Legion – Battle for the Spaceport Files

Time to dust off the Legion!  With a spread of new units for my Imperial forces including Shore Troopers and the mighty Dewback, it was time to give those pesky Rebels another run for their credits.

I was running quite a few new units, and decided to give Vader another run as my latest games against Big Paul had me getting savaged by Luke quite badly. Continue reading “Legion – Battle for the Spaceport Files”

Kill Team BatRep 1: Dark Angels vs Genestealer Cult

A quick Battle Report from our Kill Team game. Me (Dark Angels) vs Jimmy (Genestealer Cult). The game was over very quick as the Dark Angels struggled to cope with the new Genestealer Cult they had encountered.

Team Yankee Battle – Lee vs Jimmy

So it was time to face down the Russian Afgantsy forces with my heavily outnumbered ‘Murricans.

100pts each, with the mission generated from the ‘More Missions’ supplement using the choose your strategy option (side note : everyone should be using this – it’s loads of fun and lets you usually play the way you want to play).



  • 2 x Air Assault Companies
  • 1 x HINDs (2 no.)
  • 1x HINDs (4 no.)
  • 1x Carnation Artillery (3 no.)
  • 1 x T72 Tank Company (8 no.)
  • 1 x BMP2 Recon Platoon (4 no.)
  • 1 x Shilka AA Company (4 no.)


  • M113 Combat Team formation comprising of:
    • HQ
    • Mech Platoon (full strength)
    • Mech Platoon (full Strength)
    • ITV platoon (2 no.)
  • Aabrams Combat team formation consisting of:
    • HQ (1 no.)
    • Aabrams Platoon (3 no.)
    • Aabrams Platoon (2 no.)
    • Mortar Team (6 no.)
  • Support:
    • Cobra Platoon (4 no.)
    • VADS AA Platoon (4 no.)
    • M109 Artillery Platton (3 no.)
    • M113 FIST

Mission : I chose to defend, and Jimmy chose a Hasty Attack.  So with a roll of a 5 on the chart, Hasty Attack was the mission with me as defender.


With the Russians having 3 objectives on the table, I covered 2 with my Mech Platoon and VADS on the left flank / centre and (stupidly) left just my artillery covering the right.  The Russians set up 1 infantry company on each flank, and removed the left-most objective, leaving my Mech Platoon sat doing very little.  The 6 Hinds set up tight on the right flank as to avoid my VADS initially.

Everything else was off board, and I left my platoon of Cobras in Ambush.

Jimmy removed the leftmost objective, rendering my Mech Platoon completely out of position.  I’d taken some account of this possibility by making sure my Infantry were all in range of their transports.

1st Turn – Russian

The Russian infantry on the right flank immediately began advancing down the road towards the Artillery and objective, whilst the hinds moved to the right edge of the board out of VADS range but within easy kill distance of the artillery.  The infantry on the left flank held on their objective for the time being.

The Hinds opened up on the Artillery and predictably blew two of them up, routing the 3rd.

1st Turn – American

The Mech Platoon loaded up and shot across the board to support the right flank, with the VADs moving in the same direction but taking what cover they could.

The Cobras appeared out of ambush and set up behind the advancing right flank Russian Infantry.  Dodging Gremlin AA fire, they attempted to salvo the unit but failed to range in.

2nd Turn – Russian

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (4).JPG

No Russian reinforcements appeared this turn.  The Infantry Company on the Left Flank, seeing the counter forces leaving the left flank undefended, began to advance.

With the VADS now ranged in on any places where the HINDs could be useful, and no land vehicles able to draw a bead on them, the HINDs shuffled forward intending to exchange fire with the American AA.  The Russian infantry on the right flank continued to advance on the objective.

As the HINDs went to open fire, the VADS fire first.  When the smoke cleared only 1 HIND from 4 remained, and after firing ineffectually it routed off board.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (7).JPG

American Turn 2

With no reinforcements possible for another turn, the ‘Murricans needed to make some dents into the infantry companies.  The Cobras repositioned into the HIND’s vacated location and succeeded in Salvoing the Infantry, imposing some kills.  The Mech Platoon also placed some shots into the Company, inflicting casualties but still leaving a horde of soldiers untouched.

Russian Turn 3

The Russians deployed the first of their reserves, a T72 Tank Company and Artillery Support, to the left flank.  The right flank Infantry Company advanced into the ruins adjacent to the objective and prepared to engage the Mech Platoon.  Small arms fire on the Mech Platoon began to whittle down it’s numbers.

American Turn 3

With no reserves becoming available, the Mech Platoon, VADS and Cobras all fired on the Infantry in the building on the right flank.  In bulletproof cover, this proved entirely ineffectual.

Russian Turn 4

The T72 tank company moved to the centre and lit up the Amercian VADs, destroying 3 of them and routing the 4th.  The Infantry on the left advanced, and infantry on the right fired from their secure locations, destroying more of the Mech Platoon and it’s M113 support vehicles.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (12).JPG

American Turn 4

The Americans finally received reserves in the form of their Abrams platoon.  This moved up the centre of the board, immediately seeking to bloody the nose of the T72 company.  The Mech Platoon, overhearing Russian radio chatter about the benefits of bulletproof cover, decided to Dig in.  The cobras moved to the rear of the Russian forces and took out the artillery unit, taking casualties from AA in the process, whilst the Mech Platoon was able to take out a couple of infantry teams in the Ruins.

The Abrams fired on the T72s and took out 4 of their number.

Russian Turn 5

The Russians received further reinforcements in the form of BMPs and Silkas, which moved down the right flank.  The HINDs and T72s moved to work on the Aabrams, destroying 2 of their number, while the left flank infantry set up in the field and threatened the objective there.

On the right flank, the Russian Infantry held the building and again fired on the Mech platoon.  Amazingly, the teams weathered the storm well and only lost another couple of teams.

American Turn 6

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (14).JPG

The Americans received their 2nd Mech Platoon and Mortar unit from reserve.  The Mech Platoon immediately relieved their beleaguered colleagues on the right flank, whilst the mortars swept in close on the right team to defend the objective and turn their machine guns on the Infantry Company there.  The Russians on the right flank were suddenly on the defensive.  On the left flank, a couple of infantry teams and a T72 were destroyed but it was starting to look desperate.

Russian Turn 7

As the infantry on the right defended the ruins the best they could, the left flank pummeled the remaining forces there, taking out another Aabrams and routing the last and destroying several of the Mortar teams.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (17).JPG

American Turn 7

My last unit to deploy a unit of ATVs, tried to blitz move onto the table (in order to fire) but failed.  On the right flank, the 2nd Mech Platoon fired on and then charged the Russians oocupying the nearby ruin, clearing the building almost entirely.  Their M113s rushed to support the left flank.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (20).JPG

Russian Turn 8

On the left flank, the HINDs, infantry and remaining T72s put paid to the Mortar Teams and set to work on the M113s sweeping from the right flank.  With several infantry teams occupying the objective, it was all but over.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (21).JPG

American Turn 8

Rather than delay the inevitable, I decided that 4 M113s were not going to hold an objective from 2 Hinds and half an infantry company and sounded the retreat.


A truly epic battle that tipped and swayed on a turn by turn basis.  As a new player to ‘Flames’ games (Team Yankee is my first, and only played 6 or 7 games mainly using tanks), I learnt a lot from this fight:

  • Don’t let enemy infantry get into buildings.  Digging them out is painful!
  • Make sure you get all your infantry on the board and defending from the first turn.  OR put said infantry in ambush, not your Choppers
  • Mortar units are very useful as a mobile machine gun unit