Baldie Bits June 2018

Hi All

Used to post a monthly painting challenge on the Warlord forum before it got stopped.

Going to do a quick monthly update on the DBA forum from now on, wont all be DBA.

Idea is just to do something each month, as not done any for ages.

First up are some basic markers for Lart to signify rough or difficult terrain on a hill.


Not exactly a new idea but at least it got me started making stuff again.


Then I did some stones for a DBA eddifice, I rested my dice in the centre over night before Bakewell but it did not help.


My plucky Brits who went to Bakewell, seriously love playing em. ( These were not painted in June I did em ages ago but thought they deserved a pic )


Then I did some Goblin wolf riders, they are going to make up a DBA Mongol army with some Boar Boyz as cavalry. They are a tad on the small side but hey they are Goblins.




Finally for June I put together a stand to be used as my Swiss/Generic Medieval Pike General. Rest of the Swiss’ish types were done for Lart so generals went on round bases so I needed one for DBA. Need to add a flag.



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