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Dropfleet Commander – Lee vs Scott

So after 2 failed attempts to complete a full game, Scott finally found time in his busy Rock Star schedule to give a proper play through.  It would be my Scourge against his PHR in a 999pt game, with the forces as follows:


BG1 (SR10) – 1 x Basilisk Battlecruiser

BG 2 (SR12) – 1 x Hydra Fleet Carrier, 1 x Chimera Troopship, 2 x Gargoyle Strike Carrier

BG3 (SR12) – 1 x Hydra Fleet Carrier, 1 x Chimera Troopship, 2 x Gargoyle Strike Carrier

BG4 (SR4) – 4 x Djinn Frigate


BG1 (SR10) – 1 x Scipio Battlecruiser

BG2 (SR9) – 1 x Ikarus Vanguard Carrier, 4 x Andromeda Escort Carrier

BG3 (SR9) – 1 x Ganymede Assault Troopship, 4 x Medea Strike Carrier

BG4 (SR5) – 3 x Pandora Frigate, 2 x Echo Corvette


The mission would be take and hold with 3 clusters and a column approach.


Turn 1

I activated my BG2 first, moving my Troopship and Fleet support up the middle of the table and sending a strike carrier each to the edges (at this point I was worried about the Corvettes to which I had no counter so wanted to spread my risk).  The PHR moved on with their BG2, with the Andromedas pushing down the left flank and the Ikarus pushing right.

On the next flip the PHR went first, commiting his BG2 strike carriers and Ganymede.  I countered by full thrusting my BG4 Djinn up centre board, as I knew I would win initiative with them next turn.

Scott committed his bombers to my speeding Djinn, to which I responded with Escort fighters.


Turn 2

I won the flip with my BG4 Djinn and took a standard order to bring me into firing range of his Strike Cruisers.  Through my close Assault attacks and crippling rolls, both Carrier Frigates were destroyed.  The PHR Bombers then activated, inflicting very minor damage to the Djinn as their defensive fire and fighters nullified most shots.


Enter the Scipio… Moving up into the middle of my Djinn group, it opened fire and when the shooting stopped only 1 Djinn remained.


The rest of the turn was spent jostling for positions and moving up to clusters.  My remaining Djinn was taken down by the Pandora frigates.  My Battlecruiser took a Full Thrust up the right flank, angling directly for his Ikarus.

In the launch phase, long range Bombers were committed and troops started to hit the surface.

Turn 3

My ‘big move’ this turn was for my Basilisk to take down Scott’s Ganymede on the right flank, so that BG went to the bottom of the deck.

I got my second wave of Gargoyles into Atmosphere and moved my Hydra and Chimera up, managing to take out one of the Pandora Frigates.  The PHR Bombers then activated, destroying my Hydra and severely damaging my Chimera.


I committed my second Carrier group, moving up the centre board and taking pot shots at another Pandora, this time only inflicting 1 damage.  Scott responded with his Scipio, turning and broadsiding my Chimera taking it 1 hit from death.


On the right, Scott’s Ganymede was able to avoid the tender mercies of my Basilisk by running silent.  I instead went weapons free on the Medea in Atmosphere scoring 4 hits (needing 6s!) resulting in 8 damage to be saved.  With Scald in effect and several 4+ saves failed, the Frigate was destroyed.


In the launch phase, Scott went after my beleaguered Chimera, undamaged Chimera and Basilisk.  I placed all my defensive fighters on my undamaged Chimera.  As expected, the damaged Chimera was lost.


Turn 4

On the right, the Echos took down my last gargoyle whilst my Basilisk took a Station Keeping order to broadside the Ganymede.  The PHR bombers activated, inflicting 3 damage.

In the middle, my 2nd Chimera was destroyed by the Scipio and friends.

The Basilisk took even more fire.  In the ground combat phase, my middle cluster fired defence weapons to down the last Pandora and the left and right clusters were dominated by the PHR.

In the launch assets phase, my Basilisk was finally crippled with a decaying orbit and my last Chimera destroyed.  Rolling a 1 to repair it’s drives, the Basilisk burned up unceremoniously in the lower atmosphere.

In the scoring phase, it was 10-6 to the PHR.

Turns 5 and 6

With me only having 1 Gargoyle on the board, the next 2 turns went quick!

The game ended 22-10 to the PHR.



An enjoyable but frustrating game for me (I think Scott had a ‘whale’ of a time 😉 ).  A lot to ponder over!



VBCW 07:50 from Wombwell


Cain couldn’t believe how loud the explosion was and that his ears were still there to ring.
The Ersatz Bolshevik at the bar gave up and ordered a pint for him, when he brought it back to Cain he placed it on the table and crashed back into his seat.

At least the bar was fairly cool seeing as every window in the place was smashed, he glanced outside and could still see pools of fire where the burning rain had dropped.

How on earth had it gotten to this……………….

Game 27 of our VBCW campaign

Raid on a train
Each player had either eight men/ladies in a truck or seven cavalry. Most players went with Cavalry.
Rules used were modified BA but with one dice per man/woman.
After painting up my first 28mm horses the despicable Andy, genius behind our part of the VBCW universe decided I would actually ride in the train so back in the box they went.



Mission I heard was get the train back to the sidings whilst the rest of the gang tried to hijack it to get the supplies, thoughts on what constitutes a train went through my head.

The train currently consisted of the engine and tender with two tankers of fuel, possibly some of Petrov’s home made vodka possibly something less flammable like petrol. At each end was a coal hauler that had been converted into a flatbed gun platform.


Random cards were drawn and went to a random player on a D6 roll off, Cain couldn’t have written a better on himself


No sooner had the game started and cavalry units came on from all sides, it looked like a story from the pulp magazines of the wild west, in the far distance a truck burst out of cover.


Gunfire let rip but was hit or miss, pardon the pun, as everything was bouncing around either on a horse or something with more horse power so to speak.

The BUF forces closed on the rear of the train where machine gun and rifle fire held them off, up in front a gang of unknown maniacs in a lorry charged forwards and several occupants could be seen with grenades and molotovs. From out of the bushes to the top left hand side came a unit intent on blocking off the train and an unholy alliance was joined between them, some fake Bolshevik types and the young ladies from the finishing school. The young ladies had left their hockey sticks at home in preference for lances they had obviously found laying around in the school theatre.


Blury pics due to the high speed of the train, 4″ movement per turn with -1″ on a D6 roll of 1-3 and +2″ on a 4+, with the first red dice of the turn I drew always being allocated to the train and a number of 4+ rolled it started to head up track. A random turn length dice also added to the bag came out fairly quickly on a number of turns which also helped our brave hero’s dash forward. Dash may be going it a bit as an infantry man could walk faster than the train but what the heck we wanted chaos and battle not trainspotting from afar.


Brave guys and gals started assaulting the train, which due to it counting as a defended obstacle and everyone being inexperienced left several dead train riders and an equal amount of riderless horses. Others jumped aboard in undefended places, needing a 5+ to jump on board, once on the roof they started heading towards the locomotive. A few were left winded on the ground.

Whilst troops continue to close in from all sides up ahead two men get to the points intent on changing them forcing the train from its intended direction of travel. Being a borrowed coal transporter Cain hoped it would get past the points before they managed to change them as he didn’t want to end up being diverted to the coal yard explaining why large chunks were missing from old Bessie. Those same chunks were being taken to Butchers scrapyard by Anastasia. During most of the game Andy the GM looked on bemusedly from the side lines, no doubt wondering if just once everyone would play the mission as written and not just ignore it and start blasting away at everything that came close. TBH for once there was little crossfire and double dealing with most firepower being aimed at the train.


The BUF who were loosing men fast decided to start taking pot shots at the tankers now leaving the crew in the rear flatbed covered in a horrendously foul and stinging fluid, perhaps it was Petrovs finest anyway. Whatever it was all cigarettes were immediately thrown over the left side of the wagon, we were not told how many shots were needed to potentially cause an explosion.

So far the points would not budge, no 5’s rolled, so the train was on track………or was it?


Fed up of sitting in the front wagon getting grenades thrown at him Malek jumped onto the lorry to fight back, a grenade had just blown up the field piece which turned out good newsfor the escape plan. It has previously hit the track by scattering off its aim point and damaged it, we use a system whereby someone shouts out if inches or centimeters are to be used to guess the aiming point. This is complicated further by swapping between centimeters and inches, even then it scatters. Try guessing a range to something in cm’2 minus 8 inches doubled in a few moments, no wonder my poor lads have hit their own tracks and even one of their own trucks once.


The guys at the points had now managed to change them and looked on smugly. They obviously were not used to train tracks as unknowingly the points had been set up in the wrong position when the terrain was placed on the table, Cain grinned manically and roared with laughter as they had now set the train right where it wanted to go. It’s true check the pics of the tracks before and after. I am ashamed to say I did laugh mightily but everyone knows I am a poor winner.


The non bolshie and the lady who had worked together to uncouple the train grinned at each other as they finally got it to part, a few had fallen to their deaths trying. This blossoming love story turned sour as they realised that they were on opposite sides of the break and slowly moved apart as the train sped off and the now un-powered back half of the train slowed down. It should be noted the girly one was waving her hat as they parted, some wondered at her true feelings.

Tim’s lads in the lorry had just managed to get their truck into reverse, following a bad run of cards that caused it to stall, they now regretted it as they were speeding away from the tankers


Bill had managed to climb aboard and break into the cab and shot the driver in the back in a dirty trick only he could be proud of. Bill was surprisingly quiet throughout no doubt confused not to have a number of troopers in drag as usual.

The BUF realising they had very few men left now decided to take up rustling instead of train robbery, this was turning into a great episode of Westworld.


Cain narrowly missed death as a bullet from the truck struck the man next to him, thanks to the card from earlier, he made a jump to get to the loco that was now speeding helplessly towards the buffers. Misjudging the gap he fell from it but landed on his feet and made for the safety of some bushes, heroic leap to save the train or cowardly attempt to save his own scalp maybe we will never find out.

Two more of his men tried it, one was shot by our lone love bird but the other hung on edging closer to the black hat that had killed his mate in the cab. The train was now judged to be out of control as the driver had fallen on the lever when he was shot in the back.

The train survived a 5+ roll to derail where the artillery piece had damaged the track and sped on towards a very solid looking siding.


As the tankers were about to be taken and the guys in the back had been told not to let it fall into enemy hands they turned the machine gun around to make good on their orders. Four shots needing a 4 and obviously nothing. Four hits we were now told were needed to potentially set one of the tankers off on a 5+.


Getting carried away in the moment one of the last surviving guards tried to jump onto one of the BUF riding past the now nearly static wagons. Obs a miss and onto the floor he fell surviving the fall but dying shortly after under the horse, he did manage to take out some BUF so his dear old ma will still be proud of him.


Cains last man on the loco managed to kill the black hat, get into the cab and slow it down enough to make it stop a nats nads from the buffers. That is no photo shopped image, he manged to get it slowed down 8″, 4″ then 2″ per turn and brought it to a dead stop just as shown. Realising they were in deadly peril the two opposing militia members left on this side had stopped shooting at each other, eventually, allowing them to concentrate on slowing the out of control train.


As Cain looked on from the cover of the treeline he was pleased to see the locomotive had made a perfect stop beside the station, he watched as who from this distance looked like Daddy Two Feet stepped onto the track and squared off with one of the traitors to the cause. A high noon shoot out was obviously going to take place as it was clear neither man fully trusted the other now the immediate peril was over.

Glancing back Cain saw there were actually more of his lads left alive than the enemy and there was a good chance to get the tankers back, he decided he had to try to stop the fools killing each other at the station or at least club the scum from behind to save Daddy who he was sure was about to blow off one of his own feet so they could go back. He had just started towards them when there was a huge explosion and noise so loud he thought it would rupture him completely, fortunately he did not have time to ponder on this as he was lifted from his feet and thrown several feet away. As he stared vacantly into the sky he was amazed how pretty the rain looked as it flamed down from above and landed in perfect pools of death around him.

That couldn’t have just been petrol


In the Station Hotel he downed the pint with Daddy and his new bezzy ops, after surviving that horror they had decided a firm non aggression pact was now in place. Down the track the miners had just started to get to the area to see what had happened, they were sure to  be pleased when Cain told them the tale of how he had managed to save their train from what looked like some kind of industrial accident. Nothing for several hundred yards was left alive to tell anything different and only the glaziers had done particularly well out of the evening.

Cheers to Andy, Bill, James, Gary, Tim and John for what I consider one of the most cinematic games of anything I have ever played.

Yes I know I am a big kid but, Man jumps from horse to train, girl jumps from horse to train, girl jumps from carriage to carriage, boy throws grenade at train, boy jumps from lorry to train, boy falls from train under lorry, boy jumps from train to horse and falls under horse, boy steals horse, boy kills driver, another boy kills boy who killed driver, points are changed to the right direction, boy and girl get together, girl leaves boy quite literally, commissar accidentally falls from train, tankers jump from track and finally flaming rain covers up all signs of activity.

What’s not to like?

Gates of Antares – Lee vs Jimmy

We decided to run a small tournament day at Janco Toys with 600pt forces over 3 games.  The missions to be fought were:

  1. Let Battle Begin
  2. An Unexpected Encounter
  3. Recover at all costs

My first mission was drawn against Jimmy and his Freeborn, with the Forces looking as follows:


Algoryn (6 units / 6 order dice)

2 x 6 man Infiltrator Squads (Leader – Repeater), spotter, Camo Drone

2 x 5 man AI Squads (2 x Micro-X Launchers)

1 x X-Launcher (Net Ammo), Spotter Drone

1 x Light Mag Repeater, Spotter Drone


Freeborn (5 units, 6 Order Dice)

3 x 6 man Feral squads with Soma Grafts

1 x 6 man Vardanari squad

1 x X-Launcher team

1 x Attack Skimmer with Batter Drone



On initial deployment I chose to seek as much cover as possible.  whilst maintaining lines of fire (the rocky slab bases were classed as dense terrain, the woods as light).  Not shown above is my Infiltrators moves… the left Squad sprinting into the building (and gaining a Pin for their exertions) and the right squad moving further up into the woods.

Turn 1

My building occupying Infiltrator squad opened the firing, shooting on the X Launcher squad bit somehow managing only to kill 1 crewmember.  The X Launcher responded by shelling the building and killing a number of my Squad.  Jimmy concentrated most of his fire on my Infiltrators, while I finished off the X Launcher team and set to work on his right most Feral squad.

Turn 2

With Jimmy concentrating on finishing my Infiltrator squad in the building and AI squad on the left, I pummeled the Centre and Right feral squads.  The turn ended with Jimmy have lost 2 units and me having lost 1.

Turn 3

Whilst my AI squad on the left was shot down and routed, my Firebase on the right pummeled Jimmy’s remaining squads, finishing off the Ferals on the right and leaving the feral team on the left with 1 man.  I had now broken his Forces, and simply needed not to become broken myself.

Turns 4-6

Over the following 3 turns we whittle each other’s units down, but no further Units were destroyed.  Victory to the AI!

Conclusion / Thoughts on Tournament Setup

Infiltrator and AI Squads support each other so well.  with good access to cover, both units can deal out a lot of punishment whilst soaking it up themselves.  Those 4 squads (2 of each) are an auto-add now in any size force for me.

We’ve played quite a few games of Antares (but had a couple months gap) and it has to be said that after getting used to it, it does play fast and clean; especially at these kinds of point levels.  The general feeling was that the points could be raised to 650-700ish and still play a nice game on a 4×4 table (the table size was chosen due to the space available).  We had set up to be able to run a 10 man tournament but unfortunately due to various issues only ended up with 5 players.  That said, it was a very fun day and we were able to square off 3 games each in under 6 hours.

It’s definitely something I’ll be looking to run again in the new year, and hopefully we can get the right numbers next time!






Team Yankee Battle – Lee vs Paul

We recently talked another member of our group into Team Yankee (incidentally the chap that paints all my Team Yankee stuff!) by letting him near a Russian Starter Box with some money in his pocket…  After a week or two of furious painting he wanted to get some tarmac on his tracks…

It’s a pretty short BatRep, the reasons for that should become evident pretty quickly…

I chose defence and he chose Hasty Attack, once again using the ‘More Missions’ supplement.  Rolling on the resultant chart gave us the Breakthrough mission.


We set out with 100pts each, with me choosing a Mech Platoon based Formation and Paul going Tank heavy.

I set up fully in the lower right portion, thinking anything placed in the upper left would be isolated and easily destroyed.  My artillery was set up well back, hidden from view, with my spotter and ITVs covering the direct approach and my Cobras taking cover in the refinery and covering the board distance-wise as best they could.  My VADS deployed just in front of the Artillery to ensure good coverage of my forces.  My 4 team Aabrams unit waited in Ambush.


Paul then set up the whole of his forces excepting his infantry company.  The tank hordes were ready to pounce, an imposing sight to be sure…


Turn 1

The Soviets advanced quickly, with the majority of units dashing across the board towards the objectives.  The little shooting that did occur accounted for a VADS and Cobra loss for the Yanks, with the VADS shooting down 3 of the HINDs with anti-aircraft fire.

The Americans responded with firepower, with Aabrams ambushing the dashing Soviet tanks and the ITVs and Cobras firing down range.  The dust settled with 4 less T72s; a poor response, caused by me not flanking with my Aabrams and some pretty good saving throws from Paul.  My first reinforcements, one of the Mech Platoons, made a road dash to protect one of the objectives.

Turn 2

The T72s decided to punish the Aabrams, pushing past them and firing into their side armour, destroying 3 of their number and swarming onto the Hill objective.  In response, the solo Aabrams remaining moved to contest the Hill objective and destroy a T72.  The Mech Platoon deployed to defend the town objective whilst their transports doubled back to protect the ITVs from the Russian Infantry moving in.

Turn 3

The Russians pushed forward and fully occupied the hill objective, having completely outmanoeuvred me and leaving me with no tank units in tactical move range to contest (and infantry unable to get close enough).  I tried in desperation to clear the hill using Salvos, Dragon fire and VADS but was only able to offer light wounds to the Russian Bear.  On the opening of Turn 4, it was game to the Russians.



I was utterly unprepared for the Russian mad dash across the board.  Whilst Paul’s HINDs were thrown to the wolves, his tank rush threw me off kilter immediately.

With hindsight I should have placed at least 1 unit in the other table quarter behind his advancing line.  This might have slowed him down, or given me easy kills.  If my Aabrams had ambushed from there it could have stalled his whole attack or cost him many more tanks.

I also need to ensure my Infantry are on the board in the first turn so they can get onto objectives and dig in early.

Other than that, any advice appreciated!  It was a great game and looking forward to the next.



Dropfleet Commander – First Run

So Jimmy took possession of his Kickstarter package a couple of days ago.  Scott has had his notification and picks his up on Monday, and I’m still waiting to be told when mine is coming.

Jimmy handed me the Scourge portion of his Starter yesterday and we set about assembling our starter fleets ready for a trial run today.

We had overlooked the inclusion of the starter scenario, so we set up a modified version of Scenario 1 with only 2 clusters and no Debris.


Our forces were the Starter packs, but for those that haven’t got a hold of the game yet we fielded as follows:

Scourge : 3 Battlegroups

BG1 : Wyvern Cruiser (close combat specialist)

BG2 : Shenlock Heavy Cruiser (all rounder Heavy Cruiser with Stealth capabilities), 2 x Gargoyle Strike Carriers (troop carriers)

BG3 : Ifrit Cruiser (Ship to Ship vessel with Burnthrough Weapon), 2 x Harpy Frigates (All round small ships)


UCM : 3 Battlegroups

BG1 : Moscow Heavy Cruiser (well armed all rounder), 2 x New Orleans Strike Carriers (Troops Carriers)

BG2 : Berlin Cruiser (Ship to Ship with Burnthrough Laser), 2 x Toulon Frigates (All round Gunships)

BG3 : Seattle Cruiser (All rounder with launchable Fighters and Bombers)

Turn 1

Turn 1 saw 2 Battlegroups move onto the table for each side, all in Silent Running.


Turn 2

Jimmy Activated first, moving up his Berlin and going Weapons Free with his Toulons, managing to do no damage whatsoever.  I countered with my Shenlong, which fired upon his frigates inflicting 2 damage on 1 of them, and dropped my Gargoyles into the atmosphere ready to drop troops.

Jimmy then moved up his Seattle, firing on my Wyvern and launching Bombers.  After the firing had stopped, he had inflicted 4 points of Damage.

My Wyvern responded, moving up to point blank and unleashing my Occulus Beams and Plasma Tempest.  Through my good rolling and Jimmy’s failure to roll virtually any saves, the Seattle ended up with 2 HP left.  I rolled on the Critical chart – a 5 then a 6 – the Ship took another 3 pts of damage and exploded, inflicting 2 pts of radtiation damage in revenge.  My Wyvern crawled out of the encounter with 4HP left.


Wrapping up, I dropped 2 Infantry onto the Cluster on the right.

Turn 3

Jimmy started the turn, winning the initiative with a roll-off to activate his Moscow and Toulons.  The Toulons piled into my Ifrit, bringing it down to 3 pts of damage, and the Moscow engaged my Shenlong Weapons Free, doing a moderate amount of damage.

My Ifrit and Harpys responded, the Harpys firing into the 2 Toulons and destroying them both.  The Ifrit fired at the Moscow with it’s single beam mode Burnthrough weapon, and inflicted 3 damage.


The Wyvern activated, destroying one of the Strike Carriers.  Jimmy’s Berlin responded, destroying my Wyvern, whilst the surviving Strike Carrier prepared to drop troops.

The turn ended with both side’s carriers dropping ground groups onto their respective clusters.

Turn 4

With Jimmy owning the left side of the table and me owning the right, we jostled ship positions and scored, grabbing a VPs each.

Turn 5 and 6

Due to the UCM’s early losses, at this point it was a foregone conclusion.  The scourge swept across the board, taking down the Berlin and dropping armoured groups onto the left Cluster.  The ground fight was over quickly as the 2 Scourge armour units overpowered the 1 infantry and 1 Armour UCM units.


The game ended 8 VPs to 3, with Jimmy’s chronically bad rolling handing me the game on a platter.

Thoughts on the game

Although it turned very 1 sided quite quickly due to some really dodgy dice rolling, we both enjoyed the game and went away thinking about fleet compositions and tactics.  The Order choices and movement restrictions really bite home when you get close in, and Close Action combat is extremely fierce.

We definitely did a few things wrong, but by the end of the game we had a good feel for the general rules.

The size of the demo table (2ft x 3ft) belies the scope of the whole game in my opinion, and we are really looking forward to moving to larger fleets and full scenarios.

The models are absolutely gorgeous, it has to be said, and are incredibly simple to assemble.  That said, I did find some items on the Scourge sprues to be damaged, and some of the wing tips cracked as I was de-spruing them.

The ship bases, whilst a good idea in theory, are far too fiddly to use in game, especially when you end up with a lot of ships near each other (and this will always happen at some point).  We are already investigating alternate solutions.

Overall, the game gets a big thumbs up from us, and we will be playing plenty of games in the near future.

Now where’s my Kickstarter….


Dropzone Commander – Lee vs Scott

While everyone is waiting for Dropfleet Kickstarters to be delivered, we remembered we still had this Dropzone Commander game.  Playing the first Scenario in the Reconquest Phase 2 Book, Careful Advance, my 1500pts of Scourge looked to deal with a PHR force.

My forces:




The PHR Forces:




Turn 1

I won initiative and passed first turn to Scott.  Predictably we both occupied our respective objective buildings (I placed 2 squads of warriors in mine) and critical locations on our sides of the table.  I positioned the Alpha with my Eviscerators on the right ready to challenge for Scott’s objective, and my Destroyers ready for the middle building.

A couple of PHR shots were placed on my objective building, to little effect.

The PHR Athena made a pass on my Hunters, but failed to inflict any casualties.


So by the end of Turn 1, we were sat on 1 VP each for the CLs.


Turn 2

I won the initiative and immediately dove my Eviscerators into the PHR Objective building to challenge his Immortals.  Scoot then activated his Hades / Odin Battlegroup and let loose at my warriors and Oppressor respectively, causing 1 damage to each.

I activated my Duo Warrior Battlegroup,  rolling a 1 and a 6 to successfully find the Objective.  The wounded Warrior squad took off with the Objective, scoring 2 VP.  On Scott’s activation he did the same, rolling a 5 for his Immortals to successfully find the objective (getting a +1 due to his nearby scouts) and fleeing the building / table leaving my Eviscerators eating his dust.

My Reaper / Warrior BG activated next, with 2 of my Reapers opening fire on a Triton full of immortals and destroying it.  Rolling a 6 on the Aircraft damage chart, the troops were obliterated in the explosion!


In the following exchanges of fire, a Zeus killed a Reaper, the Oppressor wounded a Zeus and in return was wounded by it.  A Phobos / Ares team deployed adjacent to the centre building and were set upon by by Hunter squad, who killed the Ares.

So by the end of turn 2, we were on 4 VPs each.


Turn 3

Scott won the initiative.  I played 2 repair cards on my Oppressor, with 1 being blocked.

The Hades / Odin BG came into the turn swinging hard, causing wounds on the Oppressor and killing 3 Hunters.  I activated my Eviscerators, with them moving onto the Odin team (before realising I couldn’t hurt them!) and my Minders failing to kill the Triton threatening my Critical Location.  A Neptune moved to attack my Reapers, suffering 2 damage for it’s indiscretions.  My Oppressor turned nasty, killing the centre field Odin and a distant Phobos, and took cover behind it’s landed Dropship.  The Odin Commander replied by killing one of my Reapers leaving only 1.

Pushing me into defense, Scott landed his Immortals on my Critical Location, forcing me to push to destroy them.  Causing damage with my Warriors, but not enough, I was forced to deploy my Hunters back to finish them off.

My troops in the centre building had no luck finding the objective, needing a 6.  So at the end of Turn 3 the Status Quo was held (barely) at 5 VPs each.  Scott also had his 1st set of Immortals back on the right flank, ready to challenge my CL again next turn.


Turn 4

Scott won the initiative again.  As he activated his Hades / Odin BG I played Quick Thinking to activate my Hunters and get them out of harm’s way.  The Hades was still able to kill 1 Hunter, with the Odin failing to damage my Oppressor.  I activated my Destroyers and failed to find the objective (needing a 5).  Scott’s Triton attempted a landing on my CL, and was shot down for it’s efforts.  However, the pilot was able to stage an emergency landing and the immortals landed unscathed, challenging the CL yet again.

It took the combined firepower of my Oppressor, Reaper and an overloaded Transport to take out the 2 Immortal bases.  Threat once again stopped.

The victory was relatively short-lived however.  With all my AA having reacted to the Triton, the PHR Athena was able to fly in unchallenged and destroy my Warriors.  Luckily, my Reaper as still in range of the CL and I would still secure the VP.


So at the end of Turn 4, once again the status quo was held at 6 VP each.

Turn 5

With Scott winning the initiative again, a played Field Repairs on my Oppressor and Abandon all Hope, removing one of Scott’s cards.

Activating his Hades / Odin BG, they inflicted 1 damage on my Oppressor and hit the centre building.  His Neptune advanced on my CL and was shot down by my Reaper.

I activated my Destroyers and failed to find the Objective (needing a 4+).  My Warriors that had returned on the left flank last turn entered the building adjacent to Scott’s CL, whilst the transport pulled off a lucky plasma shot wounding his Commander.  The PHR continued to pound the centre building as my Warriors also failed to find the objective.  Eventually, my Eviscerators, needing a 5, found the objective and handed it to the Destroyers ready for next turn.  My Hunters applied Jink and Weave and burned back into the centre, killing the last Odin there.

So by the end of Turn 5, VPs were once again equal at 7 each.

 Turn 6

I won the initiative and immediately took off with my Destroyers, getting them into their Alpha and to relative safety near my AA.

Scott activated his Neptune and attempted to kill my Reaper.  It took all my AA (I shot with my Minders first) but the Neptune was destroyed by the Reaper before it could fire.  Although this had seemed like a foolish move on Scott’s part, there was a plan…


I activated my Hunters who used a movement card and powered up around the Hades to focus on the Commander Zeus and his Odin Bodyguard.  They succeeded in destroying the Bodyguard, leaving the Commander on his own.

The Hades responded with extreme violence, destroying a base of Eviscerators that had settled on Scott’s CL and 3 Hunters.

The Warriors that were in the building adjacent to Scott’s CL now made their move, exiting the building and opening up on the Commander Zeus.  They his with all 5 shots with each base, so converted to E11 shots.  Both wounded, and the Zeus failed one of it’s saves, falling to plasma rifle fire!  As the Hades was out of range of the CL, it was now in Scourge hands.


The Athena then struck onto the table, zeroing in on the Destroyer-loaded Alpha.  With no AA left to shoot, the Athena easily destroyed the Alpha but only succeeded in causing a crash landing, so the destroyers successfully made it onto the ground with the objective intact.

At this point, with a couple of BGs left to activate but none being able to affect the outcome, we jointly agreed to bring the game to an end.

Final result – Lee 10 – 7 Scott


A well fought game with some very strange twists.

  • We never fought a single CQB despite me rolling with an Infantry heavy force; my Eviscerators essentially did nothing all game…
  • My Hunters were once again Exemplary.  Moving to 9 in the squad as opposed to 6 really paid off.
  • It was strange being forced onto the defensive several times.  The new Critical Locations really shake things up once we realised how much they affected VPs on both sides.

Hope it was a good read, please make sure to post any comments or queries!


Kill Team BatRep 1: Dark Angels vs Genestealer Cult

A quick Battle Report from our Kill Team game. Me (Dark Angels) vs Jimmy (Genestealer Cult). The game was over very quick as the Dark Angels struggled to cope with the new Genestealer Cult they had encountered.

Team Yankee Battle – Lee vs Jimmy

So it was time to face down the Russian Afgantsy forces with my heavily outnumbered ‘Murricans.

100pts each, with the mission generated from the ‘More Missions’ supplement using the choose your strategy option (side note : everyone should be using this – it’s loads of fun and lets you usually play the way you want to play).



  • 2 x Air Assault Companies
  • 1 x HINDs (2 no.)
  • 1x HINDs (4 no.)
  • 1x Carnation Artillery (3 no.)
  • 1 x T72 Tank Company (8 no.)
  • 1 x BMP2 Recon Platoon (4 no.)
  • 1 x Shilka AA Company (4 no.)


  • M113 Combat Team formation comprising of:
    • HQ
    • Mech Platoon (full strength)
    • Mech Platoon (full Strength)
    • ITV platoon (2 no.)
  • Aabrams Combat team formation consisting of:
    • HQ (1 no.)
    • Aabrams Platoon (3 no.)
    • Aabrams Platoon (2 no.)
    • Mortar Team (6 no.)
  • Support:
    • Cobra Platoon (4 no.)
    • VADS AA Platoon (4 no.)
    • M109 Artillery Platton (3 no.)
    • M113 FIST

Mission : I chose to defend, and Jimmy chose a Hasty Attack.  So with a roll of a 5 on the chart, Hasty Attack was the mission with me as defender.


With the Russians having 3 objectives on the table, I covered 2 with my Mech Platoon and VADS on the left flank / centre and (stupidly) left just my artillery covering the right.  The Russians set up 1 infantry company on each flank, and removed the left-most objective, leaving my Mech Platoon sat doing very little.  The 6 Hinds set up tight on the right flank as to avoid my VADS initially.

Everything else was off board, and I left my platoon of Cobras in Ambush.

Jimmy removed the leftmost objective, rendering my Mech Platoon completely out of position.  I’d taken some account of this possibility by making sure my Infantry were all in range of their transports.

1st Turn – Russian

The Russian infantry on the right flank immediately began advancing down the road towards the Artillery and objective, whilst the hinds moved to the right edge of the board out of VADS range but within easy kill distance of the artillery.  The infantry on the left flank held on their objective for the time being.

The Hinds opened up on the Artillery and predictably blew two of them up, routing the 3rd.

1st Turn – American

The Mech Platoon loaded up and shot across the board to support the right flank, with the VADs moving in the same direction but taking what cover they could.

The Cobras appeared out of ambush and set up behind the advancing right flank Russian Infantry.  Dodging Gremlin AA fire, they attempted to salvo the unit but failed to range in.

2nd Turn – Russian

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (4).JPG

No Russian reinforcements appeared this turn.  The Infantry Company on the Left Flank, seeing the counter forces leaving the left flank undefended, began to advance.

With the VADS now ranged in on any places where the HINDs could be useful, and no land vehicles able to draw a bead on them, the HINDs shuffled forward intending to exchange fire with the American AA.  The Russian infantry on the right flank continued to advance on the objective.

As the HINDs went to open fire, the VADS fire first.  When the smoke cleared only 1 HIND from 4 remained, and after firing ineffectually it routed off board.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (7).JPG

American Turn 2

With no reinforcements possible for another turn, the ‘Murricans needed to make some dents into the infantry companies.  The Cobras repositioned into the HIND’s vacated location and succeeded in Salvoing the Infantry, imposing some kills.  The Mech Platoon also placed some shots into the Company, inflicting casualties but still leaving a horde of soldiers untouched.

Russian Turn 3

The Russians deployed the first of their reserves, a T72 Tank Company and Artillery Support, to the left flank.  The right flank Infantry Company advanced into the ruins adjacent to the objective and prepared to engage the Mech Platoon.  Small arms fire on the Mech Platoon began to whittle down it’s numbers.

American Turn 3

With no reserves becoming available, the Mech Platoon, VADS and Cobras all fired on the Infantry in the building on the right flank.  In bulletproof cover, this proved entirely ineffectual.

Russian Turn 4

The T72 tank company moved to the centre and lit up the Amercian VADs, destroying 3 of them and routing the 4th.  The Infantry on the left advanced, and infantry on the right fired from their secure locations, destroying more of the Mech Platoon and it’s M113 support vehicles.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (12).JPG

American Turn 4

The Americans finally received reserves in the form of their Abrams platoon.  This moved up the centre of the board, immediately seeking to bloody the nose of the T72 company.  The Mech Platoon, overhearing Russian radio chatter about the benefits of bulletproof cover, decided to Dig in.  The cobras moved to the rear of the Russian forces and took out the artillery unit, taking casualties from AA in the process, whilst the Mech Platoon was able to take out a couple of infantry teams in the Ruins.

The Abrams fired on the T72s and took out 4 of their number.

Russian Turn 5

The Russians received further reinforcements in the form of BMPs and Silkas, which moved down the right flank.  The HINDs and T72s moved to work on the Aabrams, destroying 2 of their number, while the left flank infantry set up in the field and threatened the objective there.

On the right flank, the Russian Infantry held the building and again fired on the Mech platoon.  Amazingly, the teams weathered the storm well and only lost another couple of teams.

American Turn 6

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (14).JPG

The Americans received their 2nd Mech Platoon and Mortar unit from reserve.  The Mech Platoon immediately relieved their beleaguered colleagues on the right flank, whilst the mortars swept in close on the right team to defend the objective and turn their machine guns on the Infantry Company there.  The Russians on the right flank were suddenly on the defensive.  On the left flank, a couple of infantry teams and a T72 were destroyed but it was starting to look desperate.

Russian Turn 7

As the infantry on the right defended the ruins the best they could, the left flank pummeled the remaining forces there, taking out another Aabrams and routing the last and destroying several of the Mortar teams.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (17).JPG

American Turn 7

My last unit to deploy a unit of ATVs, tried to blitz move onto the table (in order to fire) but failed.  On the right flank, the 2nd Mech Platoon fired on and then charged the Russians oocupying the nearby ruin, clearing the building almost entirely.  Their M113s rushed to support the left flank.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (20).JPG

Russian Turn 8

On the left flank, the HINDs, infantry and remaining T72s put paid to the Mortar Teams and set to work on the M113s sweeping from the right flank.  With several infantry teams occupying the objective, it was all but over.

2016-10-09 Team Yankee Lee v Jimmy (21).JPG

American Turn 8

Rather than delay the inevitable, I decided that 4 M113s were not going to hold an objective from 2 Hinds and half an infantry company and sounded the retreat.


A truly epic battle that tipped and swayed on a turn by turn basis.  As a new player to ‘Flames’ games (Team Yankee is my first, and only played 6 or 7 games mainly using tanks), I learnt a lot from this fight:

  • Don’t let enemy infantry get into buildings.  Digging them out is painful!
  • Make sure you get all your infantry on the board and defending from the first turn.  OR put said infantry in ambush, not your Choppers
  • Mortar units are very useful as a mobile machine gun unit