You guessed it, more Legion!

Time to crack some more Rebel skulls!

As my opponent is currently painting my Boba and Scouts (I think he’s dragging it out!) I went with the tried and trusted combo of Vader, Stormies and Snowies, and 2 squads of Speeder Bikes.

Big Paul fielded his standard Scum list of loads of troopers and 3 Walkers headed by Luke.

The main variation for this game was we had the Battlefield Supplies expansion cards added in.  I ended up with Blue Player and we ended up with the following…


None of the new cards came into play (I’ve just realised Big Paul flipped a wrong card lol, that middle one was Minefields, oh well!) but we hadn’t done Rapid Reinforcements before so that could be interesting.


There was quite a dividing line in the centre of the board that would play a critical role in the game I was sure.  Being Blue Player I had the advantage with the objectives so placed one relatively safe in the middle, and dropped one on my left flank.  Big Paul went straight in the middle on his side of the board, knowing he’d have to be quite aggressive in this one.



Turn 1

I went Standing Orders (4) and Paul went Push (2) so he went first.

Paul’s Laser walker pushes up and snipes Vader, inflicting a wound
I go for a cheeky DLT snipe to get a suppression, and pull off a surprise kill with it 🙂
Paul’s scatter cannon walker fires on my Bikes; the terrain whittles down his attack to 2 hits, which I save…
Vader throws down on the nearest walker, but it is able to claim heavy cover and so only 1 wound gets through…
…and the troopers behind the Walker return fire, critting their way past the heavy cover and placing 2 unsaved wounds on Vader!
My Troopers with DLT support manage 2 place 2 more wounds on the AT-RT.

In the centre, troops manoeuvre for position.

Out on my left flank, my 2 Speeder Bike units inflict some real damage on an exposed Rebel Trooper unit.

At the end of the round, I’m looking weak on my left flank and strong on my right, whilst in the middle Luke is hovering menacingly and Vader is looking decidedly shot up!

Turn 2

I go for New Ways to Motivate Them (2) whilst Paul goes for Ambush (1).

He gets the first activation and goes straight for the jugular with his flamer walker.

Gouts of flame leave only the Sergeant standing!
Speeders finish off the rebel squad on my right flank
Troopers manage another wound on Vader….
…who then pulls back from the line, and Saber throws on Luke for 2 wounds.

The exchanges continue for the rest of the turn…

Until it’s time for the reinforcements to arrive.  I push hard to reinforce my left with 2 units of Snowtroopers, whilst Paul drops 2 units of Troopers close to centre board.


Turn 3

I’m fully expecting Paul to go Son of Skywalker and try to take down Vader.  I’m rubbish at winning the roll off, so go as safe as I can, opting for Master of Evil (3) to get a Dodge token.  Unexpectedly, Paul goes with My Ally is the Force (2).

For his first move, Paul again hits on my speeders in Melee to take one of them down.


I move up a squad of Snow Troopers on my left and set to one of the Walkers, then finishing it with my DLT.

In the meantime, Luke is chopping up Speeder Bikes in mid table whilst getting distance from Vader.


There’s lots of small fire in the centre table…


But the decisive moment of the turn comes when the 2 new rebel squads storm into the compound where my centre objective is and eliminate a full Stormtrooper Squad, leaving Vader to advance and face them himself.


At the end of the turn I have 2 Snowtrooper squads woefully out of position and my centre table being held together by a wounded Vader…


Turn 4

I got with Impacable (1) as I need the first turn.  I fully expect SOS, but Paul goes with Return of the Jedi (3) so Vader gets a much needed first activation.

He strides forward onto the objective, force choking the heavy weapon from 1 squad whilst killing 3 troopers from the other.

“All I’m surrounded by is fear…. and dead men!”

Whilst the 2 squads return fire, wounding Vader once and leaving him on two wounds, my Speeder bike in the middle finishes off another Rebel squad.

My other Speeder valiantly fires point blank into an Rebel squad, killing 2 before succumbing to their response.

Vader gets his second activation and cuts down one of the mid table Rebel squads…


…In mid-table the last of my Bikes is reduced to 1 wound remaining..


…But my Snow Troopers put 4 wounds on the Flamer Walker between their 2 squads and impact grenades.

At the end of the round, Luke has positioned himself for a strike at Vader.  The left flank is looking secure for me, but my mid-table objective only really has Vader on it.

It’s gonna by Luke vs Vader, for the game 🙂

Turn 5

I know Paul is going Son of Skywalker.  I go for Ambush to try and win the rolloff.  I don’t.

Luke is like a rat up a drainpipe…  Vader is down before he even knows what’s hit him.


I take down the Flame walker on my left objective, then lose my last Speeder bike.

End Game

With nothing left in range to contest the centre objectives, I decide to give the game there.  2-1 victory to the Rebels!

The deciding moment of the game was the deployment of the troops at the end of turn 2.  Whilst I went wide with mine and ended up with them hopelessly out of position (especially considering how slow Snowies are), Paul dropped his right by an objective, ready to push on it.  That along with keeping Luke in the centre until it really mattered, gave Paul a decisive strategic win.

As always, great game!


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