Legion Battle Report – Lee vs Paul

My first Legion Batrep after a few games with fellow HoGs.  I’ve been experimenting with different builds and decided today to give Veers a try.  Given my love of Vader, I decided to run them both and see how things went.

The Imperials – Vader and Veers – 800pts

In my last game, Vader and the Snowtroopers with impact grenades were absolute stars, so they went in the list unchanged.  I dropped the missile launcher 1 of the Stormtrooper squads in favour of a 3rd DLT to save a few points and make sure the squad could stay mobile.  Taking Veers meant dropping one of the Speeder bike squads.

++ Standard (Galactic Empire) [800 Points] ++

+ Commander +

•Darth Vader [235 Points]: Force Push, Force Reflexes, Saber Throw

•General Veers [80 Points]

+ Corps +

Snowtroopers [85 Points]: Flametrooper, Impact Grenades, Snowtrooper

Snowtroopers [85 Points]: Flametrooper, Impact Grenades, Snowtrooper

Stormtroopers [79 Points]: DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper

Stormtroopers [68 Points]: DLT-19 Stormtrooper

Stormtroopers [68 Points]: DLT-19 Stormtrooper

+ Support +

74-Z Speeder Bikes [100 Points]: Long Range Comlink

+ Command Hand +

Command Hand: •Implacable, •Maximum Firepower, ••Evasive Maneuvers, ••New Ways to Motivate Them, •••Imperial Discipline, •••Master of Evil, ••••Standing Orders

++ Total: [800 Points] ++

The Rebel Scum – 795pts

Big Paul’s second ever game, and he beat me in his first with a Rogue-One style scene where a rebel squad broke from close combat with Vader to run onto an objective and secure the win in turn 6!  Hopefully none of those shenanigans today…

++ Standard (Rebel Alliance) [795 Points] ++

+ Commander +

•Luke Skywalker [180 Points]: Force Reflexes, Jedi Mind Trick

+ Corps +

Rebel Troopers [72 Points]: Rebel Trooper, Z-6 Trooper

Rebel Troopers [72 Points]: Rebel Trooper, Z-6 Trooper

Rebel Troopers [72 Points]: Rebel Trooper, Z-6 Trooper

Rebel Troopers [72 Points]: MPL-S7 Ion Trooper

Rebel Troopers [72 Points]: MPL-S7 Ion Trooper

+ Support +

AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster

AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster

AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster

+ Command Hand +

Command Hand: •Ambush, •Son of Skywalker, ••My Ally Is the Force, ••Push, •••Assault, •••Return of the Jedi, ••••Standing Orders

++ Total: [795 Points] ++


Paul took Blue Play status and we generated the Scenario… Hostile conditions, Take and Hold, and the Long March.  With one objective each almost in our deployment zones, this was going to be a slog for the middle.


Turn 1 – Standing Orders (4) vs Standing Orders (4)

I placed my only order on my Speeder Bikes as I wanted to hold them for as long as possible and see what targets presented themselves on my right flank.

This paid off tremendously, with one of the Rebel walkers double moving right into their threat zone.  I moved, aimed and fired and stripped 4 damage off it, destroying it’s weapon.  Solid start.

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (12)

Elsewhere, units moved up to positions with the rebels really double footing it for the centre objective and the Imperials taking a more cautious approach.  Luke left himself quite exposed on his run for the objective, and I was able to take a shot on him with an aimed DLT (courtesy of Veers) and strip 2 wounds from him.

Turn 2 – Maximum Firepower (1) vs Ambush (1)

With Luke so exposed, a strike on him with Veers was far too tempting.  I was able to win the initiative roll, and interestingly Paul didn’t drop his order on Luke, instead electing for a squad of troops almost on the centre objective.

Veers strode forward, gave himself and a stormtrooper squad an Aim token, and then called down the orbital strike on Luke.  Another 2 wounds inflicted, and Luke was really feeling it now.

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (16)

The Rebels returned fire on Veers and inflicted 2 wounds, so I took the opportunity to finish luke with my Speeders.  They flew over the wall shielding him with a double move and took aim.  When the dust cleared, only 1 wound inflicted!

Other Imperial squads focused on the rebel squad with Luke to ensure they stayed away from the objective.   Luke seized the opportunity to deal with the Speeders, surging onto them and leaving 1 bike with 1 wound.  The walker behind him finished off the squad.


The round wrapped up with small exchanges elsewhere and both teams falling short of the middle objective.

The score at this point was therefore 1-1.


Turn 3 – Implacable (1) vs Son of Skywalker (1)

We both knew that Luke could inflict a lot of damage at this point, and his luck was running out, so out came the (1) cards.  Paul was able to seize the initiative and put Luke straight to work.  He pounced forward into a squad of stormtroopers.  With some below average rolling, over the 2 attacks 1 Snowtrooper was still left standing.

Vader was having none of this, and strode forward into Luke and unceremoniously cut him down.

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (23)

The victory parade was shortlived however, as later in the turn Veers was sliced down by Rebel fire.

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (24)

The 2 rebel squads nearest the objectives were subjected to punishing fire, wiping the squad that had backed up Luke and reducing another to 1 man.  Damage was also inflicted to the 2 other AT-RTs in a turn of precision Stormtrooper fire.  Ben Kenobi called it…

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (25)20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (26)

Turn 4 – New Ways (2) vs Assault (3)

Paul assigned leadership to a squad at the read of the field but with good command coverage.

More fire was exchanged and a Snowtrooper squad was removed, and a second damaged.  Elsewhere casualties were light on both sides but with more damage inflicted on the AT-RTs, with Vader securely placing himself on the centre objective.

No pictures this round, we got a bit excited!

With Vader holding the centre objective, the score was 3-2 to the Imperials at this point.

Turn 5 – Master of Evil (3) vs Push (2)

Darth was in Range 2 of 2 of Paul’s squads, so this one was a no brainer.  Paul was quick to realise this (this card in our last game almost won it for me) and immediately moved one of the squads out of range, firing as they went and inflicting a couple of wounds on Vader.

Vader strode decisively towards the other squad with a move-force pull-move-attack, putting 3 more Suppression on the squad and killing 2 of them, leaving 3.  With a massive 6 suppression on them, they were unable to recover and fled combat, catching blaster fire from further troopers as they did so.   The Rebel walkers were cut down by more DLT and grenade fire, and the Rebels were placed firmly on the ropes.

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (32)20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (33)20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (34)

Turn 6 – Standing Orders (4) vs Standing Orders (4)

The imperial clean up crews went into full effect as a Rebel squad fled the field and another was cut down by Stormtrooper fire.

20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (36)20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (37)20180607 Legion Lee v Paul (38)

Final score – 9-4 to the Imperials!

Final Thoughts

First of all, great game with a strange set of scenario cards.  The Hostile terrain only effected 1 squad in the game due to the prevalence of area terrain in the centre board.  Long march I thought would be problematic for me, but actually helped me strim a few units down with DLT fire before they were able to return fire.

The Rebel’s big mistake was leaving Luke exposed on the first turn.  This meant he had lost 4 wounds before much had happened, and controlling the centre board became a much easier affair for the Imperials.  Paul also rolled consistently bad saves for his walkers (although they’re not easy to roll saves for) meaning they had less impact than they could have had.

I’m quite happy with Veers.  He laid down 2 rounds of aim tokens and paved the way for Luke’s demise.  I left him a bit exposed but he drew fire that was meant for 2 stormtrooper squads.  Giving him Esteemed leader may have help him survive another round.

Can’t wait for the next one!



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