“Don’t cross the Streams!” Terrain mash time in galaxies far far away….

Big Paul has been knocking together terrain from coke cans and belly button fluff since he could walk.  Terrain is a massive part of the gaming experience in Paul’s eyes, and in his words ‘if the board looks right your game’s gonna be 10 times more enjoyable and memorable’.
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The Death Korps of Krieg advance

Ok so after a bit of time with them gathering dust I started working on my Death Korps again.

I decided I didn’t like the strip bases for the infantry and moved to flames of war bases.

I have most of my infantry painted and just needing the base finishing as you can see below:

The Death riders I thought look better with 2 to a base. which meant I have some spares so maybe a possible second unit.

The Leman russ tanks I got from some friendly trollz have had a spot of paint on them. This is only the base coat and wash but they’re starting to look good.

I also made myself a couple of deathstrike missile Silos from rhino hatches and some missile launcher I cut up. I don’t think it looks too bad for a quick kit bash.

The other tanks I had started on (bombards, basilisks and the 3rd party gorgons) have all taken a bath in detol as I didn’t like what I had done to them.

Last but not least I have a load more stuff coming from some friendly forum dwellers. I’ll post these when I get them.

Great Patriotic War!

The back bone of the mighty Redbear has got to be the BMP-2 …fast, lethal, transports that can blast the capitalist pig’s helecopters out of the sky! Blast through rivers and lakes too! 

These are ace little kits!

Undercoated with GW bolt gun spray, then GW dark brown spray, heavy drybrush with reddish brown… Mid stone camo and green added.

Inked with watered down black ink ..highlighted up with light versions of base colour ..semi digital late war Berlin camo!

Hollywood, homebrew Ruski force!

Ave a good en 😉

Shiny new Airbrush

So I’ve been painting miniatures for a while, a few years ago I took a dive and bought an airbrush. This was a hopeful purchase in that it would help improve my painting and make painting bigger things like tanks easier and quicker.

I was right it did help and it did speed up painting larger things but then the problems started.

Due to me being cautious about spending alot of money on an airbrush for a first time purchase I got a cheap chinese airbrush. This came as a set with a compressor and 2 airbrushes.(the top 2 in the pic below) The black one was pretty much useless to me because you cant control the paint flow with the trigger (Also known as a single action airbrush), this meant  I stuck to using the silver double action one (Double action allows you to control the amount of paint is released with the air trigger, press down for air draw back for more paint). Due to me being new to this I didn’t look after this airbrush that well as well as it being a cheaply made one it started to fail and caused more problems than it was worth. This airbrush got retired pretty quick.


Next I bought the shiny blue one. Thinking ive upgraded here (still a cheap chinese airbrush) but it did the job well I was happy……then I went to try some fine detail. Oh wait the needle is too big for fine detail and I was having to waste alot of paint due to this being a suction airbrush (paint goes up) instead of a gravity feed airbrush (cup on top and paint settles into airbrush) and yet again I didn’t look after it right because I was annoyed with it and stopped caring for it.

Another Dead airbrush (I’ve recently cleaned this enough to get it working again. It will only get used if I want to base coat something HUGE).

My last airbrush (bottom in the above pic) was yet again a cheap airbrush, slightly more expensive than the last ones. Its done great for what I’ve been using it for, it can’t quite get amazingly fine detail but I couldn’t have managed that anyway. Now I felt I had outgrown this airbrush. It still works fine if the paint is a bit thinner than I like using. It has an issue with clogging too much.

At this point I’ve spent £100 on first set (came with some useless paints), £25 for blue airbrush, £40 for last silver one. £165 total.

Now comes the big daddy airbrush. My new shiny Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 2in1 and a shiny new compressor with tank. (My old one didn’t have a tank which caused some of the issues I had in the past).

This monster cost £210 for the full kit:
Evolution 2in1 airbrush
Compressor with tank and regulator
air hose
quick release for air hose
in line water trap
airbrush holder for desk

This is a great kit and well worth the price. I’ve used it a couple of times and my god I’ve been missing out. This is amazing. I have so much control, I have more air pressure if I need due to the tank on the compressor, The movement of the airbrush is so fluid, My hand hasn’t cramped holding this (this happened alot with the others). It dismantles easily, so easy to clean. I can’t wait to get into using my new toy properly and get some good painting done with it. Hopefully I remember to post the minis on here for you all to see.

So total spent: £375.
How much I should have spent: £210

If I had not been so tentative about buying an airbrush I would’ve bought the evolution first and saved myself alot of trouble and money. Saying that I would have probably damaged it by not cleaning it properly.
If you are interested in an airbrush I recommend trying a friends or asking for advice/researching as much as possible and buy a good brand. (eg. Harder & Steenbeck, Iwata) as these companies put alot of work into the build of these airbrushes and it will make your life alot easier.

If you’re getting an airbrush. Research. Don’t buy cheap and good luck.