Out listed, out played out cold. Lart game.

Ey Up

Had a game of Lart with Dave, we will def play a medieval game says I then turns up with Ancient British to face the Swedes.

I was sure my 29 strong force of nere do wells will stand up to a mounted knight charge and heavily armoured foot knights.

With a command of 2 and 6 light horse I did at least win the initiative roll off. Most of my terrain is for DBA hence why my waterway was missing 12 “. I dropped a compulsory wood, another wood, a wooded hill and a waterway. I had another wooded hill but it could not be placed. Dave placed a road and the blob in the middle of my deployment which is a section of impassable.

I had three commands, comp, comp and ordinary all a mix of medium swordsmen with some slingers and LH


Not 100% sure on Dave’s commands but he had one of Mounted Knights which looked terrible to face, one of foot knights and heavy swords which similarly looked best avoided and another of swords and x bow mixed units with a sprinkle of LI XB which I thought I may risk coming out of my hiding hole to have a go at.


I got in first and chose a table with no lighting above it which was a good plan.


My lads up for a scrap all thoughts of a plan carefully put to the back of my mind


My chaps advanced, one command going into the gap between the impassable and the wood, the other intending to go round the wood. My LH went off with a mission of their own


This command went off to hold the other side of the table many a glance was made between the charging knights big big long lances and the wood which was looking like a nice safe place to be. Another set of LH went off to die bravely.


My LI and LH managed to trap a unit of LI XB which turned out to be one of only two enemy units killed.


Needless to say the swordsmen lasted as long as expected one lot of slingers decided the woods were def where wanted to be and the other decided if charged they would flee the table


My dead started to rack up including a commander who had been fighting. Fortunately I had plenty of disorder markers, more than I needed really as most stuff just disintegrated.


My lads finally decided that getting into the fight was what was needed. Especially as some natty lads in tin suits were on their way round the flank.


Dave’s mixed units were doling out disorder to my boys


On my exposed flank some daring LH were ordered to hold the line


My elites were off. One unit of foot knights found themselves with LH in the flank and rear.


Armour and support were proving to be difficult for the wild men to face


Low pips for the mounted knights slowed them down more than my defence and the camp looked like it was going to be lost, it looks good but is unfortified.


Another commander and many of his men were also dead, I was now at my break point including the camps 4 points and had still only taken a single unit out.


Camp lost, I did manage to kill of the unit of foot knights so in the end it was 29 to about six which was not a good result, for me at least.


Dave is a great player and slaughtered me this time. If only my Swiss had come I may or may not have made more of a fight of it.

So what did I learn, as a great hero of mine said

“Marge my dear I haven’t learnt a thing”



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