Soviets vs Maggies Lads

Ok then had another game of TY today

100 points per side counter attack, Soviets defended for a change


Soviet forces


British forces


Table with an objective to the front of the woods at the top of the pic and another next to the yellow car, the tables are awash with these cars at the moment and need to get some smashed up ones done.


British scouts moved up to allow the artillery park to deploy opposite one of the objectives


Half the British force arrived here


The other half deployed opposite the other objective


The box of flames was prepared as it looked like the Brits were going to rush in


British actually advanced slowly and the Soviets sent T72’s and Gophers to the yellow objective. The British had landed some air landing guys who would prove to be tough buggers


The Brits had also moved forward some mech infantry and the dreaded Milan teams were also on the move in the middle of the corn field


Turn two and the great hope of the Soviet union arrived, BMP’s and infanty who decided to walk onto the table. Think I got this wrong as the infantry and transports could come on  as a single platoon but deploy seperately but should have done it from the same point of the table


I actually deployed them at opposite sides of the deployment zones which I now know is incorrect. The BMP’s only bailed a Chieftain though I believe so don’t think it made much difference. If I had realised I would have moved them on next to the infantry and would probably have slaughtered the artillery or at least had a good crack at it


The T72’s moved up and a few managed to get off shots at the Chieftains killing one one bailed and one killed so they tested but stayed on which is as well as opponent would have been unimpressed by my devious deployment shenanigans if they had fled the table

Brits ranged in and next to a gopher but missed on a two up to hit it, with mech at the other side of the wood the air defences looked a bit fragile


Brits managed to save most of their infantry saves and then ranged in with artillery that sniped five out of six RPG’s after hitting all but the gopher and a single stand of infantry.

Mech transports also trundled up and let rip with MG fire, the infantry were hit so many times it seemed appropriate to give them three pin markers


The dice gods angered by the cheating deployment of the BMP’s ensured they were wiped out by Scimitar, Milan and Chieftain fire. Only the command BMP survived and bottled it


On a better note for the Soviets Gremlin and Gophers took out the Tow lynx’s


BMP-1 recon and battalion commander arrived and took out a single Scimitar

Soviet and British infantry continued the firefight but the Mech back up was making a mess of the Soviets


The T72’s now assaulted into the woods surviving a hit from a Carl Gustav and bogging three. They managed to take out two CG and made the Brits back off


We were timing out now and it was two dead Soviet platoons and one dead British platoon which didn’t count due to number of platoons starting the game

We decided on one more turn so Soviets set about trying to pick on small platoons.

T72 took out a milan transport so that was a second British platoon dead still 2-1 to Brits though


Took out one Chieftain but they stayed on table so in went the T72’s against the Milan teams. Killed one so only two dead and they ran so three dead British platoons to two dead Soviet ones so a draw we think


No idea what happened to rest of pictures but it was a good game. I just couldn’t kill enough British platoons and the British just couldn’t seem to finish of the Russians


No idea how to actually score it as the new draw rule is still a mystery to me