Legion – Battle for the Spaceport Files

Time to dust off the Legion!  With a spread of new units for my Imperial forces including Shore Troopers and the mighty Dewback, it was time to give those pesky Rebels another run for their credits.

I was running quite a few new units, and decided to give Vader another run as my latest games against Big Paul had me getting savaged by Luke quite badly.

++  Standard (Galactic Empire) [796 Points] ++

+ Commander +

  • Darth Vader [210 Points]: Anger, Force Reflexes, Saber Throw

+ Corps +

DF-90 Mortar Trooper [36 Points]

DF-90 Mortar Trooper [36 Points]

Shoretroopers [103 Points]: FX-9 Medical Droid, T-21B Trooper

Shoretroopers [103 Points]: FX-9 Medical Droid, T-21B Trooper

Snowtroopers [96 Points]: Flametrooper, Grappling Hooks, Impact Grenades, Imperial Officer

+ Special Forces +

Scout Troopers  [48 Points]: DLT-19x Sniper

Scout Troopers  [48 Points]: DLT-19x Sniper

+ Support +

Dewback Rider [116 Points]: CR-24 Flame Rifle, Endurance

+ Command Hand +

Command Hand: •Ambush, •Implacable, ••New Ways to Motivate Them, ••Push, •••Assault, •••Master of Evil, ••••Standing Orders

+ Battle Cards +

Condition Cards: Clear Conditions, Hostile Environment, Limited Visibility, Minefield

Deployment Cards: Advanced Positions, Battle Lines, Disarray, Major Offensive

Objective Cards: Intercept the Transmissions, Key Positions, Recover the Supplies, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators

Big Paul was running his timeless list – 2 starter boxes plus Solo.

++  Standard (Rebel Alliance) [771 Points] ++

+ Commander +

•Han Solo [120 Points]

•Luke Skywalker [177 Points]: Force Reflexes, Jedi Mind Trick, Recon Intel

+ Corps +

Rebel Troopers [67 Points]: Fragmentation Grenades, Z-6 Trooper

Rebel Troopers [67 Points]: Fragmentation Grenades, Z-6 Trooper

Rebel Troopers [67 Points]: Fragmentation Grenades, Z-6 Trooper

+ Special Forces +

Rebel Commandos  [48 Points]:[/b] DH-447 Sniper

+ Support +

AT-RT [75 Points]:] AT-RT Flamethrower

AT-RT [75 Points]: AT-RT Laser Cannon

AT-RT [75 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster

+ Command Hand +

Command Hand: •Ambush, •Son of Skywalker, ••My Ally Is the Force, ••Push, •••Change of Plans, •••Return of the Jedi, ••••Standing Orders

+ Battle Cards +

Condition Cards:[/b] Clear Conditions, Hostile Environment, Limited Visibility, Rapid Reinforcements

Deployment Cards: Advanced Positions, Battle Lines, Disarray, The Long March

Objective Cards: Breakthrough, Intercept the Transmissions, Key Positions, Recover the Supplies

++ Total: [771 Points] ++

I ended up as Blue Player and we cancelled objectives down to the following:


We placed the first token as near to the middle as possible as per the errata.  I dropped mine on the crawler unit, and Paul dropped his on the shuttle.

Seemed we had a narrative on our hands….

Solo eyed up the landing zone.  “It’s a trap, kid.  placing valuable plans like that next to a barely defended public space port bay?”

“Maybe so” replied Luke.  But Leia says the source is trusted.  We land, grab the plans and get out quickly.  You hold the shuttle, I’ll grab the plans.  We have enough Troopers to easily hold the port against any local security.

“I’ve called in some local support just in case” said Han.  “AT-RT units, scavenged from the Mol Bar battlefields.  Called in quite a few favours.  Even so, I got a bad feeling about this one…”

The SS2 shuttle gently descended to the spaceport.


“It’s them, Lord Vader.  The Transponder matches.”  The Scout Trooper looked up from his Macro-binoculars.

“Excellent” replied Vader.  “I do hope that this motley crew you have assembled can follow orders.  Remember, I want the boy alive.  Leave him to me!”

The Imperial troops pushed into their ambush positions.  Many were quite shaken from their transport – making their way here in a Jawa transport might have been good for cover but offered zero lumbar support….



The rebels mostly crowded into the spaceport, leaving only the 3 AT-RTs mid-board.

The imperials split into 2 main groups.  1, led by Vader would push into the Spaceport.  The other group would secure the crawler objective and eventually move up to take / assist with the middle objective.

Terrain was played as anything with a base was light area terrain (Crates and such) and anything without a base (walls, buildings and vehicles) was hard cover but never area terrain.


I really don’t want Vader getting shot up by ATRTs in the open, so I go with ambush to grab the initiative.
Vader moves up to place eyes on the shuttle, activating his Force Reflexes.
Rebel Troopers double move into a secluded spot under the Security Terminal
Snow Troopers move forward, seeking cover from the ATRTs and the troopers inside the Port.
My Dewback trooper moves forward, preparing to flank the ATRTs.
The ATRT trooper opens up on the Snow Troopers, but their heavy cover holds them in good stead.
The Mortar rains shells on the Rebel Commandos but cannot inflict a hit due to their heavy cover.
The Commandos respond by putting down one of my own Scout Troopers
In a vicious return fire volley, my Sniper Scout Trooper executes a perfect volley, slaying both the Rebel Commandos.
Solo moves forward, ready for his next move
Shore troopers double move to grab cover, a good eye in the Port and support Vader.
The Laser Cannon ATRT, able to see above the crates area terrain, drops a wound onto my mortar unit.
My other scouts fire on the flamer ATRT, but cannot penetrate it’s armour.
The Flamer ATRT pivots and heads for the spaceport wall.
In what must be one of the luckiest shots ever, my Mortar fires on the Rotary Cannon ATRT and triple crits; no hits are saved.  3 wounds!
Moving round the shuttle, the Rebel Troopers fire from the hip and down 2 Shore Troopers.
My other Shore Troopers move up and fire long range on the ATRT; alas, nothing penetrates the armour.
Another rebel scout moves the opposite way around the shuttle, again firing on the Shore Troopers and downing another.

End of Turn 1

“I KNEW IT!” screams Solo. “VADER!”

“And the Comms are mined!”

Luke tries to focus.  “We can do this Han!  Just hold them off!

Turn 2

With so many units in range, I place Master of Evil.  Paul places a lower card (no pic taken! 🙁 )

Han rushes the Spaceport doorway, cutting down 2 more Shore Troopers (including the MediDroid!) and firing on Vader.  Activating Deflect, Vader sends the blaster shots back at Han, Wounding him in the process.
Vader activates Master of Evil, affecting almost every unit in the Port.  He moves forward and engages Han, cutting him down with one clean sweep of his Saber.
Ignoring the fracas inside the port, the RC ATRT opens up on the Snow Troopers again, this time killing 2 of them.
My Sharp Shooter opens up on the RC ATRT and inflicts another wound with a precision shot
The LC ATRT once again fires on my Mortar, inflicting another wound.
The mortar responds by flinging another shot over the walls into the Rebel Troopers, bringing them to 5 Suppression.
The Rebel Troopers seek to avenge the loss of their Commander, firing on Vader and inflicting a wound.
My Snipers fail to penetrate armour…
…As another Rebel squad hits Vader, inflicting another 2 wounds.
My flanking Shore Troopers advance, inflicting another wound on the RC ATRT.
Another Rebel Squad hits Vader, catching him severely unawares and bringing him one wound from defeat!
My Snow Troopers shrug off their suppression and engage the Rebels, downing 2 of them.
Luke moves in and delivers the final blow on a beleaguered Vader!
My lone Shore Trooper lays down more suppressive fire, as the last action of the round.

End of Turn 2

 “HAAAAN!” scream Luke as his friend slumps to the floor.  Laser fire fills the air as a dozen Troopers pour fire into their Commander’s slayer.  Luke leaps across the shuttle cockpit, landing feet from Vader and slicing his Saber arm from his body.

Elsewhere, a voice cackles.  “Yeeees my boy, feel the anger, the hatred…..”

Luke checks Han.  “He’s still breathing!  Get him on the shuttle, NOW!”

Turn 3


With my command card options now limited, I go as low as I can to regain some initiative.  Paul drops ROTJ to secure Luke and get rid of the mass of suppression on his units.

My star shooter finally draws a blank, his shot bouncing off the ATRT armour.
Luke moves in on the Snow Troopers, Killing only 2.
My Dewback charges the RC ATRT, finally bringing it down.
The LC ATRT turns and fires on the advancing Dewback, inflicting a wound.
My flanking Shore Troopers return fire, inflicting a wound on the ATRT.
The flamer ATRT changes tact and comes back down off the wall.
My Mortar suppresses the Rebels
The Snow Trooper and Officer put on a brave display, batter Luke with rifle butts for 1 wound.
Suppressed Rebels make their way into the open
The Sniper inflicts another wound on the LC ATRT

End of Turn 3

Luke slowed.  Channeling his breathing, as Ben had taught him, dealing with the surrounding Melee as if it were a training exercise.  The dark had pushed, but it would not have it’s day today.

Elsewhere, Shore Trooper MV-112 assumed command of the Imperial forces.

“Vader’s down?  What do you mean Vader’s down!!” Comms were a mess.

“Focus down.  We have an Objective to complete.  Remember your training!”

Turn 4


I played my last card; Paul played his.

After suffering 2 wounds from a Z6 squad, my Dewback engages the second ATRT and manages to fell it!
Troopers begin manoeuvring for the objective
My mortar aims and fires on the troopers in the open, suppressing them and inflicting a casualty.
Luke finishes off the Snow Trooper and Officer.
MV-112’s Shore Troopers move up but can’t inflict any damage on the Flame ATRT.
My star Sniper is back on form, killing a Rebel.
The survivors respond by finishing off my Mortar.

End of Turn 4

MV-112 assessed the situation.  They had to deal with the Flame ATRT, or it was over.  “Keep hitting that thing!  Bring it down, cover that Dewback!”

Luke turned to the distant Imperials forces.  2 Snipers and a Mortar; time to stick to cover.

The comm crackled into life.  “Han’s stabilised.  He’s going to make it!”.  Maybe this day would be won after all.

Turn 5


With no cards left we are both down to Standing orders!  I win the rolloff.

After my Dewback trooper tries to unsuccessfully deal with the flamethrower ATRT, the Rebels finally bring the beast down.
MV-112 orders an advance with fire support, but is unable to penetrate the ATRT’s armour.
The Sniper team do, however, inflict another hit on the walker.
The ATRT double moves, putting MV-112 under intense pressure.
Luke moves up, careful to stay out of sight of the sniper team.

End of Turn 5

“BRING THAT BEAST DOWN!” screamed the Rebel sergeant.  The Z95 was levelled and blaster bolts tore through the beast’s front leg, causing it to buck it’s mount.  As the stormtrooper landed, the beast rolled on top of him…

Turn 6


As we were both on Standing orders it was a rolloff once again.  Paul took the initiative this time, but wasn’t close enough to place on the ATRT.

Rebels move to secure the Data Files, deftly avoiding the mine’s line of sight.
MV-112 and squad desperately manoeuvre around the ATRT, and manage to cripple it.  Depending on it’s activation roll, it may not be able to turn to fire…
..But it does.  Casualties are much lighter than expected, but with the Imperials unable to contest the Data File objective it’s all over…

End of Turn 6

Luke watched on as the Rebels deftly turned the corner and ducked into the Crates surrounding the terminal.  They quickly began a bypass and started the download.

“Fall back to the shuttle!  Stay in cover, watch for those snipers!” he ordered over the Comm Link.  He was the last to re-board the shuttle as it’s engines fired up and pushed it into the air.

As the shuttles engines faded into the distance, a different noise emanated from the Spaceport doorway, a black glove-clad fist raised in anger at the departing prize…


Well that went a bit wrong for the Imperials…

My list – no anti-armour!

My strategy – not enough to deal with the spaceport mob…

My Tactics – why did Vader run in immediately?  He could have waited till the end activation…

A well deserved win for Big Paul using 2 starter boxes, Han and a Sniper squad.  Definite proof that every unit is still competitive.

Top game, more to come in 2020!

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