Twilight Imperium – the Saga continues…

So after not playing TI since getting the 4th edition for Xmas 2 years ago I finally dropped on a group keen to play regular games, spun out from The Brotherhood of the Dice group.

Top props to Ian for really pushing to get the games organised and played and elevating this to my current favourite way to utterly waste 10-12 hours!

This was our 5th or 6th game.  We didn’t get started until about 5pm, and the previous game ran while 5am.  We were keen to avoid that :-/


Players were (in clockwise order):

Me : Nekro Virus (red)

John : Ysarril Tribes (Green)

Ian : Lizix Mindnet (Blue)

Katelyn : Emirates of Hacan (yellow)

Jonathon : Naalu Collective (Black)

Ian : Universities of Jol Nar (Purple)

Early game

I had managed a nice warfare assisted early seize of my pie slice and extended into Jason’s space for an early secret objective grab (with his permission).  I’d also tried a grab on Mecatol but Jason had thwarted me with experimental space dock weapons and Space Cannons, allowing John to slide in instead.

Jonathon made a few mistakes on his early moves so hadn’t quite made it to the centre yet, and Ian was happily building up his forces and securing his space.  Katelyn was wheeling and dealing like crazy and locked down the wormhole that linked my and her space.


Mecatol changes hands

Jason managed to take Mecatol for the first time in our series of games.  He looked so pleased with himself 😀

The objectives coming out were all based around tech or resources / trade goods, so were proving really hard work for some of us.

Late game


It’s all gone bonkers.  The first 2VP objective was take a home system.  Jason has already been in and out of Jonathon’s home system for 2 VPs, I’ve broken a game-long truce with John to go for his home system and Katelyn is on the verge of winning so Ian is burning for her home system.

It’s all over – wait what just happened!


I’m too far behind to win it but take John’s homeworld.  Katelyn plays diplomacy to deny Ian’s assault.  Jason strips out Jonathon’s planets to stop him scoring an Influence VP to win, but….


….Jonathan pulls a secret objective.  He had poker-faced through the entire turn knowing he had it in the bag, and using the Naalu 0 initiative scores 10VPs first.  There are many groans….


…And its 430am again!  Why do we do this to ourselves!

Nekro Virus were very interesting.  Getting tech early on just didn’t happen, but I grabbed an opportunity to steal Destroyer 2 via the Wormhole to Katelyn’s small fleet and from then on farming fighters for tech was really easy.  I was able to create a death fleet with Naalu Crystal Fighters, Lizix Mindnet Dreadnought 2’s and various tech such as assault cannon.  Ultimately though i was too remote from the action due to Jason’s early intervention when I went to grab Mecatol.

Clan Saar or Mentak Coalition for me next I think!


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