Few shots from dino proof

It is all about dino proof at team Janco, a game we can all play to win but more importantly also try to do each other over

Here is the table populated with dinos


After we parachuted in Elsie my character parachuted in right next to a supply box, unfortunately the box was guarded by a Dino, no worries I could take out one surely


Very shortly though it was surrounded by three of them, I took out three but the big lad got me

If I cant see it then it cant see me right?




Flames of War Version III Soviets vs Americans

Ok so we decided to do a Version III game before the weekend

MW 1650 points in hold the line. America defended with an armoured recce company vs Soviets mixed Tankovy

The Soviets 10 T26, 10 T34, 10 BA-10, 3 KV-1e, Limited Il-2


The Americans 2 Infantry in HT, recon platoon, 2 platoons of Shermans and some 105’sIMG_0055[1].JPG

Table had been set up like this before mission was rolledIMG_0056[1].JPG

105’s started on top of an objectiveIMG_0057[1].JPG

An American platoon started dug in around  the other one which was in between the golden domes church and the much more impressive barn to its right. A sherman platoon was in ambush, it was going to be two platoons of shermans in ambush but I reminded the American supreme command that my BA-10 could recce to contest objective and push back the ambush at least 8″. Still one platoon of shermans was still out there


Plane came in and took out the artillery commander and staff team but all the guns saved, the American company 1IC was camped next to them so Rich preferred the guns to stay


BA-10’s moved forwards hoping to stop shermans ambushing from the woods and also managed to take out the 2IC


Ambush reveled and some of the BA-10’s were burning, artillery joined in and more went up as well


Burning Russians pointed out to the rest of the battalion where the enemy were located, the BA-10’s had been used to store the companys spare supply of aviation fuel ready to turn into vodka so went up well


Sturmovik came back in and repaid the favour, Rich regretted not putting them in the wood next to his observer as the last one ran


T34 fire wiped out two guns and the rest ran, the commander looked on at the T34’s and dug his hole a little deeper. If the reserves didn’t come on then he was holding the objective with a single LMG team


Whilst KV’s and T26’s held the infantry around the far objective the T34’s went on the assault and despite the American commander holding on for a turn they got the objective before reserves arrived to contest it. Victory to the Soviets


American player is a returning FOW player and I am sure my chaps will get the kicking they deserve at some point in the future but hey a win is a win


Team Yankee – Lee vs Paul round 4

The Saga continues!

Paul was wanting another run with his list as he keeps developing it so off we went again…

Lee’s American Mech Inf Force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(7) 3 x  M109 Artillery tank teams

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Paul’s T72 Tank Battalion


(10) 4 x MI-24 HIND Assault Helicopters

(4) MI-24 HIND Assault Landing Company – 4 x AK47 teams, 4 x RPG-7 teams

(5) 3 x BMP-2  Recon Tanks

(2) 2 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA


(9) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 5 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams, 1 x SA-14 Gremlin AA Team 
(8) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 4 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams
(5) Tank Battalion HQ
(22) 5 x T72 tank
(22) 5 x T72 tank
(12)3 x T72 tank

Total 99 pts

I thought I’d just plump defense this time; Paul figured I’d to that so went defense as well.  The roll was… Encounter!  Getting used to this now…

James and Jimmy pilfered most of the ‘normal’ scenery for their game (Brits vs Afgantsy, much angst) but I’d brought down the huge Oil Storage plant that Paul had built for me, so we set up a nice board and got down the Objectives and teams that were starting on.


Turn 1 – Russians

Paul won the first turn (not sure he wanted it!) and advanced hard down my left flank.


Opening fire with his T72s and BMPs, he netted a Dragon team and an M113.


Turn 1 – Americans

I pushed up my M113s to engage the Shilkas; everyone else sat tight and opened up on the BMPs and T72s.


The T72s saved everything thrown at them, but the BMPs suffered heavier, with 1 destroyed and 2 bailed (awesome rolling from me, not…)


The Shilkas lost one of their number to .50 Cal fire and the other bailed.  Testing morale, they fled the field…


Turn 2 – Russians

The T72s on my left pushed up, supported by the BMPs hidden in the Tree / bush line.  The T72s bagged 2 M113s and 2 rifle teams from Red Platoon, whilst the BMPs from the right and centre destroyed 3 more M113s.  In the middle the BMPs then scooted behind the building.

Turn 2 – Americans

Red Platoon unpinned.  My 3 remaining M113s advanced forward to engage the mid table BMPs, whilst everything else hunkered down and fired on the T72s and BMPs.

The M113s were successful in destroying 2 BMPs with their .50 Cals… good lads…


My Dragon teams fired helplessly on the T72s, bouncing armour with every hit.  The M109s also did nothing, the armour maintenance engineers on the T72s due a massive bonus again (on top of last game’s bonus!)

So it was down to my Cobras to inflict some damage… But before they could the lone Gremlin team sat at the other end of the map opened up… Landing one hit, I failed my save, and he rolled Firepower… BOOM, 1 Cobra down…


In their return fire, they land 2 penetrating shots, passing one of the 2 FP checks.  Progress…


Turn 3 – Russians

No reinforcements this turnand the T72 failed to remount, but the tracks kept turning nonetheless.  In the middle, Paul’s infantry company broke cover to engage my M113s, potting 1 and bailing another.


On my left, the 3 remaining T72s moved up and machine gunned Red Platoon, killing another Dragon team.  2 of them charged in and killed another Dragon team; I chose to fall back with the Survivors as Red Platoon was getting close to breaking point.


Overall, my left was still steady and the right was almost untouched, but I could really use my Abrams right now…


Turn 3 – Americans

…And in came the Abrams!  Passing my reinforcements check and rolling ‘anywhere on my edge’ for scattered reserves, I threw them straight at the T72s, ensuring cover from the BMPs.  Red Platoon, on the verge of breaking, headed for the cover of the building.

With some spectacularly bad rolling, the Abrams and Cobras were able to only kill 1 T72 and bail another, at the cost of another Cobra from the super Sniper team.


In the middle of the table my M113s took cover from the infantry and fired on them, whilst Artillery, spotted for by the Cobra Commander (yes I went there) dropped on the Infantry and BMPs as well.  1 RPG team and BMP killed, and the infantry (including the Gremlin AA team) were pinned.  Had I shot here first, I wouldn’t have lost a 2nd Cobra…

2016-11-13-team-yankee-lee-vs-paul-32The Soviet’s initial push had been all but stopped, but reinforcements were sure to appear soon.

Turn 4 – Russians

Crazy Ivan received no reinforcements again;  Of his T72s, 1 remounted and headed into the Field to support his bailed commander and fire on the Abrams (personally I would have moved round the back!)  The shot bounced…


In the middle, the Soviet Infantry had more success, mobbing my 2 M113s with shooting and assault and destroying them outright.


Turn 4 – Americans

My bad shooting rolling was being more than made up for with reinforcement and morale checks…  I deployed my Mortars to centre field, using my HQ to come on with them and help them Blitz into a firing position.

My Cobras were able to bail the final active T72, and my Rifle company engaged the previously Bailed T72 in close combat and destroyed it.  The Abrams opened up on the BMPs but mostly missed, leaving 2 still alive.

On the right the Mortars ranged in on the Infantry Company guarding the Objective and opened fire.  No kills were inflicted, but the unit was pinned.


Turn 5 – Russians

Paul finally scored a single reserve on his 3 dice (ironically he would have got one anyways) and placed his T72s on my right flank and pushed hard down the road.  In the middle, the T72 HQ set himself up for a shot on an Abrams with a dash move.

On the left his single surviving T72 remounted.  Surrounded by Abrams, he lined up a shot… and missed!


Turn 5 – Americans

I reinforced with a single unit of ITVs.  As they came on from my left, I dashed them to centre board for a good position next turn.

I split my Abrams, standing 2 of them to finish off the T72 and BMP and moving the other 2 tactically to engage the right flank T72s.  The T72 was bailed, and then finished off in assault by my Infantry.  The BMP disappeared under Abrams fire.


On the Right, Blue Platoon would finally have some work to do.  2 Rifle teams moved to block the route between the houses, whilst the Dragon teams took aim supported by the 2 Cobras.


Taking fire from the Abrams, Cobras and Blue Platoon, the T72s lost 2 of their number and a 3rd was bailed.

The battle was looking bloody, but in my favour.


Turn 6 – Russians

On my right, the 2 remaining T72 manoeuvred back around the adjacent house and pot-shotted one of my M109s.


In the middle, the T72 HQ was reinforced with his last 3 T72s.  Emboldened, he took a shot at an Abrams and hit, blowing it to pieces.

His underlings, however, were unable to make the most of the Abram’s rear armour presented to them and missed!


Turn 6 – Americans

I reinforced with 2 more teams of ITVS.  On the right, My Cobras, Dragons and an ITV team took shots at the 2 T72s and bailed both of them.  Although my FP rolls were shocking, they did end up running off anyways.

In the middle, my 3 remaining Abrams converged on the T72s and their commander.  In some spectacularly good shooting, they popped 2 T72s and the HQ tank, with the HQ transferring into the 1 remaining T72.

Turn 7 – Russians

Finally, the HINDs were incoming.  Seeing the red mist, Paul decided to throw caution to the wind and go after my Abrams with 3 of them, landing the 4th to deploy troops.


The T72 HQ took cover and aimed on my Abrams once again.


As the HINDs prepared to fire, I opened up with my VADS and Abrams MGs.  When the smoke cleared, all 3 HINDs had been destroyed.  To add insult to injury, the T72 HQ’s shot bounced of the Abrams’ armour.

Turn 7 – Americans

My final ITV platoon deployed, albeit with little to do.  On the right, Blue Platoon mounted up and moved up within striking range of the Russian objective.  Centre board, my Abrams formed a firing line on the T72 HQ and erased him from existence.  On the left, the landed HIND was destroyed by ITV fire and the 2 infantry teams cut down by White Platoon’s rifle teams.


Turn 8

At this point the Russians declared defeat.


Dice; I was plagued by bad Firepower rolls, but my reinforcement / scattered rolls were second to none.

On the tactics, I don’t think I’m going on the offensive quick enough or with the wrong units.  I need to find a solid way to advance early – possibly one of my Mech Platoons.

Paul was hit by bad reinforcement rolls, but was too hasty pushing with the T72s in my opinion.  The second 5 man unit in particular were almost thrown away by deploying down the road.

Overall, another great game and one we both learnt from.


Flames of War LW Strelk vs FJ

After several months of playing Early and Mid War me and Colin, impresario of Janco Toys and long time enemy of the glorious forces of the Red army decided to play a game of Late War.

In truth I always struggle more with my beloved Russians in LW than in EW or MW so I asked if we could do more LW games.

We played pincer and as we both had infantry forces we rolled to see who would attack and who would defend, Colin rolled to attack.

Red Army Hero Strelkovy Polk


2 x Strelkovy companies

3 x IS-2 1944

4 x SU-100

4 x T34/85

Priority IL-2M


FJ Company


2 x FJ platoons

1 x HMG platoon

3 x Pak-40

4 x 150mm Artillery, i normally hate these guys

2 x Jagdpanthers


Table with a rather modern petrol station, TY is in full effect in Janco’s at the moment. It was laid out a little oddly with massive gaps on each side but we decided to leave it as it was. Would have been interesting if we had rolled a lengthwise mission.


I had the 2 Strelk companies on the table, one dug in around an objective and the other close enough to come to their assistance but still able to dash to the unoccupied objective if needed. The SU-100’s were in ambush hoping to take out the Jagdpanthers and because it was mobile reserves my IS-2 and T34 platoons were in delayed reserve.


The Germans had the artillery ready to blast me to death, two platoons of FJ and the MMG that I was sure were just going to rush the closest objective. The Jagdpanthers on the edge of the deployment zone gunning their engines ready to try to get down to the other objective and wait for my reserves.


Game on, the JP and an FJ platoon made a move to start the rush for the far objective whilst the MMG made towards the edge of the wood ready to get shots off later in the game. The second FJ stayed put, not sure why but this was a mistake my opponent later regretted. Artillery took a pot shot at the Strelk to the side of the rather spiffy church but did nothing. The Paks waited for my reserves to arrive.


Turn one for the Red Army and in came a single plane and up popped the ambushing SU-100’s. They took out one of the JP which was a relief as I had no doubt I could take out everything else but worried a little about the AT16 tank hunters. Plane managed to kill a single base of infantry but bounced off the top of the JP. The FJ were pinned however.IMG_0640[1].JPG

Turn 2 for the Germans and the FJ failed to unpin which was nice, the MMG moved a little further forward and the JP moved slowly to keep itself in cover. Artillery bailed a couple of SU-100. The second FJ now moved forward.



Turn 2 for the Soviets

Planes came in and hit the FJ in that had just started to move and the SU-100’s moved a little to try to get into a position to get at the JP. Two of them failed to remount. I had to move a couple of stands of infantry to ensure the plane could come in but as they were behind a wood I thought they were fairly safe and I needed to do something to the FJ as they looked like they would roll the objective, live from turn 6, and I would then need to re capture it. Took out one stand and an MMG leaving them both pinned.IMG_0643[1].JPG

Turn 3 for the Germans and the FJ in the built up area stayed pinned again, everyone else unpinned. The pinned FJ made for the cover of a building and the assault on the woods began. The JP went off and hid again, Colin was worried about either the SU-100’s of the soon to arrive reserves getting a flank shot.


As me Hero Strelk pass skill tests on three’s this would be bloody with two forces in effect Fearless Vets in the assault, I hoped my batalon commissar would give me the edge. Also I could afford the losses as due to the slow moving force trying to get to the other objective I had left my second company of infantry ready to come over and give a hand if needed.


After a few rounds of scrapping and despite some rolls such as the above, white were my dice the purple my enemies, it ended like this. With a single base of FJ and and the commander of the MMG left alive both of which passed the test to stay. My Strelk also passed their test and stayed on the table.


Turn three for the Hero’s of this match and first off a roll for reserves, non. Needed to hold off the JP for another turn. Plane came on and did little other than a stand and a pin on the lads who had decided a corrugated iron hut was a safe place to be.


After the plan left they pulled back the roof to give more protection.


Turn four and the Germans were in trouble, the JP and FJ from the tin hut who managed to unpin for a change moved closer to the objective. It would be time to move my second Strelk soon if the reserves did not arrive.

Due to a rush of excitement the camera man forgot to take a few pics, he will be re educated. The IS-2’s came on an took a pot shot but moving with rate of fire 1 meant I missed. The German artillery bailed out one but being fearless they got back in again.

Turn five the German Commander and 2IC picked up the last of the FJ near the wood and went for it again. Unfortunately before they got there the second Strelk moved into the woods and took the fight to the enemy, they were going to go after the artillery and ATG’s but for once the inner Orc was quietened and they stayed hidden in the wood. The SU-100’s moved to hold the second objective in case the JP moved towards it.

JPs killed a T34 and bailed another and the SU-100 that could see the JP and the IS-2s all missed.

Last turn of the game the T34’s, IS-2’s and an SU-100 shot at the infantry and the JP with the plane managing to take out the JP. Plane def my Hero of the Soviet union this time.


With that the game was called as the last couple of stands of infantry were not going to get to the objective and now the remaining Russian assets free from the tyranny of the JP were pretty much free to hunt down whoever they wished.


The FJ were ideally suited to defending and the Strelk to attack so of course we rolled the opposite. The IS-2’s are great at getting hit with TA2 and FA11, terrible at actually managing to hit anything. The T34’s without H&C are good but you don’t get many of them. Plane had a great time as enemy had brought no AA.

If the Germans had rushed the objective in the woods or had not spent so long pinned and moved to the other objective it may have been tougher.

Good game and a win to the Soviets in LW so mission quite literally achieved.

VBCW 07:50 from Wombwell


Cain couldn’t believe how loud the explosion was and that his ears were still there to ring.
The Ersatz Bolshevik at the bar gave up and ordered a pint for him, when he brought it back to Cain he placed it on the table and crashed back into his seat.

At least the bar was fairly cool seeing as every window in the place was smashed, he glanced outside and could still see pools of fire where the burning rain had dropped.

How on earth had it gotten to this……………….

Game 27 of our VBCW campaign

Raid on a train
Each player had either eight men/ladies in a truck or seven cavalry. Most players went with Cavalry.
Rules used were modified BA but with one dice per man/woman.
After painting up my first 28mm horses the despicable Andy, genius behind our part of the VBCW universe decided I would actually ride in the train so back in the box they went.



Mission I heard was get the train back to the sidings whilst the rest of the gang tried to hijack it to get the supplies, thoughts on what constitutes a train went through my head.

The train currently consisted of the engine and tender with two tankers of fuel, possibly some of Petrov’s home made vodka possibly something less flammable like petrol. At each end was a coal hauler that had been converted into a flatbed gun platform.


Random cards were drawn and went to a random player on a D6 roll off, Cain couldn’t have written a better on himself


No sooner had the game started and cavalry units came on from all sides, it looked like a story from the pulp magazines of the wild west, in the far distance a truck burst out of cover.


Gunfire let rip but was hit or miss, pardon the pun, as everything was bouncing around either on a horse or something with more horse power so to speak.

The BUF forces closed on the rear of the train where machine gun and rifle fire held them off, up in front a gang of unknown maniacs in a lorry charged forwards and several occupants could be seen with grenades and molotovs. From out of the bushes to the top left hand side came a unit intent on blocking off the train and an unholy alliance was joined between them, some fake Bolshevik types and the young ladies from the finishing school. The young ladies had left their hockey sticks at home in preference for lances they had obviously found laying around in the school theatre.


Blury pics due to the high speed of the train, 4″ movement per turn with -1″ on a D6 roll of 1-3 and +2″ on a 4+, with the first red dice of the turn I drew always being allocated to the train and a number of 4+ rolled it started to head up track. A random turn length dice also added to the bag came out fairly quickly on a number of turns which also helped our brave hero’s dash forward. Dash may be going it a bit as an infantry man could walk faster than the train but what the heck we wanted chaos and battle not trainspotting from afar.


Brave guys and gals started assaulting the train, which due to it counting as a defended obstacle and everyone being inexperienced left several dead train riders and an equal amount of riderless horses. Others jumped aboard in undefended places, needing a 5+ to jump on board, once on the roof they started heading towards the locomotive. A few were left winded on the ground.

Whilst troops continue to close in from all sides up ahead two men get to the points intent on changing them forcing the train from its intended direction of travel. Being a borrowed coal transporter Cain hoped it would get past the points before they managed to change them as he didn’t want to end up being diverted to the coal yard explaining why large chunks were missing from old Bessie. Those same chunks were being taken to Butchers scrapyard by Anastasia. During most of the game Andy the GM looked on bemusedly from the side lines, no doubt wondering if just once everyone would play the mission as written and not just ignore it and start blasting away at everything that came close. TBH for once there was little crossfire and double dealing with most firepower being aimed at the train.


The BUF who were loosing men fast decided to start taking pot shots at the tankers now leaving the crew in the rear flatbed covered in a horrendously foul and stinging fluid, perhaps it was Petrovs finest anyway. Whatever it was all cigarettes were immediately thrown over the left side of the wagon, we were not told how many shots were needed to potentially cause an explosion.

So far the points would not budge, no 5’s rolled, so the train was on track………or was it?


Fed up of sitting in the front wagon getting grenades thrown at him Malek jumped onto the lorry to fight back, a grenade had just blown up the field piece which turned out good newsfor the escape plan. It has previously hit the track by scattering off its aim point and damaged it, we use a system whereby someone shouts out if inches or centimeters are to be used to guess the aiming point. This is complicated further by swapping between centimeters and inches, even then it scatters. Try guessing a range to something in cm’2 minus 8 inches doubled in a few moments, no wonder my poor lads have hit their own tracks and even one of their own trucks once.


The guys at the points had now managed to change them and looked on smugly. They obviously were not used to train tracks as unknowingly the points had been set up in the wrong position when the terrain was placed on the table, Cain grinned manically and roared with laughter as they had now set the train right where it wanted to go. It’s true check the pics of the tracks before and after. I am ashamed to say I did laugh mightily but everyone knows I am a poor winner.


The non bolshie and the lady who had worked together to uncouple the train grinned at each other as they finally got it to part, a few had fallen to their deaths trying. This blossoming love story turned sour as they realised that they were on opposite sides of the break and slowly moved apart as the train sped off and the now un-powered back half of the train slowed down. It should be noted the girly one was waving her hat as they parted, some wondered at her true feelings.

Tim’s lads in the lorry had just managed to get their truck into reverse, following a bad run of cards that caused it to stall, they now regretted it as they were speeding away from the tankers


Bill had managed to climb aboard and break into the cab and shot the driver in the back in a dirty trick only he could be proud of. Bill was surprisingly quiet throughout no doubt confused not to have a number of troopers in drag as usual.

The BUF realising they had very few men left now decided to take up rustling instead of train robbery, this was turning into a great episode of Westworld.


Cain narrowly missed death as a bullet from the truck struck the man next to him, thanks to the card from earlier, he made a jump to get to the loco that was now speeding helplessly towards the buffers. Misjudging the gap he fell from it but landed on his feet and made for the safety of some bushes, heroic leap to save the train or cowardly attempt to save his own scalp maybe we will never find out.

Two more of his men tried it, one was shot by our lone love bird but the other hung on edging closer to the black hat that had killed his mate in the cab. The train was now judged to be out of control as the driver had fallen on the lever when he was shot in the back.

The train survived a 5+ roll to derail where the artillery piece had damaged the track and sped on towards a very solid looking siding.


As the tankers were about to be taken and the guys in the back had been told not to let it fall into enemy hands they turned the machine gun around to make good on their orders. Four shots needing a 4 and obviously nothing. Four hits we were now told were needed to potentially set one of the tankers off on a 5+.


Getting carried away in the moment one of the last surviving guards tried to jump onto one of the BUF riding past the now nearly static wagons. Obs a miss and onto the floor he fell surviving the fall but dying shortly after under the horse, he did manage to take out some BUF so his dear old ma will still be proud of him.


Cains last man on the loco managed to kill the black hat, get into the cab and slow it down enough to make it stop a nats nads from the buffers. That is no photo shopped image, he manged to get it slowed down 8″, 4″ then 2″ per turn and brought it to a dead stop just as shown. Realising they were in deadly peril the two opposing militia members left on this side had stopped shooting at each other, eventually, allowing them to concentrate on slowing the out of control train.


As Cain looked on from the cover of the treeline he was pleased to see the locomotive had made a perfect stop beside the station, he watched as who from this distance looked like Daddy Two Feet stepped onto the track and squared off with one of the traitors to the cause. A high noon shoot out was obviously going to take place as it was clear neither man fully trusted the other now the immediate peril was over.

Glancing back Cain saw there were actually more of his lads left alive than the enemy and there was a good chance to get the tankers back, he decided he had to try to stop the fools killing each other at the station or at least club the scum from behind to save Daddy who he was sure was about to blow off one of his own feet so they could go back. He had just started towards them when there was a huge explosion and noise so loud he thought it would rupture him completely, fortunately he did not have time to ponder on this as he was lifted from his feet and thrown several feet away. As he stared vacantly into the sky he was amazed how pretty the rain looked as it flamed down from above and landed in perfect pools of death around him.

That couldn’t have just been petrol


In the Station Hotel he downed the pint with Daddy and his new bezzy ops, after surviving that horror they had decided a firm non aggression pact was now in place. Down the track the miners had just started to get to the area to see what had happened, they were sure to  be pleased when Cain told them the tale of how he had managed to save their train from what looked like some kind of industrial accident. Nothing for several hundred yards was left alive to tell anything different and only the glaziers had done particularly well out of the evening.

Cheers to Andy, Bill, James, Gary, Tim and John for what I consider one of the most cinematic games of anything I have ever played.

Yes I know I am a big kid but, Man jumps from horse to train, girl jumps from horse to train, girl jumps from carriage to carriage, boy throws grenade at train, boy jumps from lorry to train, boy falls from train under lorry, boy jumps from train to horse and falls under horse, boy steals horse, boy kills driver, another boy kills boy who killed driver, points are changed to the right direction, boy and girl get together, girl leaves boy quite literally, commissar accidentally falls from train, tankers jump from track and finally flaming rain covers up all signs of activity.

What’s not to like?