The Death Korps of Krieg advance

Ok so after a bit of time with them gathering dust I started working on my Death Korps again.

I decided I didn’t like the strip bases for the infantry and moved to flames of war bases.

I have most of my infantry painted and just needing the base finishing as you can see below:

The Death riders I thought look better with 2 to a base. which meant I have some spares so maybe a possible second unit.

The Leman russ tanks I got from some friendly trollz have had a spot of paint on them. This is only the base coat and wash but they’re starting to look good.

I also made myself a couple of deathstrike missile Silos from rhino hatches and some missile launcher I cut up. I don’t think it looks too bad for a quick kit bash.

The other tanks I had started on (bombards, basilisks and the 3rd party gorgons) have all taken a bath in detol as I didn’t like what I had done to them.

Last but not least I have a load more stuff coming from some friendly forum dwellers. I’ll post these when I get them.

Great Patriotic War!

The back bone of the mighty Redbear has got to be the BMP-2 …fast, lethal, transports that can blast the capitalist pig’s helecopters out of the sky! Blast through rivers and lakes too! 

These are ace little kits!

Undercoated with GW bolt gun spray, then GW dark brown spray, heavy drybrush with reddish brown… Mid stone camo and green added.

Inked with watered down black ink ..highlighted up with light versions of base colour ..semi digital late war Berlin camo!

Hollywood, homebrew Ruski force!

Ave a good en 😉