Horizon Wars

So it started about 18 months ago when I had the sudden urge to play a game where I could have big mech’s dwarfing infantry and tanks while ripping chunks from each other. However I have an issue with most mech’s on the market. Continue reading “Horizon Wars”

The Death Korps of Krieg advance

Ok so after a bit of time with them gathering dust I started working on my Death Korps again.

I decided I didn’t like the strip bases for the infantry and moved to flames of war bases.

I have most of my infantry painted and just needing the base finishing as you can see below:

The Death riders I thought look better with 2 to a base. which meant I have some spares so maybe a possible second unit.

The Leman russ tanks I got from some friendly trollz have had a spot of paint on them. This is only the base coat and wash but they’re starting to look good.

I also made myself a couple of deathstrike missile Silos from rhino hatches and some missile launcher I cut up. I don’t think it looks too bad for a quick kit bash.

The other tanks I had started on (bombards, basilisks and the 3rd party gorgons) have all taken a bath in detol as I didn’t like what I had done to them.

Last but not least I have a load more stuff coming from some friendly forum dwellers. I’ll post these when I get them.