Kill Team is growing

So with the release of GW’s new kill team we all decided to work out some teams. Including some people buying new models to start side projects just for kill team. I currently have some Tau on their way to me to make a team.

This Wednesday we had a few of us down at the local shop to get some games in and learn the rules.

First up I had a 3 way game. My guard Vs jimmy’s ad mech and James’ Deathwatch.

Jimmy drew the short straw and got stuck between the guard and deathwatch and subsequently got shot to hell and back.

With the ad mech eliminated the guard and deathwatch turned their sights on each other. The guard did what the guard do best sit back and roll lucky to take out models. Winning the game for me.

Then my second game was against Matt’s chaos. This game went a bit quicker. The chaos took a very offensive stance with some of them charging head on into the guard. The chaos zealot charged into my leader. The guard leader shrugged off the attack. The zealot decided it was a better idea to retreat until half the guard team shot at him.

The chaos broke in turn 2 after some very lucky guard shooting.

Matt called the game there as we were just playing friendly games to get used to the rules.

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