Spectre Operations V2 Intro

Josh and Big Paul have had this game for ages, but it didn’t get played as everyone was frothing over 40K and Legion for months.

I’ve always been interested in giving it a try so with V2 out we decided to have a bash.

Everyone has collected in 20mm.  The figures are much cheaper, you can represent a bigger area in the play area and ranges etc. don’t seem off (although vertical movement has to be adjusted a bit).

Josh was the only one having read the new rules, and I had never played.  So Josh took a Taliban occupant force and me and Paul took US Marines.  Paul had 2 squads, and I had a squad and a command group.

Our objective was the clear out the centre board building and occupy it.  It was taking place at night so there were quite a few extra rules for alertness, Infra Red etc.

I moved up on the left and Paul moved up on the right; we were able to easily take down the roving squad.

Digging the guys out of the centre board was a little more difficult, but we had all the tech to fight at night and Josh had… well a wing and a prayer….

Josh did get some reinforcements at one point…

… but they got proper murdered by Little Bird miniguns.

With Josh only actually landing 4 hits on us the entire game (and failing lethality checks on all 4) we easily overwhelmed the objective.

VERY one sided first game, but it was only an intro run through.  Working out hit mods seems like a lot of work but with some quick reference tables etc I think it’ll be fine.  The scenario was interesting but probably one to retry once we’ve played some more basic missions first.

I’ll be picking up the rules and  some Marines I think, given my obsession with the Black Hawk Down film…


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