Baldies Monthly Painting Challenge August

Hi All

Here is what I have done so far, not much as I am trying to finish my course work as well

Second board for DBA games, this one is less deserty and more arable, not totally convinced as I used bits of off cut grass roll then sanded around it rather than usual sand and flock.


Looks ok really

Then I did some hills for it, going to do some small pennies of bushes and rocks to sit on the bigger bases to be scrubby ground


Also did some for the desert table


Totally flat DBA terrain is best to play on but I am prepared to have wobbly modles and add in some 3D to the table.

Next on the list is a camp as the first one is too medievaly to do for Seleucids etc

Should get it done in time for our local clubs DBA day, may even get some undercoat on my Romans and dont get me started on the BUA I have started.

Needless to say have become a little obsessed by DBA at the moment

Team Yankee US vs West Germans 80pts

More practice for the US using max Air Power in lieu of MBTs, and my first ever game vs West Germans!

The US forces

Having gone full circle on my tweaks, I’ve put the Artillery back in and shored up my 3 Mech Inf platoons at the expense of ITV Platoons (not missed at all!).

Mech Infantry Formation 1
HQ 1
1 Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 4 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 7
1 Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 4 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 7
1 Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 4 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 7
1 M106 Mortar x 3 3
1 ITV x 2 3
1 ITV x 2 3

1 VADS x 4 6
1 Cobra x 4 14
1 A10 x 4 20
1 M109 x 3 with Bomblets 8

10 Total platoons 80

The West German Forces

I was hoping Jimmy would opt for some Leopard 2s and he didn’t disappoint.

M113 Formation

1 x HQ – 1pt

M113 Platoon – 7pts

M113 Platoon – 7pts

Leo 1 Platoon – 9pts

6 Gepards – 15pts

Luchs – 1pt

Marder Formation

1 x HQ – 1pt

1 x Marder Platoon – 7pts

2 x Leo 2 – 22pts

3 Mortar Platoon – 3pts

3 x Jag 2 – 5pts

2 Luchs – 1pt

1 x Observoer – 1pt

80pts total, 10 Platoons.


The Mission and Setup

Using the expanded missions selector, I went for Hasty Attack and Jimmy chose defence.  The dice gave us Hasty Attack with me as the attacker.

Hasty Attack

I pushed my Mortars, 2 sets of ITVs, Mech Platoon and VADs into reserves, and we set up.

I then removed the centre objective.


Turn 1 – US

I was able to bring reserves immediately so brought my 3rd Mech Inf Platoon on in centre table.  My A10s decided to gloryhog a battlefield elsewhere.

With very little lines of sight on my right due to the Bocage hedge, I concentrated on trying to get rid of some Gepards.  Dropping smoke in front of my Cobras to protect them, I threw my artillery, 4 Dragon shots and Cobra shots at the Gepards, netting only a single kill.

Cobras take down a single Gepard


Turn 1 – Germans

Jimmy moved his Gepards into range and opened fire on my Cobras with 3 of them.  Due to the smoke pushing him to 6s to hit, he was only able to down one.  Other firing from buildings etc proved ineffectual against my dug in infantry.

Gepards fire through the smoke line to down a Cobra

Turn 2 – US

The A10s were still unavailable, but I was able to reinforce with my VADS, bringing them on my right flank to push against the Marders there.

With my Cobras in the range of 3 Gepards, I had to make a decision whether to retreat into loiter or assume I can kill the 3 Gepards.  I chose the latter option.

Dragons fire down range on the exposed Gepards

My Dragon teams were able to kill 1 Gepard and bail another, leaving only 1 able to fire upon my Cobras but 3 being in range of the Cobras in return.  I took the gamble…

And the solo Gepard was able to down all 3 Cobras with 5 dice of AA fire…!

The hero Gepard Gunner surveys the helicopter-free horizon

Turn 2 – Germans

Jimmy broke his Leo 2s out of ambush to attempt to break my Bocage line.

The firing started with his Milan teams taking out a VADS, and his Leopard 2s scoring 3 lucky hits on my M113s.


Ace shooting from the Milan team…..


3 5+ hits on 4 dice! Boom….

The rest of the German Fire was directed on my Infantry to little effect.

Turn 3 – US

No A10s, so I move on an ITV platoon and set to finishing off the Gepards prior to the A10s hopefully turning up at some point!  Finally, some good rolling does the job.

The highly under-rated Dragon teams take down the last of the Gepards

In my excitement, I completely forget to fire my VADS at the Marders on my right.

Turn 3 – Germans

Jimmy receives no reinforcements so proceeds to punishing my mistake on the right, taking out my VADS in short order and softening up 2 of my Mech Platoons.

Marders on the prowl….


Turn 4 – US

The A10s finally showed up!  This was as simple as rolling 2 4+’s on 4 dice, how hard can it be….

Mavericks away!
1 hit, 1 kill…

The remaining Leo 2 made his morale check, so the A10s still had  work to do.  On my left, the artillery pin the Mech Inf there but inflict no casualties and I’m starting to think about pushing for that objective.

Turn 4 – Germans

Jimmy, still unable to bring any reinforcements to bear, pushes all the machine guns he can find against my Infantry line to attempt to break it.  He succeeds in a pin but no casualties.


Turn 5 – US

I move on another platoon of ITVs as the other platoon fires on Jimmy’s remaining Leo 2.  The beast ignores the hits.  My Dragons across the 3 Platoons fire shots into his M113s and Marders, inflicting heavy damage.


Turn 5 – Germans

Jimmy continues to suffer from terrible reinforcement rolls but gets his auto-pick, deploying his Leo 1s mid-table.  He is able to destroy 1 ITV each from both platoons in the hedge line, forcing tests on both.  1 runs whilst 1 remains.

Turn 6 – US

No A10s again, and my Dragons continue to kill kill kill.

1 Leo 1 dead….


2 Leo 2s dead…
…and finally scratch the Marders!

Turn 6 – Germans

Jimmy just cannot kill the Infantry…


Pinned but still kicking!

Turn 7 – US

The Glory hogs are back!

Still only one hit on 4 dice needing 4+….
…But it doesn’t matter, Leo 2 dead!

Elsewhere, the Marder HQ transport is finally put to death along with the last Leo 1.

My infantry platoon on the left mounts up and heads for the objective in the woods, defended solely my a small German Infantry Platoon.

Turn 7 – Germans

With nothing else left to try, Jimmy throws his M113s into assault.  2 bog and the remaining 2 are repelled by LAW fire.


Turn 8 – US

The A10s return, looking to clear the left objective for my advancing infantry.  They kill 3 infantry teams and destroy a Luch whilst bailing the second.



On my right side, my Infantry finish off the M113s.


Turn 8 – Germans and Onwards

At this point there’s no chance of the Germans breaking my Infantry line on the right, and my M113 supported Platoon on the left has 3 teams of infantry between them and the objective, so Jimmy concedes.

However, if we had been playing tournament we would have timed out around turn 5ish, giving Jimmy a 4-3 win.


I’m still kicking myself now for not loitering the Cobras on Turn 2, as they’d have had a big effect throughout the turns after the Gepards were destroyed.

The Bocage line on the right effectively neutered almost all of the German firepower – without it, I would have been stuck in foxholes the whole time.

I needed to push much earlier on the left – as soon as my 3rd platoon arrived on the 1st turn they should have gone for it.

Good game!

Team Yankee – US vs Brits 80pts

A different opponent this time, but more Brits…..



I made some minor tweaks again…

Mech Infantry Formation 1 
HQ 1pt
1 Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 4 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 7pts
1 Mech Platoon (3 x Rifle Bases, 2 x Dragons Teams, 3 x M113 APC) 4pts
1 M106 Mortar x 3 3pts
1 ITV x 2 3pts
1 ITV x 2 3pts

Mech Infantry Formation 2
HQ 1pt
1 Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 4 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 7pts
1 Mech Platoon (3 x Rifle Bases, 2 x Dragons Teams, 3 x M113 APC) 4pts
1 M106 Mortar x 3 3
1 ITV x 2 3pts

1 VADS x 4 6pts
1 Cobra x 4 14pts
1 A10 x 4 20pts
FIST 1pts

12 Total platoons 80pts

Facing me were the Brit Infantry… en masse!


Mech Formation

Mech HQ 1pts

Mech platoon+Milan 9pts

Mech platoon+Milan 9pts

Mech platoon 7pts

Milan section 4 pts

Spartan mobile Milan section 4pts

8 mortars 4pts Scimitar recce troop 4pts


8 abbots 12pts

Support Airmobile platoon 7pts

FV432 FOO 1pt

4 Rapier 6pts

4 TOW Lynx flight 12pts


Mission and Setup

James went for the hasty attack whilst I went defence, so we ended up with Fighting Withdrawal with James as the attacker.


Turn 1 – Brits and US

James started his advance, mostly dashing transports towards my objectives and dropping a HUGE smoke line on my left flank to prevent me hitting the transports there.  His only shooting potted a single Mortar team.  I countered with my air assets and VADS using smoke cover.  Annoyingly he was still able to take down a Cobra despite needing 7s to hit, and my A10s failed to destroy the transports.  I was forced to use my VADS to blow up the transports rather than getting to fire on the infantry…

On my left, I was able to take down a couple of transports thus slowing his advance.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (10)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (11)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (12)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (13)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (14)

Turn 2 – Brits

On my left, James’ dismounted Infantry made REALLY short work of my VADS.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (17)

On my right, TOW Helos and track mounter ATGMs took out a unit of ITVs and finished off my Mortars, whilst his unpinned infantry advanced.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (18)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (20)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (21)

It was fair to say at this point the Brit advance was going to plan.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (16)

Turn 2 – US

I threw what I could into breaking the Infantry advance.  The A10s didn’t present themselves for use.

On my left, I could only succeed in pinning the Infantry at the cost of 1 Cobra.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (23)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (24)

On my right, we were moderately more successful, being able to take out 4 teams of infantry mainly with my M113s despite them being in bulletproof cover (yay .50 cals!)

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (25)

Turn 3 – Brits

James’ hatred of M113s and .50 Cals shone through, with him schything through 2 units of them.  His push on my right faltered a little as his troops were enjoying the Bulletproof cover for a little while longer.  In the centre table woods, Scimitars began picking apart my Mortars and M113s hidden in there.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (28)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (27)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (29)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (30)

Turn 3 – US

I withdrew my ITV unit from the woods.  My turn 3 must have been really mediocre, as I took no photographic evidence of it whatsoever (or the records have been redacted – who knows! 🙂 )  I do know I lost another Cobra and the last one run off though, and that the Brits on my left flank were pinned…

Turn 4 – Brits

On my left the Brits were unable to unpin and shifted sideways to gain cover.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (33)

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (34)

On my right, James sprung another Infantry platoon from the transports that had slowly picked their way over the hill and occupied the house directly adjacent to the objective.  Fire poured in and took out the 2nd ITV squad and pinned Black Platoon.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (37)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (35)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (36)

Turn 4 – US

I withdrew my A10s as their usefulness against infantry was proving to be limited.  On my left I poured fire into the Infantry there, whittling their numbers.

On my right my fire was virtually ineffectual due to Bulletproof cover etc.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (39)

Turn 5 – Brits and US

On my left, James landed his Air Company Helos to prepare to support the assault.  He pushed forward with the remnants of his rallied platoon and attempted to assault my foxholes.  They were forced back and suffered casualties on the way, thus forcing a morale test which they promptly failed.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (41)

On my right things were going better for the Brits, killing several Black Platoon teams and forcing them off the objective with assaults.  In my turn, I was unable to take down any of the advancing forces.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (42)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (43)

Turn 6 – Brits and US

The final move for James was storming a Scimitar through the woods into my platoon on the centre objective, forcing them off it.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (45)

This gave James 2 objectives secured, and with me only able to remove 1 and unable to advance on the other it was game over.

2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (46)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (47)2017-07-23 Team Yankee Lee vs James (48)

Win to the Brits!


This wasn’t a nice list to take on; Brit infantry is an absolute nightmare to fight in attack or defence, and there weren’t really any ‘juicy targets’ to send the A10s after.  My Mech Infantry actually stood up better than I thought they would, and it was a tense game throughout.

Cheers James!



Team Yankee – US vs Brits round 2

Colin was spoiling for another pop at my 80pt US list, and I needed the practice, so we rolled some dice once again.

The US – 80pts

Mech Infantry Formation 1
HQ 1pt
1 x Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 3 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 6pts
1 x Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 3 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 6pts
1 x Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 3 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 6pts
1 x M106 Mortar x 3 3pts
1 x ITV x 2 3pts
1 x ITV x 2 3pts

1 x VADS x 4 6pts
1 x Cobra x 4 14pts
1 x A10 x 4 20pts
1 x M109 x 3 with Copperhead and bomblets 11pts
FIST 1pt

10 Total platoons – 80pts

Col, erstwhile owner of Janco Toys, brought the Brits to bear.

Colin’s Brits


(12) 4 x Lynx TOW Helicopters

(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAM


(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(7) Lynx Airmobile Platoon

(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams


(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams

(7) Airmobile Team

Total 79pts

The only changes from the last game were that I dropped a dragon team to take bomblets, and Colin dropped a Milan Unit to take more Scimitars.

We ended up with the Hasty Attack mission, with me as attacker.


Turn 1 – US

I decided to launch my attack on the objective in the woods on my right.  As Colin had placed his AA in Ambush, my Helos headed into Loiter.  My A10s failed to turn up, so I pushed forward with a ground based assault with my reinforced 3rd Mech Inf unit supporting my 2nd.

2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (9)

My other Mech Inf moved to protect my objective (I dropped a rollock here and should haver deployed them on it in Foxholes).

Turn 1 – Brits

Colin moved his Scimitars into position and opened up on my advancing Mech Inf, destroying an M113 from each unit and pinning them.

2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (13)2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (14)

Turn 2 – US

1 of my 2 pinned Mech Inf units unpinned.  The Dragon teams successfully blitzed from their transports and destroyed a Scimitar and pinned another, whilst the Rfile teams advanced towards the objective and laid down fire into the entrenched Brit troops with no effect.  The pinned unit fell back to the hill.

2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (18)

Turn 2 – Brits

Seeing that the ojective was under threat, Colin dashed his APCs into tactical range.  His infantry gunned down 2 Mech Inf Teams in the woods.

2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (19)

Turn 3 – US

Once again my A10s were unable to assist, so I set to putting more pressure on the objective with the tools I had.

Firstly, I was able to blitz on an ITV unit with a line of sight on one of his AA batteries.

One shot, one kill…

Smoke was dropped to cover my Cobras and third platoon’s advance….

…I lost another Cobra.  The last one was unable to inflict any damage, the only positive being that the last one didn’t flee!

Turn 3 – Brits and onwards

Col was able to squeeze a few shots past my Smoke wall and knock out some M113s, pinning my platoon.

2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (29)

On my turn, I was unable to unpin either pinned platoon and may attack completely stalled, despite taking out a couple more teams of Infantry.

Once Colin’s Air reserves arrived, it was all over….

2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (32)2017-07-22 Team Yankee Lee vs Colin (33)

Results and thoughts

Win for the Brits!

Rolling a record 5 1s in a row for A10 usage, and being unable to unpin my Infantry completely stalled my attack.  My HQ should have been up with the first infantry push where he would have had an impact.

Colin played a strong game despite being unable to make any reinforce rolls until he was guaranteed them (turn 5).

Good game!



DBA Board

Hi All

After realising how much I enjoyed playing DBA I decided to knock up a board, this one is 2 x 2

It is done as a basic deserty scrub board which may look a bit odd with some of my armies but is a doddle to do


Am going to do a couple to leave with Colin, prob a plain one as well


In a rush to make some glue dry I foolishly stood it up in garden where the sun has bented it a little but for 50p I am not that fussed


Some basic terrain, DBA likes a flatish table


Then for this months painting challenge a couple of units of Seleucid cataphracts for HC and Lart. Need to add some static grass clumps if I can ever find the colour to match the rest of the army




Genuinely shocked how much I enjoyed playing DBA and can see me getting more for it