordon around the Objective and readied to engage the FV423 in Assault.

My Suicide Abrams drove up to the side of another Chieftain group for some point blank shooting practice.


My Abrams blew up the HQ Chieftain tank, with the Commander surviving and taking up residence in the tank next door.

The Infantry were easily able to overcome the FV432, and moved to complete the cordon around the objective.


Turn 4 – British

Colin decided at this point that there was no way he could take back the objective.  If he charged my Infantry cordon with his Chieftains, they would then get overrun by my Infantry and flanking Abrams.  So he called it there.


My objective was to attack at night and secure an objective quickly and cleanly using 8 Abrams and 2 platoons of Infantry.  We did exactly that.

We talked through Colin’s deployment.  If he had put his infantry on the objectives it might have been different, but they would have probably got steamrollered by the Abrams.  The biggest mistakes he made, in my opinion, were where he put the mines and his choice of Ambush unit.  I would have definitely put a unit of Chieftains and their HQ in ambush rather than the Scimitars, and used the mines to completely block the left hand approach to the objectives.

For my part it was mostly textbook.  Looking forward to trying this force against the Russian hordes!

Team Yankee – Battle of the Lees!

This was it – Lee vs Lee..  Baldie vs Baldy, Big Lee vs Little Lee.

I was carting on my revised list using 2 Mech Inf formations as usual, whereas Baldie had opted for a BMP-2 spam list (Netlister!!!!)

The forces were as follows:

Lee’s Americans


(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(10) 2 x A10 ‘Warthog’ Strike Aircraft

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Formation 2

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(3) 3 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 99pts

Lee’s Russians

5 Hinds x 2
1 BMP-1 observer

BMP Battalion
(2) HQ 1 x BMP-2
(20) BMP company 10 x BMP inc gremlin
(20) BMP company 10 x BMP inc gremlin
(38) T72 x 8 inc 3 x Mine Roller
(4) Shilkas x 4
(4) Gopher x 2
(5) carnation x 3
(3) BMP-2 Recon x 2

Mission and Setup

I chose to go on the offensive (I had a plan!) and chose prepared attack, whereas Lee dropped for Hasty Attack.  I attempted for Night attack but rolled Daylight.


After set up the table looks liked this:


The mood was tense and the troops ready…

Turn 1 – Americans

I rolled a reinforcement right away and moved on with 2 ITVs on my left.  I pushed up on the right towards the objective, dismounting White Platoon and supporting them with the 8 M113s.  The Abrams moved forward into firing positions on the T72s.  With everything ready, the guns opened up.

I started with my Artillery on the T72s, netting a single kill…

6 teams of Dragons followed up, netting 2 bails…

…and the Abrams, as usual, rolled rubbish and netted another kill.


On the right, my M113s were unable to harm the single BMP they could see.


Turn 1 – Russians

Big Lee’s T72s manoeuvred into firing positions on the Abrams, with 1 failing to remount.  His BMPs deployed to centre table, not wanting to tackle the 2 platoons of infantry defending my Objective.  On my right his BMPs shuffled forward into firing positions and his Infantry revealed from Ambush to protect the Objective I was obviously going to push for.   They succeeded in digging in.


Lee opened fire… His T72s totalled an Abrams and bailed a second.  On my right, his BMPs destroyed an M113 and bailed the other 3.

With his shooting done, it was time for morale checks.  It was quite obvious what was coming….

The Abrams and M113s broke…. Happy days…

First turn to the Russians….

Turn 2 – Americans

I reinforced with my 4th Mech Platoon and pushed up mid table, aiming to land them in the centre building to threaten the BMPs and, to a lesser extent, the T72s.

On the left, between my ITVs, Artillery and Dragon teams, we were able to destroy 1 more T72.  On the right, White Platoon destroyed a BMP and bailed another.  My Mortars hit the Infantry on the right but to little avail.

Turn 2 – Russians

Lee re-dployed his Gophers slightly to cover the Right side of the table fully, with 1 bogging.  His T72s repositioned to fire on my ITVs and the BMPs pushed up to challenge my 4th Mech Platoon behind the centre buildings.


The BMPs opened up first, destroying the sole M113 they could see and the rifle team inside; the Dragon team safely staggering into the building beside it.


The BMPs on the right took care of 2 of my Rifle teams in open space.


As per usual, the T72s were able to find their mark in pick out the ITVs, obliterating them.  My Objective was starting to look weak, now only held by 2 Infantry Platoons to which the T72s were completely immune up close, and my opponent knew this well.

Turn 3 – Americans

With a double reinforce I brought on my VADS and Cobras to push hard on the right objective.  The Cobras were going to be braving Gopher AA fire, but I had to push now.My 4th Mech Platoon redeployed from centre table to the right to push the fight for the objective

On the left, the Dragon teams and Artillery had some success, destroying 2 T72s and bailing a 3rd.

On the right, my Mortar team experienced an incredible success, killing 3 out of 4 possible teams.

Whilst I lost a Cobra to AA fire, they, White Platoon and the VADS were able to destroy another BMP and bail 2.  Whilst plenty of shots were put into the infantry, I couldn’t convert any of them into kills.

Turn 3 – Russians

The T72s went after my Artillery and FIST, missing the FIST but destroying an M109.  The BMPs moved up in the centre.

The action for the Russians was on my right this turn, focusing on defending the Objective.  Lee’s fire destroyed a VADS and bailed a 2nd, whilst also destroying 2 M113s.

Turn 4 – Americans

I reinforced on the left with 2 platoons of ITVs behind the bocage hedge.  I pushed forward the M113s there to prevent the T72s dashing into my lines.

On the right, 4th Mech Platoon dismounted and pushed into the refinery.  White Platoon pushed forward ready to assault.

Through combined fire, the BMPs on the right were either all destroyed or bailed, at the cost of 1 Cobra.


On the left, more success against the T72s as the Dragons destroyed another and the Artillery re-bailed one.

On assault, White Platoon were able to destroy an RPG team.  The Russians fell back and I pressed the attack.


Turn 4 – Russians

My success on the left spooked the T72s, as they fell back behind the building line.  The BMPs repositioned to start hitting the right.


On the right, the BMPs and Infantry hit back against me; whilst my Infantry faired well, a VADS and M113 were lost.

Turn 5 – Americans

This was the table facing me…


With the let secure, I concentrated everything on the right.  4th Platoon moved up ready to assault, and my Cobras finished off the BMPs losing one of their number to AA fire and then leaving the field.

img_0794 4th Platoon and White platoon then assaulted, clearing out more infantry but failing to clear out the objective.


End Game

We assessed the table as laid… my assault on the right was effectively over as the objective would be reinforced by BMPs and T72s and my infantry would be overwhelmed.  On the left, I would be able to repel almost anything thrown at me.   But the scenario was clear, time-outs would lead to Defender victory.

Victory to the Soviets!


Dropping my Abrams to a 3 team Platoon was an epic mistake.  As much fun as my 6 M109s were, the extra Abram would have been much more useful.

My infantry continue to perform well given their limitations, but  I need to be a little more aggressive in the early turns if I’m to win attacker missions.  I have a new list to test including 8 Abrams in 2 Mech Inf Formations that I believe will give me the right level of mobility and firepower to act aggressively with confidence.  But we will see!

Big Lee played an excellent game, He could have possibly done more on my left but played it safe and secured the win.

Great game and can’t wait for more.  Getting to be a bit of an obsession this Team Yankee is…

Some pictures from the table at Game End:



Team Yankee – Lee vs Colin

So, as per usual Scott whiffed out of playing a planned game so Colin challenged me again with his still-under-development Brits.

I changed up a couple of things, dropping my Arty, 2 ITV units and 3 Mortars to bring in my A10s and another Mech Inf Platoon and HQ, splitting my force into 2 formations.

Lee’s Americans


(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(10) 2 x A10 ‘Warthog’ Strike Aircraft

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Formation 2

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(3) 3 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 99pts

Colin’s Brits


(12) 4 x Lynx TOW Helicopters

(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAMs

(10) 4 x Harriers (using Tornado proxies)


(14) HQ – 2 x Chieftain Tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(6) 3 x Swingfire tanks

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams

Total 103pts

Mission and Setup

We both chose defence, and rolled up the mission as Dust-up.


I deployed the entirety of Formation 1 along with VADS and Cobra Support.

Colin kept back his Rapiers, Harriers, TOW Lynxes and a Chieftain Platoon.


Turn 1 – Brits

Colin scored the first turn and set off moving up the board to secure cover.  His Mech Platoon made straight for the centre building in their transports.


Turn 1 – Americans

Moving to flank the Brits, my Abrams set off to my right whilst my second Mech Platoon set off to the left.

My ITVs blitz moved up using the HQ’s skill level to shoot at the Mech Transports…. 1 bogged, and the other missed.

My Cobras and Dragon teams in the building had a little more success, destroying 2 Swingfires that had moved the previous turn and bailing a Mech Transport.

Turn 2 – Brits

The Mech Infantry Platoon moved into the centre building.  The only shooting was limited to a Swingfire shot at my Cobras, which connected but was saved.


Turn 2 – Americans

I hadn’t realised the threat of the Brits getting in that building, but had to do something about it.  Redirecting my 2nd Mech Platoon and 2 platoons of M113s, as well as my Abrams, I threw everything at them.


When the firing finished, the Brits were pinned but had not suffered a single casualty.  What few shots had gotten through their saves, I had been unable to convert to a kill with my Firepower checks.

The only consolation was one of My Abrams firing on the Scimitar team, killing a 2nd and bailing the third and causing the unit to break.


 Turn 3 – Brits

The Brits reinforced with their AA, and otherwise sat tight and opened fire…

The Chieftains in the centre and my left opened up first… The HQ sniped down an M113 …


…whilst the 3 Chieftains on my left rained hell on my Infantry in the woods, hitting 5 times! pinning them and killing 2 teams of Dragons.

Luckily, his shooting elsewhere was less effective.

Turn 3 – Americans

The Brit Infantry in the building had to go, now!  I turned everything I could muster on them, with the exception of my Abrams that retreated back behind the refinery before his last Chieftain Platoon arrived from reserves.


Everything I had assembled threw their all at the Brits… killing 2 teams…..  I was incredulous, Colin couldn’t stop laughing.  Undeterred, I pushed in for the assault…


And was immediately driven off by defensive fire, losing 2 more teams in the process…


Turn 4 – Brits

Still laughing, Colin deployed his Chieftains to the right flank and set about carving up more of my forces.  The Rapiers took down 2 Cobras, and the 5 Chieftains now sat in centre board finished off my Mech Platoon sat in the open.  This wasn’t pretty…

Turn 4 – Americans

On my left, I reinforced with an Infantry Platoon and pushed it up near the objective taking cover behind a Vehicle shed.

Still focused on the centre Brit building, I moved my second Platoon of infantry forward to engage.  My Cobras braved Rapier fire to engage again with their Vulcans, and my VADS opened up with their stationary ROF.  Boy those Brits were gonna get it…


I lost another Cobra to Rapier fire, but managed to only kill another couple of teams.


My second Platoon tried their luck on Assault.  Charging in, they killed a single Brit team.

The Brits then counter-attacked, and wiped out the 4 Teams that had assaulted.  The remaining Dragon teams, well out of Command range, failed their Morale and ran off, taking the M113s with them.


My Abrams took a chance and pushed on the 3 Chietains.  They did better than I  expected, bailing 2 of them.  However, the Chieftains did not break.

I was in serious trouble, with basically only the VADS defending my 2 objectives…

Turn 5 – Brits

Col reinforced with his Lnyx TOWs,  back up his Cheftains on my right.


In a stroke of luck for me, neither of the Chieftains remounted.  My Abrams might just survive…

Col’s centre board Chieftains and Infantry set upon my VADS, destroying 2 of them in an attempt to clear the airspace for his Lynxes.

His lone Chieftain on my right zeroed in on my Abrams, destroying 1 outright.


As his Lynxes opened fire, I was able to down two with the VADS.  The remaining 2 failed to hit my Abrams.


Turn 5 – Americans

My Abrams made a mad dash for the Chieftains, destroying 2 but failing to finish the last.  It again refused to run.


On the left I occupied the Machine hut with my Infantry, and in the centre my 2 remaining VADS moved out of like of sight of the Brit Infantry.

Turn 6 – Brits

Col’s Harriers came available.  His solo Chieftain again failed to remount.

His Lnyxes were finished off my my VADS as they attempted to fire.


On the left, his Harriers lined up for a cluster bomb strike on my 3rd infantry platoon.  I managed to shoot down 1 Harrier with .50 cals from the M113s, but the remaining 3 killed 3 teams of Infantry and destroyed / bailed 2 M113s.


Turn 6 – Americans

Start of the turn…


Colin had really missed a trick in the middle – his Infantry could have advanced on the objective, opposed only by 2 VADS which they could have probably easily dealt with.  I wasn’t going to complain…

I rallied my Infantry and pushed onto the left objective.  My A10s finally entered the fray, sweeping in behind the Chieftains on the left.


In the middle, I reinforced behind my objectives with my 4th Infantry platoon.  Col’s window to take the objective had passed.


My Abrams set about  removing the AA and final Chieftain.  Fluffing the shots on the Chieftain, they killed 2 AA units.


I activated my A10s.  They suffered AA fire from Rapiers and Chieftains but emerged unscathed.  Lining up for the perfect Maverick launch, they rolled…. Double miss!  That’s them back in the box for another few months…


Turn 7 – Brits

Colin was in a predicament on my left.  He couldn’t get within 4″ of the objective with a dash, so had to kill everything within 4″ of the objective, with only one centre Chietain instead focusing on my Abrams.

His sole Chieftain on the right remounted, and between the 2 Chieftains they destroyed an Abrams an bailed another.


On the left, the Chieftains and FV432s let rip but it wasn’t enough, with them narrowly leaving me within 1 team of a morale check.


Turn 7 – Americans

With an objective held by my Infantry, it was victory to the Americans!

Conclusion / Thoughts

I really don’t like fighting Brits!  With Chieftains at long range and infantry up close, they really do take some killing.  If not for Colin failing to notice the open objective, I’d have lost at the start of turn 6 with no recourse at all!

With another Platoon of infantry slotted in and some more games under his belt, I reckon Col is gonna be a force to be reckoned with.



Team Yankee – Lee vs Paul round 4

The Saga continues!

Paul was wanting another run with his list as he keeps developing it so off we went again…

Lee’s American Mech Inf Force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(7) 3 x  M109 Artillery tank teams

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Paul’s T72 Tank Battalion


(10) 4 x MI-24 HIND Assault Helicopters

(4) MI-24 HIND Assault Landing Company – 4 x AK47 teams, 4 x RPG-7 teams

(5) 3 x BMP-2  Recon Tanks

(2) 2 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA


(9) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 5 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams, 1 x SA-14 Gremlin AA Team 
(8) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 4 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams
(5) Tank Battalion HQ
(22) 5 x T72 tank
(22) 5 x T72 tank
(12)3 x T72 tank

Total 99 pts

I thought I’d just plump defense this time; Paul figured I’d to that so went defense as well.  The roll was… Encounter!  Getting used to this now…

James and Jimmy pilfered most of the ‘normal’ scenery for their game (Brits vs Afgantsy, much angst) but I’d brought down the huge Oil Storage plant that Paul had built for me, so we set up a nice board and got down the Objectives and teams that were starting on.


Turn 1 – Russians

Paul won the first turn (not sure he wanted it!) and advanced hard down my left flank.


Opening fire with his T72s and BMPs, he netted a Dragon team and an M113.


Turn 1 – Americans

I pushed up my M113s to engage the Shilkas; everyone else sat tight and opened up on the BMPs and T72s.


The T72s saved everything thrown at them, but the BMPs suffered heavier, with 1 destroyed and 2 bailed (awesome rolling from me, not…)


The Shilkas lost one of their number to .50 Cal fire and the other bailed.  Testing morale, they fled the field…


Turn 2 – Russians

The T72s on my left pushed up, supported by the BMPs hidden in the Tree / bush line.  The T72s bagged 2 M113s and 2 rifle teams from Red Platoon, whilst the BMPs from the right and centre destroyed 3 more M113s.  In the middle the BMPs then scooted behind the building.

Turn 2 – Americans

Red Platoon unpinned.  My 3 remaining M113s advanced forward to engage the mid table BMPs, whilst everything else hunkered down and fired on the T72s and BMPs.

The M113s were successful in destroying 2 BMPs with their .50 Cals… good lads…


My Dragon teams fired helplessly on the T72s, bouncing armour with every hit.  The M109s also did nothing, the armour maintenance engineers on the T72s due a massive bonus again (on top of last game’s bonus!)

So it was down to my Cobras to inflict some damage… But before they could the lone Gremlin team sat at the other end of the map opened up… Landing one hit, I failed my save, and he rolled Firepower… BOOM, 1 Cobra down…


In their return fire, they land 2 penetrating shots, passing one of the 2 FP checks.  Progress…


Turn 3 – Russians

No reinforcements this turnand the T72 failed to remount, but the tracks kept turning nonetheless.  In the middle, Paul’s infantry company broke cover to engage my M113s, potting 1 and bailing another.


On my left, the 3 remaining T72s moved up and machine gunned Red Platoon, killing another Dragon team.  2 of them charged in and killed another Dragon team; I chose to fall back with the Survivors as Red Platoon was getting close to breaking point.


Overall, my left was still steady and the right was almost untouched, but I could really use my Abrams right now…


Turn 3 – Americans

…And in came the Abrams!  Passing my reinforcements check and rolling ‘anywhere on my edge’ for scattered reserves, I threw them straight at the T72s, ensuring cover from the BMPs.  Red Platoon, on the verge of breaking, headed for the cover of the building.

With some spectacularly bad rolling, the Abrams and Cobras were able to only kill 1 T72 and bail another, at the cost of another Cobra from the super Sniper team.


In the middle of the table my M113s took cover from the infantry and fired on them, whilst Artillery, spotted for by the Cobra Commander (yes I went there) dropped on the Infantry and BMPs as well.  1 RPG team and BMP killed, and the infantry (including the Gremlin AA team) were pinned.  Had I shot here first, I wouldn’t have lost a 2nd Cobra…

2016-11-13-team-yankee-lee-vs-paul-32The Soviet’s initial push had been all but stopped, but reinforcements were sure to appear soon.

Turn 4 – Russians

Crazy Ivan received no reinforcements again;  Of his T72s, 1 remounted and headed into the Field to support his bailed commander and fire on the Abrams (personally I would have moved round the back!)  The shot bounced…


In the middle, the Soviet Infantry had more success, mobbing my 2 M113s with shooting and assault and destroying them outright.


Turn 4 – Americans

My bad shooting rolling was being more than made up for with reinforcement and morale checks…  I deployed my Mortars to centre field, using my HQ to come on with them and help them Blitz into a firing position.

My Cobras were able to bail the final active T72, and my Rifle company engaged the previously Bailed T72 in close combat and destroyed it.  The Abrams opened up on the BMPs but mostly missed, leaving 2 still alive.

On the right the Mortars ranged in on the Infantry Company guarding the Objective and opened fire.  No kills were inflicted, but the unit was pinned.


Turn 5 – Russians

Paul finally scored a single reserve on his 3 dice (ironically he would have got one anyways) and placed his T72s on my right flank and pushed hard down the road.  In the middle, the T72 HQ set himself up for a shot on an Abrams with a dash move.

On the left his single surviving T72 remounted.  Surrounded by Abrams, he lined up a shot… and missed!


Turn 5 – Americans

I reinforced with a single unit of ITVs.  As they came on from my left, I dashed them to centre board for a good position next turn.

I split my Abrams, standing 2 of them to finish off the T72 and BMP and moving the other 2 tactically to engage the right flank T72s.  The T72 was bailed, and then finished off in assault by my Infantry.  The BMP disappeared under Abrams fire.


On the Right, Blue Platoon would finally have some work to do.  2 Rifle teams moved to block the route between the houses, whilst the Dragon teams took aim supported by the 2 Cobras.


Taking fire from the Abrams, Cobras and Blue Platoon, the T72s lost 2 of their number and a 3rd was bailed.

The battle was looking bloody, but in my favour.


Turn 6 – Russians

On my right, the 2 remaining T72 manoeuvred back around the adjacent house and pot-shotted one of my M109s.


In the middle, the T72 HQ was reinforced with his last 3 T72s.  Emboldened, he took a shot at an Abrams and hit, blowing it to pieces.

His underlings, however, were unable to make the most of the Abram’s rear armour presented to them and missed!


Turn 6 – Americans

I reinforced with 2 more teams of ITVS.  On the right, My Cobras, Dragons and an ITV team took shots at the 2 T72s and bailed both of them.  Although my FP rolls were shocking, they did end up running off anyways.

In the middle, my 3 remaining Abrams converged on the T72s and their commander.  In some spectacularly good shooting, they popped 2 T72s and the HQ tank, with the HQ transferring into the 1 remaining T72.

Turn 7 – Russians

Finally, the HINDs were incoming.  Seeing the red mist, Paul decided to throw caution to the wind and go after my Abrams with 3 of them, landing the 4th to deploy troops.


The T72 HQ took cover and aimed on my Abrams once again.


As the HINDs prepared to fire, I opened up with my VADS and Abrams MGs.  When the smoke cleared, all 3 HINDs had been destroyed.  To add insult to injury, the T72 HQ’s shot bounced of the Abrams’ armour.

Turn 7 – Americans

My final ITV platoon deployed, albeit with little to do.  On the right, Blue Platoon mounted up and moved up within striking range of the Russian objective.  Centre board, my Abrams formed a firing line on the T72 HQ and erased him from existence.  On the left, the landed HIND was destroyed by ITV fire and the 2 infantry teams cut down by White Platoon’s rifle teams.


Turn 8

At this point the Russians declared defeat.


Dice; I was plagued by bad Firepower rolls, but my reinforcement / scattered rolls were second to none.

On the tactics, I don’t think I’m going on the offensive quick enough or with the wrong units.  I need to find a solid way to advance early – possibly one of my Mech Platoons.

Paul was hit by bad reinforcement rolls, but was too hasty pushing with the T72s in my opinion.  The second 5 man unit in particular were almost thrown away by deploying down the road.

Overall, another great game and one we both learnt from.