Star Trek Ascendancy – Gaming Board

I’ve had the Star Trek Ascendancy game sat on the shelf for over 2 years now, never played.

We recently got a decent Twilight Imperium group going (another game that had sat on the shelf since purchase) and I had the bright idea of giving ST a spin.

After the first game I liked it so much I grabbed all the expansion stuff and ‘got serious’.  What was bugging me was the lack of defined play space, so I set about rectifying it.  What I really wanted was a round play space as it would:

a) Look cool

b) ensure equal opportunity / threat / expansion space for all players.

I also decided to have it jack-up to make space for components below the board.

So here we go!


  • 9mm 4ft x 6ft ply sheet (assuming the aim is a 4ft diameter play space).
  • 2″ x 2″ timber – 6ft long
  • Wood screws – 1″ and 3-4″
  • Black paint (I used normal wall paint from Wickes)
  • Rattle can spray – white plus 2-3 colours to our preference (I used red, purple and blue as its what I had to hand).


  • Cordless drill / screwdriver
  • Jigsaw (I theorise it’s possible with a hand saw but good luck with that, my Jigsaw is my life partner)
  • Paint roller / mini roller and tray

The Process


First things first is to measure up and do the cutting.

Annotation 2020-02-18 111704

The ‘strips’ of wood are just cut shorter than the board to keep them tucked underneath.

For the jack-ups, just cut the 2″ x 2″ into 4″ pieces.  For single jackup cut 5; for double jack-up cut 10.

If you want the board to split into 2 for transport, storage, simply cut the circle in half!  The support frame works either way.


Annotation 2020-02-18 113954

Now it’s just a case of screwing it altogether.  I didn’t use any pilot holes etc, just screwed straight in.  Ensure you screw from the top in all cases except the optional jack-ups.  For the optional jack-ups make sure you over-embed the screw heads so they can’t drag on or scratch the surface of wherever you place the table!

If using the split version, just take out 3 screws down one side of the middle and it will come apart tidily:



This part is easy peasy.  Black all over!  use a mini roller to get a good even coat and not leave brush marks.  One coat was plenty for me.



Get some basic nebula-type effects on the board; I went with a nice galaxy spiral-type effect in the middle, then did some coloured nebula-type spray clouds in red, blue and purple.

Simply spray from a distance and angle appropriately!


Marking Starting Systems

I used 2 techniques to mark 5 and 6 player spots respectively.

One was to cut a  card disc the same size as the system disc, place it where required then lightly spray over one half, leaving a crescent style effect.

The other was to use a piece of square card held perpendicular to the board and spray against the card, then turn the card 90 degrees and do it again.  This gives the star effect.  There’s plenty of tutorials for this.


Keep half-pressing the nozzle on your white spray above the board and it’ll rain droplets onto the board.  Do as much as you like to get your star field.

Finished job

And you’re done.  Feel free to apply a varnish of protector to your liking!

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