Epic Terrain

Hi All

For my monthly challenge on the Warlord Games Forum, if it ever comes back on line, I decided to add to my Epic Terrain

Got another nine to do and may put some flock on them but think they came out ok


Here are a few more pics with some rather outnumbered looking Orks about to get Apect Warriored to the face



Look forward to using em in a game soon

Finished the rest of em off

Try to get a game in this weekend so we can put the city together cos Scott has done some terrain as well





Think they look like a proper job, pristine imperial city it is not

15mm horse archer types and chums

Hi All

For my monthly challenge I got some horse archer types and foot archers done

They are going to be added to my Seleucid force for the upcoming Lart Campaign we are playing and will no doubt act as various DBA forces as well



The slinger’s in the middle are from a force I picked up and am trying to match the basing, try as I might I just cant match it


If you recognise your work let me know what colours you used for the basing please as it is driving me mad


Baldies Monthly Painting Challenge August

Hi All

Here is what I have done so far, not much as I am trying to finish my course work as well

Second board for DBA games, this one is less deserty and more arable, not totally convinced as I used bits of off cut grass roll then sanded around it rather than usual sand and flock.


Looks ok really

Then I did some hills for it, going to do some small pennies of bushes and rocks to sit on the bigger bases to be scrubby ground


Also did some for the desert table


Totally flat DBA terrain is best to play on but I am prepared to have wobbly modles and add in some 3D to the table.

Next on the list is a camp as the first one is too medievaly to do for Seleucids etc

Should get it done in time for our local clubs DBA day, may even get some undercoat on my Romans and dont get me started on the BUA I have started.

Needless to say have become a little obsessed by DBA at the moment

DBA Board

Hi All

After realising how much I enjoyed playing DBA I decided to knock up a board, this one is 2 x 2

It is done as a basic deserty scrub board which may look a bit odd with some of my armies but is a doddle to do


Am going to do a couple to leave with Colin, prob a plain one as well


In a rush to make some glue dry I foolishly stood it up in garden where the sun has bented it a little but for 50p I am not that fussed


Some basic terrain, DBA likes a flatish table


Then for this months painting challenge a couple of units of Seleucid cataphracts for HC and Lart. Need to add some static grass clumps if I can ever find the colour to match the rest of the army




Genuinely shocked how much I enjoyed playing DBA and can see me getting more for it

DBA in glorious 15mm

Baldie vs Guesty in our first games of DBA

Probably got some of the rules correct

First game was Camillian Romans vs my Thessalian’s and was fantastic I won 4-2 , you will have to take my word for it as no pics survive.

We then had a rematch

We even went brave and did some terrain, the Thessalians moved forwards whilst the Romans held back admittedly partly because we thought the plough was bad to be in. However after a couple of moves we realised it was not because it had not rained.


Forces move forward and some Psilo played with the horses until they tagged out to be replaced , the brave Roman foot troops held back. Clearly too excited this game was all over the place with fractured fights and incredibly close until I was defeated 6-3


We then decided to try another game this time with the Ancient British, Roman auxilia and Psilo waiting in a wood


Warband ran forwards with the chariots coming alongside hoping to get behind the Romans


Light horse moved around the wood not really sure why they had been sent the long way around


Crunch as a unit of warband go down, followed by the boss and then finally another warband. Great game over on turn two, I know I know warband should have gone into the woods


Three really good games, just wish I had actually taken pics of it all