Team Yankee Battle Report – Lee vs Paul

Time for a rematch against the Russian Tank Hordes.  Paul has been refining his list as have I… Changes to last game (this one) were to drop 3 M109s and the bomblets in favour of another Abrams.  So our lists were as follows:

Lee’s American Mech Inf Force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(7) 3 x  M109 Artillery tank teams

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Paul’s T72 Tank Battalion


(10) 4 x MI-24 HIND Assault Helicopter teams

(2) 2 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Tank Teams


(5) 1 x T72 Tank Battalion HQ Tank Team

(32) 7 x T72 Tank Teams

(27) 6 x T72 Tank Teams

(20) BMP2 Motor Rifle Company consisting of : 10 x BMP-2 tank teams, 7 x AK47 team with RPG-18 Anti-Tank inf teams, 6 x RPG-7 Anti-Tank inf teams, 2 x PKM LMG inf teams, 1 x SA14 Gremlin AA Missile inf team

Total 96pts



I went defensive and Paul went for Hasty Attack, with the roll producing the mission Counter Attack.

I chose my corner, set up and we placed objectives.  I place an infantry platoon, 2 ITV platoons, my Artillery and VADs, and placed my Abrams in Ambush.

Paul set up his 3 companies and support, keeping his HINDs loitering.


Russian Turn 1

The Russians started their dash across the board, with his Infantry company splitting up and his 2 T7s companies heading for the unprotected objective.  His HINDs came on board but sat just beyond the range of my VADS.  With everything dashing, there was no shooting to speak of from the comrades.


American Turn 1

No reinforcements were procured, and the Yanks’ shooting phase was very light.  The VADS and M113s moved up to counter the Motor Rile company and everyone else stood firm.  Starting out with an artillery strike on one of the Russian Tank platoons.  Ranging in on the first try, using the Inf Platoon leader as a spotter, some amazingly accurate fire hit 6 tanks.

Then the saves were rolled…

Suffice the say, the T72s were having ‘none of it’ today…

With 2 BMPs bailed by the VADS and M113s, it was back over to the Russians…

Russian Turn 2

The T72 companies once again dashed towards their targets, leaving the Motor Rifle company to start the violence in full for the Russians.

The VADs were reduced to a single team, but he stayed in the fight.  The nearest ITV unit was bailed, and the unit fled the battle.

American Turn 2

I rolled for reinforcements and took my Cobras.  They set up behind the Bocage hedge ready to attack the Motor Rifle Company.

My Abrams decided to spring their ambush.  Revealing in the corn field immediately in front of my ITVs, they powered around the T72 company.  Between the Abrams, the ITVs and the Dragon teams nearby, the T72s lost 4 tanks and 2 were bailed.  It was too much for them, and they fled the field.


The Cobras opened up on the Motor Company with their Rocket Salvo, dodging AA fire from a Shilka and the BMP2s.  They inflicted many hits but killed only a single infantry base.  However, the Infantry were pinned.  As 4 BMPs had moved onto the M109’s ranged in marker (a little faux pas on Paul’s part) I shot at them hitting 3.  He saved them all…

My 2 Abrams next to his Infantry assaulted them, with one of the 2 making their cross test, eliminating a team and forcing the other back.


Things were certainly heating up going into the 3rd turn.

Russian Turn 3

The Motor Rifle were unable to unpin themselves; The BMPs sat pretty cooling their guns from AA fire.  The remaining T72 company pushed up the threaten my Abrams platoon.


The T72s opened fire, destroying a single Abrams.  The Motor Rifle company infantry were unable to kill the last VADS but killed an M113 transport for their efforts.


The HINDs then elected to open fire.  The single VADS, and every single AA machine gun in range opened up to prevent them, seeing the threat to the Abrams and Artillery.  When the reaction fire completed, 2 HINDs were left intact to open fire, bailing a 2nd Abrams and destroying a single M109.  Due to their dispersed formation the final 2 were forced to test morale, but passed.


American Turn 3

The bailed Abrams was able to remount and the unit retreated out of direct line of fire of the 2nd T72 company.

I received another single unit from reserves, and moved them on from the opposite table edge to push into the 2nd objective, now occupied by Russian infantry.  The M113s shot and destroyed a bogged BMP and bailed one of the Shilkas.  The Cobras fired on the T72s, bailing 2 of them.

Russian Turn 4

Ivan decided to turn crazy, placing his HINDs right behind my Cobras.  Off camera, the T72s redeployed to meet the M113s.

The Motor Rifle infantry struck first, destroying an M113 Transport.  The BMPs bailed an Abrams and destroyed / bailed the remaining M113s and VADS.

Off camera, the T72s were only able to hit and kill a single M113, with the transported units emerging unscathed but pinned.

The HINDs decided to take their shots, and were pounced on by the Cobras at point blank range.  When the guns went silent the HINDs were gone.


The Russians also pushed onto the Abrams and bailed M113s in assault, but did not count on the vicious defensive fire from the Abrams and Infantry Platoon nearby.  The company were forced back, losing 3 teams for their indiscretions.  Once again their push was stalled.

American Turn 4

I received another unit in reinforcements and deployed my 3rd Infantry Platoon to protect the 2nd objective.  My Abrams remounted and the unit went back on the offensive, going after the 2nd T72 company.  Amazingly, not only had my VADS and M113s passed their morale checks but they also remounted.


The Abrams were only able to bail 2 T72s, whilst my M113s from reserve destroyed a Shilka.


My Cobras elected to fire, and the remaining Shilka finally found it’s mark,  Downing 1 Cobra.


Undeterred, the remaining 3 were able to destroy 2 T72s, and my Artillery were able to kill a unit of Infantry on the 2nd objective and pin the survivors.

Russian Turn 5

The Russian T72s elected to ignore the incoming Abrams and push against the 2 Infantry Platoons in and around the woods.  The Motor Rifle company concentrated on clearing the stubborn VADS and M113 units.

After shooting and assault phases, the Motor Rifle Company had finally cleared the M113s and VADS.  The T72s were mopping up the 2nd Infantry Platoon, but the 3rd was mostly untouched with a single M113 destroyed.

American Turn 5

Another turn, another single unit of reinforcements.  I blitzed a single unit of ITVs onto the board near the T72s.  My Abrams pushed up, just getting in range to contest the objective that would come live next turn.

When the firing stopped, 3 more T72s were dead, along with the LMPG team on the 2nd objective.


Russian Turn 6

The remaining T72s set to work on the 3rd infantry platoon M113s, and the Motor Rifle Company made a big push for the 1st objective.

The BMPs struck first, bailing both remaining M109s and forcing them to flee the board.  The T72s had less luck, only bailing 3 M113s from the 3rd Infantry Platoon and thus being unable to assault them as the infantry did not dismount.



American Turn 6

I received another single reserve and moved on my Mortars, who moved through the tree line to back up the infantry.

The Infantry Platoon on the first objective moved to counter the Motor Rifle Company.  The Abrams, spotting an opportunity to finish the T72s, moved to their side armour on the edge of the tree line.  The cobras prepared to react to casualties inflicted by their fellow units.

The Abrams concentrated on the 3 t72s, scoring 5 hits and destroying the unit utterly.

The Mech Platoon on the first objective went to work on the Motor Rifle infantry, killing 4 more teams.

The Cobras decided to split fire, shooting a TOW at the distant BMP on objective 2 and the two remaining pilot going weapons free on the Infantry beneath them with their Gatling Guns.  The law of averages finally caught up with Paul on his saving throws; the Infantry were reduced to only 2 teams.  The remainder failed their morale check and fled, taking their BMPs with them.

With only a single Shilka remaining on the board, and their Commander dead, the Russian Battalion was broken.

Victory to the Yanks!



Force Composition

First things first, force composition.  I think the Yanks are about bang on now.  There’s nothing in my list I’m regarding as superfluous.

Paul really suffered for not having 4 Shilkas rather than 2.  I think he’s picked up another 2 HINDs now as well, which is going to be fearsome.  I’ve pointed out that perhaps a HIND assault landing company might help too, as splitting up his Motor Rifle company proved to be problematic.


I was a little slow to push to protect the 2nd objective.  A 2nd infantry platoon in the corner could have swept up and round the Bocage hedge adjacent to the 2nd Objective, and I would have been pushing onto it at the same time he was.

I felt Paul split his forces up ineffectually; the first T72 company essentially ran straight into my Abrams, if he had stayed 14″ away from my table half there is no way I could have got onto his side armour.  Even better, if that company had pushed up with the BMPs towards the first objective I would have REALLY been struggling.

Final Comments

What can I say; this was nail biting all the way through, every dice roll mattered and it rocked back and forth throughout.  We’re both nervous wrecks, and our audience were on tender hooks all the way through too.

Really loving Team Yankee, definitely my fave game currently,  And it looks SO GOOD on the table.

Fire us your thoughts please!


Team Yankee – Soviets vs Unrecognised State

Game against Reese

My Soviet BMP batalon vs Reese and his Leopard company in an 85 points game.

We checked the missions chart and ended up playing Breakthrough with me attacking.

Soviet forces


2 x small BMP companies

10 x T72

2 x Shilkas

4 x Gophers

3 x Carnations

1 x Observer BMP

2 x Hinds


Unrecognised state forces

HQ Leopard

2 x Leopard

2 x Leopard

4 x Marders with infantry

2 x Gepards with attatched missile teams

2 x Helicopters

4 x Jaguars

Turn 1 my T72 raced towards some woods where two Leopards were waiting, I cross country dashed and ended up out of sight of them. There were two more and the HQ in ambush though that I thought may pop out of the trees and deal death to me. To give my opponent something to think about I sent a unit of BMP down into his other deployment zone. The carnations set up at the back of the table whilst the AA settled in to wait for the airpower to arrive. My two hinds flew in behind the two leopards in the woods that the T72’s had dashed towards. If they survived and the ambush was revealed that could be ten tank shots coming back at me from about 6″ so would be very nasty indeed.


The hinds managed to hit both tanks in the rear and blew them apart, how delightful to be on a board without any significant AA at the moment.


Enemy turn they popped the ambush and decided to take out the BMP’s. Most of the infantry survived and ran into the buildings next to one of the objectives waiting for turn six.


The marders rushed across to the other objective ready to drop off their troops, if my second BMP batalon arrived from reserve before they got dug in they were in trouble.


The jaguars rolled to come on from reserve on the first roll but then failed to come onto the table all game,  8 points not available to the enemy was a loss they could have done without

As the hinds flew straight to the side of the battle field as soon as they realised Gepards were arriving there was no air targets available. Wanting to get stuck in the gepards shot at and obliterated the lone carnation that was in range. When I say obliterated I mean obliterated


The T72’s were involved in a very unfair fight with three Leopards, at one point though five were bailed out but critically not destroyed. The two helicopters that came on to the table were knocked out by the Russian AA before they could get a shot in. Move or fire works for me.


The BMP’s came on and got into a scrap with the marders, the troops had not tried to dig in and had been taking pot shots at the T72’s


Now came the real turning point, turn six and the objectives were both in Russian hands so the Leopards had to spread out to contest them. This allowed the BMP’s and the remaining T72’s who had survived a break test and had managed to all get back in their tanks.


Few mistakes were made, I had LMG in my BMP’s which were not actually in the short BMP list. This was more than made up for as the enemy had milans on the marders and was also using them on the ground rather than one or the other.


Gepards that had started towards the carnations had come back to try to murder death kill infantry but could not get close enough to the objective without dashing to hold it.

RPG, T72 and spandrel fire took out the remaining leopards that had to expose their side armour to get close enough to the objectives and with that the Soviets had it.


Few points from game

Unrecognised states forces having cross of 2+ and amazing AA and tanks is very nasty and in another mission defending or attacking will be great

Hinds were very lucky to take out two leopards on turn one

Jaguars never arriving

Helicopters getting blasted before they could unload and relatively small size of unrecognised states forces made it easier for the Soviets

Probably bigger than all of that was five T72’s getting bailed but not killed and then surviving a moral test. If they had gone the remaining leopards would have been able to casually roll me up.

Still good game





Great Patriotic War!

The back bone of the mighty Redbear has got to be the BMP-2 …fast, lethal, transports that can blast the capitalist pig’s helecopters out of the sky! Blast through rivers and lakes too! 

These are ace little kits!

Undercoated with GW bolt gun spray, then GW dark brown spray, heavy drybrush with reddish brown… Mid stone camo and green added.

Inked with watered down black ink ..highlighted up with light versions of base colour ..semi digital late war Berlin camo!

Hollywood, homebrew Ruski force!

Ave a good en 😉

Team Yankee – Lee vs Colin

Master Colin, owner of Janco Toys and owner of a slow grow Brit force, challenged my Yanks to a game of War.  Being the Chieftain lover that he is, he went with a Chieftain force against my Mech Company.

The Forces

Lee’s Mech Infantry force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(7) 3 x  M109 Artillery tank teams

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Colin’s Chieftain Brits


(12) 4 x Lynx TOW Helicopters

(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAMs

(10) 4 x Harriers (using Tornado proxies)


(14) HQ – 2 x Cheiftain Tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(6) 3 x Swingfire tanks

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

Total 99pts

The mission

We both chose defence; Colin rolled for mission and we ended up with Encounter.  We chose our starting forces and set up objectives and forces.

On rolling for first Turn, Colin clinched it and made a start

Turn 1 – Brits

The British infantry began to move up centre board, taking cover behind the church.  Everyone else sat tight and fired, the sole American casualty being an ITV; it’s unit partner stood firm.


Turn 1 – Americans

I blitzed my Red Platoon infantry on the right forward towards the Swingfire and began positioning my M113s near the church to counter the incoming Brit infantry.  My ITVs missed everything they shot at.  The M109s and Red dragon teams were able to destroy 2 Swingfires between them.


Turn 2 – Brits

The Milan teams in the Infantry platoon ascended the church spire in the centre board.  The solo Swingfire missed it’s target, but the Chietains on the right did not, hitting and killing an ITV and bogged VADS.

Turn 2 – Americans

Red Platoon managed to finish off the last Swingfire.  The M109s ranged in on the right flank Chieftains, using Red Platoon’s unit leader to range in, and bailed on of them.  In the centre, the M113s and VADS openup up on the infantry and their transports, killing a Milan team and bailing a transport.

Things had been very scrappy and tit-for-tat so far, but with the third turn incoming also came the chance for reinforcements.

Turn 3 – Brits

With no reinforcements incoming, Col’s infantry dismounted in the middle and pushed to hit the M113s with no success.  The Chieftains on the right flank were able to destroy an ITV and bail the other with 2 lucky hits, succeeding to hit where the church tower Milan team failed.

On the left flank, the Chieftains fired their big guns on my Infantry, killing 2 dug in bases with their brutal firepower.

Turn 3 – Americans

No reinforcements.  I pushed up in the middle with my VADs and M113s to press Colin’s infantry at the church.  They were able to kill 2 rifle teams.  My M109s dropped shells on the right flank Chieftains again, this time managing to destroy one of them.  Finally, a Chieftain down!

Turn 4 – Brits

Col rolled a reinforcement and went for his Harriers.  He then failed their roll for deployment.

In the centre, the last of the infantry deployed and hit at the M113s and VADS., destroying 2 M113s.  The Chieftains on both flanks were unable to inflict any damage to the infantry in front of them.

Turn 4 – Americans

I rolled 1 reinforcement and went for my Abrams, reinforcing the left flank and aiming to take down his HQ Chieftains.  My left flank Inf Platoon loaded up and set off for the objective.


The Abrams opened fire, but only succeeded in scratching some Chieftain paintwork.  By the church a little more success, with the M113s and VADS killing more infantry.

Turn 5 – Brits

Colin rolled 2 reinforcements and also had his Harriers come available… this could hurt.  He deployed his last Chieftain platoon on the left opposite my Abrams, moved the Harriers onto my advancing M113s and blitzed the TOW Lynxs onto the board on the right.

Somehow, after the smoke had cleared I had only lost a single Abrams and an M113 (and it’s passengers).  Lucky for me!


 Turn 5 – Americans

I received 2 units of reinforcements, successfully blitzing on both my Cobras and a unit of VADS.  I moved up into cover with my Abrams and prepared to drop some pain on the Chieftains.

Alas, with some epically bad dice rolling (and saves from Col) I was unable to damage anything.  I was duly informed by the spectators that I was now going to get Rapiered….

Turn 6 – Americans

Col auto-reinforced with his last unit, the Rapiers, and successfully blitzed them onto the board.  Although they ended up at the far end of the board from the Choppers, they were still just in range….


The Harriers flew in behind my Abrams and the Chieftains ranged in on my new ITVs.  It was bloody…


2 Cobras were shot down by the Rapiers…


The Harriers cluster bombed a Chieftain into oblivion and bailed a second (I forgot to AA fire!).  Luckily they didn’t run.

The 2 ITVs in the open were easily torn apart by the Chieftains.

Turn 6 – Americans

Reinforcing with my last Infantry Platoon, it came on the wrong board corner (left) and made a terrain dash in it’s M113s to the right.  My Dragons and M109s were able to kill 2 Rapiers.  My fire on the left was ineffectual again.

Turn 7 – Brits

The Chieftains on the left started to push forward.  The Harriers once again showed up, this time targeting my right flank Infantry platoon.

The Chieftains fired on the move, destroying the bailed Abrams and bailing the last one.


In the middle, the infantry and Helicopters fired on my VADs and new Infantry M113s, destroying a third VAD and bailing the 4th, and killing an M113 and a Rifle base at the cost of 1 Lynx.

The harriers lost 2 of their number to AA fire from M113s, and only succeeded in pinning my Red Inf Platoon.

My final Abrams crew decided enough was enough and fled the field.

Turn 7 – Americans

With my left objective under threat, my Third platoon dismounted and moved to protect it after passing their pin check.  On the right, my infantry passed their rally check and started to advance on the enemy objective, supported by a reinforcement Mortar team.  My last ITV platoon failed to Blitz on so moved up behind the wrecks of their predecessors.

In the middle, my M113s were finally able to break the Infantry platoon.  Some success at least…


Turn 8 – Brits

Colin advanced the Chieftains on the left, bailing an M109 and missing my ITVs.  On the right his Harriers attempted a strafing run on my Mortars but were shot down by AA machine gun fire.  His Chieftains and Lynxes succeeded in finishing off my VADS and destroying 3 mortar teams.

Turn 8 – Americans

On the left flank I was unable to inflict and damage with my ITVs or M109s; on the right I advanced with my Infantry, and completely forgot to move my Mortars (the stress was getting to me!).


Turn 9 – Brits

On my left, the Chieftains pushed towards the objective and attempted to flank my ITVs and catch them out of cover.  In a rare stroke of luck for me, they all missed.  On the right,  the Chieftains killed more Mortars.  The lynxes attempted to open fire and took AA fire from the Infantry and M113s, losing 2 of their number.  Only succeeding in bailing an M113, the last Lynx then fled the field.


Turn 9 – Americans

The ITVs blitzed around the wrecks to regain their cover on the left, whilst on the right my Infantry and M113s advanced for the objective and finished off the Rapiers.  I was once again unable to damage the Chieftains with my ITVs…


Turn 10 – Brits

The Brits fired with their Chieftains, once again missing my ITVs.  The Command Chieftains destroyed 2 of my M109s, causing the third to flee.

Turn 10 – Americans

My Infantry on the right moved into position, ready for the assault.  On the left, my ITVs finally managed to bail a Chieftain.

My 2 Rifle teams fired their LAWs into the side armour of the Chieftains, looking for a single bail to tip the forthcoming assault in their favour.  Needing 5s, they both missed.

Undeterred, they pushed the assault.   Meeting a wave of machine gun fire and 5 successful hits, they were forced back, becoming pinned and losing two of their number and narrowly passing a Break test as their 2 Dragon teams were out of command.


Turn 11 – Brits

The Chieftains on the left were finally able to find their mark, destroying my last 2 ITVs.  On the right, the Chieftains fired on my Infantry but all were saved.

Turn 11 – Americans

On the left, the Mech Infantry Platoon decided to take the fight to the Chieftains.  Abandoning their Foxholes, they flanked the tanks and fired their LAWs, but were unable to hit on the move.  On the right, my M113s gunned their engines and headed for Colin’s other objective.

My Infantry on the left then charged, braving fire from 3 Chieftains.


Unbelievably, the Chieftains only scored 4 hits.  Whilst I lost a team, the remaining 3 made it in.  The teams were unable to cause any damage and the Chieftains counter attacked, killing a team.  Undeterred my remaining 2 teams fought on, bailing a Chieftain.  The final Chieftain stuck it out and fought on, killing another team.  My last team valiantly fought on but missed it’s attack.  Miraculously, the Chieftain failed it’s counter roll and broke off, leaving it’s 2 bailed unit members to be destroyed.  The final Chieftain then fled the board!!!


Turn 12 – Brits

We decided that due to the time, this would be the final turn.

Colin’s Chieftains on the left ignored my Infantry to shoot my M113s heading for the objective, killing one and causing another to run.  His command Cheiftains missed my other two M113s from the other team.

Turn 12 – Americans

To win I had to kill / break his last unit (the 2 Chieftains on the right) and force a Formation morale check for him to fail.

I rallied the right flank infantry, but they were unable to inflict any damage with their LAWs.  Attempting to assault, they were forced back and lost another team.


End Game – Result and Conclusion

As we effectively ran out of time we both lost.  Checking the victory points, we scored 3 each for casualties caused.  A draw!  A true slog of a game with us picking bits off each other every turn!

My Mistakes

I should have pushed the right flank sooner, and pushed my M113s from the centre for the left objective as soon as I cleared the infantry from the Churchyard.

My Abrams should have deployed out of sight in centre board and forced him to commit his final 3 Chieftains without knowing what I was going to do with them, then used their superior speed to push the weak spot.

Col’s Forces

Harriers are far too easy to shoot down, and Col is short on Infantry.  He plans to ditch the Harriers and take an Airmobile platoon, which will make it much harder for his opponents to protect their objectives.  His Chieftains did extremely well until then got close to me, so he needs something else doing his offensive work.

The final Battlefield…


It took 5 hours to play and 4 hours to write up, hope you enjoy!

Team Yankee – Saviours of the World vs Brits

First game of TY today, my Soviets vs James and his Brits

Now it must be said that the British were let down badly by their logistics department as many of the shiny toys have yet to arrive.

I used a T72 Batalon with


2 x T72 companies

1 x BMP-2 Company

2 x Shilkas

2 x Gophers

2 x Hinds

Maggies finest were I believe a Chieftain company


2 x Chieftain platoons

1 x Mech platoon

1 x Swingfire platoon

2 x air landing platoons

4 x Lynx attack helibobs


We set up the table then rolled for mission, I ended up attacking and had to get to one of the two objectives that would be live on turn 6

James placed his in the middle of the Wood in his deployment area defended by a platoon of chieftains and his company HQ. In front was a platoon of PBI and a unit of swingfire armed lads were hiding in ambush. I placed my objective just at the end of the strip of trees near the houses.

After very carefully looking at the table and deliberating about which was the bast tactic to use I of course decided to charge forward all T72 blazing whilst the BMP-2’s bombed down the road as fast as they could.


My shilkas and gophers were to hide behind the blue building ready to deal death to the air landing guys and try to get some cover from the reserves that were going to start coming in from the top right corner.


The Hinds set off to get some kills on the tanks in the wood safe from the swing fires as they were in ambush so couldn’t get me till James’s turn.

As ever an all or nothing approach was the way forward.


The BMP’s went on a road dash


Whilst all the tanks rolled forward and started shooting, needing sixs to hit it took all the tanks and the hinds to kill two Chieftains causing the third to bottle it. Not a bad turn


First set of reserves arrived for the British and the T72 commanders waited to see who would not be going back to Olga on the farm.


The chieftains in the woods managed to kill a T72 and bail a second and the three in the cornfield took out another two. The swingfires easily finished off the Hinds, the chieftains had decided not to try to use their AA the previous turn as it would have simply removed their gone to ground status.

The BMP’s let out the infantry to surround the objective then went off to help the worried looking T72 company trying to hold off the reserves.



Meanwhile the other T72’s were trying to finish off the Chieftains and also take out the swing fires that had arrived at the edge of the wood. If I could kill them off before they fired things would look grim for the Brits. Aha says I rolling a handful of dice, Ho Ho says James as they all miss


Well known for their good manners the Brits then also let rip and missed all the T72’s in front of them. On the flank the three Chieftains made a better job of it taking out two T72’s, now down to just two left, and also took out two BMP’s and bailed a third.

Maybe the woods would not be ours just yet


I had not realised that not all of the Lynx’s were attack helicopters so was surprised when these two landed behind my AA assests ready to let out a platoon of bad lads.


The Shilkas turned their turrets whilst the Gophers moved to hide from the helicopters, the shilkas radar were confused by the low corn field and only tow out of twelve shots hit and no damage was done at all.

A good turn of shooting saw the British commander and two swing fires ablaze for the loss of one more T72.


With no more reserves arriving the chieftains took out a T72 making the company run but not until they and the BMP’s had thinned the numbers out a little. Unfortunatly the plucky brit held on.


The British infantry defending the woods has sent off their transports to harass their Soviet counterparts on the second objective, Cains lads had left their entrenching tools at home and had been unable to dig in so took a number of hits and a few casualties.


With the woods about to fall and the BMP’s taking out the last Chieftain the Brits capitulated deciding the remaining infantry were likely to be given the run around by the BMP’s and T72’s whilst the reds remained on an objective waiting for turn six to come around. As all the AA assets were still alive any helicopters would have a hot welcome when they came to play.

It is he was also going home as it was his turn to make tea.


As the British commander was marched into captivity he was allowed to keep his supplies of tea, we are not barbarians after all.


Conclusions, either

A – I am a tactical genius with a grasp of tactics that Alexander of Macedon would be proud of and soon all of Europe will be liberated from their capitalist overlords.


B – Hampered by the lack of support choices that are delayed somewhere we are told and the fact that I would not have been able to specifically set up the table and choose a better mission if I had been able to. Road to the objective, half the brits in reserve and decent cover for my infantry and AA teams.

Liked the game so James did his job of keeping me interested.

Still don’t like it as much FOW but at least I am playing now.







Malifaux Nationals 2016 part 1

Last weekend was the 2016 Malifaux Nationals tournament – the ‘Grand Tournament’ if you will for the Malifaux community.

The tournament was run at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry, a relatively new gaming venue, which opened this year. This was the first time I had been down to the venue and I was impressed, there is a well stocked shop with a variety of historical and fantasy games, including Bolt Action, Flames of War, Malifaux and the usual Games Workshop products. As well as the shop there is a sizeable gaming area out the back, consisting of a hall with a mezzanine level above it.

The Battlefield Hobbies gaming area, full to the brim with Malifaux players

This weekend there were 124 players battling it out for a share of the glory, I didn’t have much confidence going into it, as I haven’t played much Malifaux (if any) in the past 6 months – too many other games to play! but I was looking forward to catching up with everyone from the scene. The Malifaux scene is one of the friendliest scenes I’ve been involved with, and everyone makes sure they are there to have fun first and foremost. We had also planned a night out in Northampton – which TBH was one of the major draws for going down 😉

In the weeks leading up I was struggling to decide on what faction/masters to take along, this tournament had a few different ways you could play:

  • Fixed Faction – The standard way to play Malifaux, you declare one of the 7 factions available and you can then switch between any masters in that faction.
  • Fixed Master – An alternative way of playing, where you select one master for the entire tournament, but can select different crews to go with this master, in this case you could switch faction in the case of dual faction masters.
  • Trinity – Three fixed lists with three different masters, each list must be from a different faction and must be used at least once during the seven games.
  • Fixed List – For the masochists out there – submit a fixed master with a fixed list which must be used in all games with no changes.

So there was quite a variety, my initial thoughts were to use Arcanists as they were my first faction way, way back when first edition Malifaux came out, I was planning on primarily using Ramos and Colette, giving me options for several different strategies and schemes. However as it got closer to the tournament I realised I hadn’t had enough practise with either of these masters, Colette especially having lots of tricks to try to remember – so to keep things simple I decided to go fixed master with one of my favourite masters – Perdita and the Guild.

I even made a T-shirt

When Malifaux was first released there were always cries of ‘Perdita is broken’ mainly due to her damage output and her high defence, but as the game has progressed the amount of ‘tricks’ from other masters has reduced her down the pecking order and lots of players regard her as a bit of a ‘noob’ master. I like the amount of mobility and damage a Perdita crew can output, with Francisco, the enslaved nephlim and austringers Perdita can advance up the board quite a way before she activates, giving her more chance to use her 14″ range pistols to cause maximum damage, also Francisco giving her +2 Df and WP is always good, making her a mighty DF9 and WP9!

My standard Perdita build normally consists of the following models:

  • Perdita herself – normally with Badge of Office and Trick Shooting upgrades, Trick Shooting allows her to ignore armour or cover – enabling max damage from her shooting/melee attacks and Badge of Office because even with Df7/DF9 she still only has 10 wounds, and a big attack getting through can really spoil her day.
  • Francisco – the only other family member I normally use, he’s Perditas right hand man, sticking with her and boosting her DF/WP as well as allowing her to push towards him and doing some nasty melee damage as well. He comes with the Wade In upgrade, because it might as well be on his card – Hard to Kill and a (0) heal is just golden.
  • Enslaved Nephlim – Perditas totem gives a lot of mobility to the crew, allowing friendly models to push towards other friendly models, regardless of LOS – couple with a trap or pathfinder and the crew can get towards the middle of the board quickly.
  • Lone Marshall – some mobile shooting with built-in positive attack/damage flips – very useful to get around cover, his push also stops him getting caught up in melee
  • Guild Austringers – Long range (18″) no LOS shooting is great, but his Deliver Orders action is probably even better – giving friendly models extra pushes and allowing them to perform interacts for free – very useful for schemes such as Cursed Object
  • The rest of the crew is made up of either dogs, witchlings, watchers or occasionally another enforcer depending on the strategy/schemes in play.

So, the decision was made, bags packed and after an early start we headed down the M1 towards Daventry and potential glory.