Dropzone Commander – Lee vs Scott

While everyone is waiting for Dropfleet Kickstarters to be delivered, we remembered we still had this Dropzone Commander game.  Playing the first Scenario in the Reconquest Phase 2 Book, Careful Advance, my 1500pts of Scourge looked to deal with a PHR force.

My forces:




The PHR Forces:




Turn 1

I won initiative and passed first turn to Scott.  Predictably we both occupied our respective objective buildings (I placed 2 squads of warriors in mine) and critical locations on our sides of the table.  I positioned the Alpha with my Eviscerators on the right ready to challenge for Scott’s objective, and my Destroyers ready for the middle building.

A couple of PHR shots were placed on my objective building, to little effect.

The PHR Athena made a pass on my Hunters, but failed to inflict any casualties.


So by the end of Turn 1, we were sat on 1 VP each for the CLs.


Turn 2

I won the initiative and immediately dove my Eviscerators into the PHR Objective building to challenge his Immortals.  Scoot then activated his Hades / Odin Battlegroup and let loose at my warriors and Oppressor respectively, causing 1 damage to each.

I activated my Duo Warrior Battlegroup,  rolling a 1 and a 6 to successfully find the Objective.  The wounded Warrior squad took off with the Objective, scoring 2 VP.  On Scott’s activation he did the same, rolling a 5 for his Immortals to successfully find the objective (getting a +1 due to his nearby scouts) and fleeing the building / table leaving my Eviscerators eating his dust.

My Reaper / Warrior BG activated next, with 2 of my Reapers opening fire on a Triton full of immortals and destroying it.  Rolling a 6 on the Aircraft damage chart, the troops were obliterated in the explosion!


In the following exchanges of fire, a Zeus killed a Reaper, the Oppressor wounded a Zeus and in return was wounded by it.  A Phobos / Ares team deployed adjacent to the centre building and were set upon by by Hunter squad, who killed the Ares.

So by the end of turn 2, we were on 4 VPs each.


Turn 3

Scott won the initiative.  I played 2 repair cards on my Oppressor, with 1 being blocked.

The Hades / Odin BG came into the turn swinging hard, causing wounds on the Oppressor and killing 3 Hunters.  I activated my Eviscerators, with them moving onto the Odin team (before realising I couldn’t hurt them!) and my Minders failing to kill the Triton threatening my Critical Location.  A Neptune moved to attack my Reapers, suffering 2 damage for it’s indiscretions.  My Oppressor turned nasty, killing the centre field Odin and a distant Phobos, and took cover behind it’s landed Dropship.  The Odin Commander replied by killing one of my Reapers leaving only 1.

Pushing me into defense, Scott landed his Immortals on my Critical Location, forcing me to push to destroy them.  Causing damage with my Warriors, but not enough, I was forced to deploy my Hunters back to finish them off.

My troops in the centre building had no luck finding the objective, needing a 6.  So at the end of Turn 3 the Status Quo was held (barely) at 5 VPs each.  Scott also had his 1st set of Immortals back on the right flank, ready to challenge my CL again next turn.


Turn 4

Scott won the initiative again.  As he activated his Hades / Odin BG I played Quick Thinking to activate my Hunters and get them out of harm’s way.  The Hades was still able to kill 1 Hunter, with the Odin failing to damage my Oppressor.  I activated my Destroyers and failed to find the objective (needing a 5).  Scott’s Triton attempted a landing on my CL, and was shot down for it’s efforts.  However, the pilot was able to stage an emergency landing and the immortals landed unscathed, challenging the CL yet again.

It took the combined firepower of my Oppressor, Reaper and an overloaded Transport to take out the 2 Immortal bases.  Threat once again stopped.

The victory was relatively short-lived however.  With all my AA having reacted to the Triton, the PHR Athena was able to fly in unchallenged and destroy my Warriors.  Luckily, my Reaper as still in range of the CL and I would still secure the VP.


So at the end of Turn 4, once again the status quo was held at 6 VP each.

Turn 5

With Scott winning the initiative again, a played Field Repairs on my Oppressor and Abandon all Hope, removing one of Scott’s cards.

Activating his Hades / Odin BG, they inflicted 1 damage on my Oppressor and hit the centre building.  His Neptune advanced on my CL and was shot down by my Reaper.

I activated my Destroyers and failed to find the Objective (needing a 4+).  My Warriors that had returned on the left flank last turn entered the building adjacent to Scott’s CL, whilst the transport pulled off a lucky plasma shot wounding his Commander.  The PHR continued to pound the centre building as my Warriors also failed to find the objective.  Eventually, my Eviscerators, needing a 5, found the objective and handed it to the Destroyers ready for next turn.  My Hunters applied Jink and Weave and burned back into the centre, killing the last Odin there.

So by the end of Turn 5, VPs were once again equal at 7 each.

 Turn 6

I won the initiative and immediately took off with my Destroyers, getting them into their Alpha and to relative safety near my AA.

Scott activated his Neptune and attempted to kill my Reaper.  It took all my AA (I shot with my Minders first) but the Neptune was destroyed by the Reaper before it could fire.  Although this had seemed like a foolish move on Scott’s part, there was a plan…


I activated my Hunters who used a movement card and powered up around the Hades to focus on the Commander Zeus and his Odin Bodyguard.  They succeeded in destroying the Bodyguard, leaving the Commander on his own.

The Hades responded with extreme violence, destroying a base of Eviscerators that had settled on Scott’s CL and 3 Hunters.

The Warriors that were in the building adjacent to Scott’s CL now made their move, exiting the building and opening up on the Commander Zeus.  They his with all 5 shots with each base, so converted to E11 shots.  Both wounded, and the Zeus failed one of it’s saves, falling to plasma rifle fire!  As the Hades was out of range of the CL, it was now in Scourge hands.


The Athena then struck onto the table, zeroing in on the Destroyer-loaded Alpha.  With no AA left to shoot, the Athena easily destroyed the Alpha but only succeeded in causing a crash landing, so the destroyers successfully made it onto the ground with the objective intact.

At this point, with a couple of BGs left to activate but none being able to affect the outcome, we jointly agreed to bring the game to an end.

Final result – Lee 10 – 7 Scott


A well fought game with some very strange twists.

  • We never fought a single CQB despite me rolling with an Infantry heavy force; my Eviscerators essentially did nothing all game…
  • My Hunters were once again Exemplary.  Moving to 9 in the squad as opposed to 6 really paid off.
  • It was strange being forced onto the defensive several times.  The new Critical Locations really shake things up once we realised how much they affected VPs on both sides.

Hope it was a good read, please make sure to post any comments or queries!