Baldies Bits July

Hi All

Got my Orcs finished so now have a DBA Mongol force made up of LH/Wolf Riders and Cav/Boar Riders

Got to stick on a little more basing material but wanted to get em posted up before I forget.



Then another camp, for my Medieval Types and HOTT. Nothing new just an aquarium piece that I sprayed black and repainted then added on some foliage to give it a little texture


Hope the enemies don’t find the rear cave under the castle



Ready for next month is a Gargant, I picked up loads of Orks for Epic and the Gargant was among them. By loads I mean a C*@P load of them. After playing my first game with it I dropped it and every component part came apart. Such is the robustness of Ork construction though it also all went back together so I decided it deserved a re paint. Soviet Green maybe.


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