Crisis Protocol – All will be metal!

So I’ve only had 1 game of Crisis Protocol before this one but it was a lot of fun.  We have a free Saturday morning so 3 of us decided to get together and play the ‘Raid Mode’ mission All Will Be Metal.

For anyone not aware, it’s a free 2 vs 1 scenario where 2 players pick 15 point teams and the other player plays a souped up Ultron.  He’s trying to wipe out the city with the Doomsday Device while the players desperately save civilians and stave off Ultron’s plans.

It can be downloaded here:

The teams


Jimmy plumped squarely for the bad guy’s club, muttering ‘Imbecile!’ quite often under his breath.


Kieron went for the Wakandan theme, but with the others not out yet he made up the points with Hulk 😀


And for me, master of disaster Ultron, complete with souped up attacks and having to be beaten down 5 times to be defeated.


Kieron has already put together and painted quite a bit of scenery so we have a nice looking table.  A few cards weer coralled around the home base in the centre of the board, and one of the Doomsday consoles was on a roof.  I set up nearest to that, facing Hulk and the Wakandans whilst the evil bods were over by the Bugle.  I doubt they were there for a newspaper…

Game on!


With us picking up the scenario rules as we went along, I didn’t record a blow by blow account like I do in my Legion Batreps.   But what ensured was a high pitch game of Cat and Mouse, with me activating the consoles and dropping hits into ‘weaker’ players then running away from The Hulk….


… as demonstrated as I double moved and teleported to cross the whole board and grab another console and leave hulk stranded on the left!


This was the point where it was almost an early shower for the ‘good guys’ as I’d activated 3 our of the 4 consoles and was a double move / teleport from the win.

Luckily the boys were able to shut down some of the consoles and from then on the ownership stayed pretty even.


I was able to drop the ‘bomb’ – Ultron’s area attack – at one point where the guys were gathered around home base dropping off civilians.


I had lost 2 ‘lives’ but the guys were starting to lose characters.

Score-wise I had taken an early lead but the boys had caught up and it could go any way.


It was soooo tempting to drop the bomb in here, but I held my nerve and concetrated on the objectives to bring it to a tipping point.


Lots of scenery destroyed.  At this point I think we were both on 11 VPs!  Killmonger was out for the count and Baron Zemo and Black Panther had had better days…


Dropping the bomb again, with Black Panther narrowly surviving as I re-lock the console.


After the ‘heroes’ try a desperate bid to find a surivor and fail,  The Doomsday Machine destroys another building.  A surivor dashes for the safety of the Heroes, only to be cut down by Ultron.

It’s all over!


What a top scenario!  There’s some really cool strategies to be learnt, and the Dooomsday Machine mechanics are really well thought out and really keep the narrative fresh.

We highly recommend a play of this 😀

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