Modular Landing Bay (painted)



The Outpost is a strong start to a 6′ x 3′ gaming table and provides for a great scenario driven match. With the inclusion of Vando’s Ship, you can place the ship anywhere on the mat for a true cargo based objective or to grab for intelligence. A set of Cargo Pallets is included to help mix up the interior of the outpost or scatter around the periphery.

(Painted pics pending)

Each side has multiple ways for troops to get over (via built in or placed ladders) the walls or through doorways. Multiple elevated positions for LOS blocking / Cover are provided as well.

Internal size of the Landing Bay Outpost is 23 Inches x 16 Inches.

The Outpost is a great way to expand a Landing Bay Core set or to start a new Landing Bay deployment configuration.

  • 2x Corner Pieces
  • 1x Loading Door Piece w/ Vertical sliding Door
  • 1x ArchWay
  • 3x Extension Walls w/ 2 Short Ladders
  • 1x Inspectors Office
  • 1x Garage Corner
  • 1x Landing Bay Market Stall
  • 1x Vandos Ship
  • 2x Tall Ladders
  • 1x Set of Cargo Pallets


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