Baldies Bits October 2018

Hi All

Slight delay in posting and long delay in getting into gear to do something.

Those devils who have got me addicted to DBA have now also convinced me to join in with the Hott fun.

Bearing in mind I have barely been bothered to pic up a paint brush for months I have completed a 24 point plus army in less than a week.

Sure I wont have been the first to have had this idea but it is definitely the first time I have had this idea so here goes.

Da Rocks





Hordes and Blades


Every rock needs a stronghold to defend, the more I look at it the more it reminds me of Paddington bear


Everyone together. Think I will do some flyers and warbands next maybe even some lurkers.


Author: thebigfatone

I enjoy getting beaten at a surprisingly large amount of wargames My mission in life is to die happily for others pleasure

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