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Me and Dale had our first unsupervised game of BG today then Reese also took over for a game.

We decided to just do a 250 point game from Kursk

I had

HQ in gaz, infantry platoon, 3 T34, 45mm ATG, sniper, BA-10 and horse and cart supply team. Three trucks played the parts of the Gaz and horses as we are busy using up excess FOW figs.

Dale ad HQ in kublewagen, platoon, MMG, 80mm mortars off board, pak-40 and AT grenades

Table was set up thusly, we had not realised how important scouting was any my BA-10 and sniper had a great time for 4 turns with no one else on board and gave Germans 3 chits before they even came on the table. One for out scout and two for objectives captured. I was also expecting to face tanks so brought some of my own


Few turns in and infantry and tanks advance now the Pak40 has been taken out by the BA-10


Germans in the wood near the two corn fields tried to charge a t34 with AT grenades but did not manage it


Russian infantry runs between two hills sure they can hear incoming artillery my sniper on the hill continues to exchange fire with the MMG in the corn field


T34 decides MMG’s are better than HE


Infantry scatter as Germans finally start to fight back


Germans had picked up too many chits and broke.  Good game we possibly got a few things wrong but seemed to keep it rolling.


Game 2 Reese took on Dale with same lists, this time 4 objectives and again with Russia winning the scout phase Germans already had a few chits


Germans got by far better rolls for reserves and activation and started to get the best of the Russians. The BA-10 took a Pak 40 shell to the face.


Sniper took up position and proceeded to miss everyone


BA-10 after the Pak incident


Kubelwagen broke down


With all the Russians on the table Dales mortars had a good few turns putting pins on and Reese ended up taking three chits over three turns to unpin so artillery really played a part in this game


Pak-40 had re positioned and the T34’s crept up along the hills trying to get into a good position


T34’s climbed the hills and all missed the Pak


Pak hit a T34 and we misread and thought it was 1D6 to try to pen. Actually managed to equal and immobilise which then made the crew run off. We then ready it should have been 2D6 pen so would probably have been same result of T34 dying anyway so no harm done.


Mainly due to mortars the Soviets were close to their 21 break point. The plane refused to come on


After a T34 managed to kill the Pak the tanks started to roll forward


But it was all over as combination of rally chits and dead unit chits racked up a victory for the Germans


Two good games, love the look of it in 15mm on a 6×4

Def going to play more




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