A grand day of gaming

Day off work so spent it gaming

First off was 40K vs Reese and his Tau

My Death Guard are well known for the odd proxy



But have to admit these will take a little imaginative re working as renegade knights




Really close game, this is not the roll but Reese has 64 dice in defensive fire didn’t have nearly enough dice.. He nearly took a knight out in one round which was devastating. Note to self don’t lose the roll for turn one against the Tau


Still the game got closer once I got up close and personal


Ended a draw as we timed out, it would have been close as all his units had objective secure so I had to wipe them out to let me Lord and Sorcerer capture the objective before he took me out with rail gun fire.

Then to gimps where I had a great game of Lart, my ancient British vs their great enemies the Indians with four nellies, the figs at the back of the table on each side were our dead.


The Indians break point was 24 which I got them to whilst mine was 29 Dave got me to 28 so I just nicked it.

James will like this but a 200 point two hour game came down to me charging off a unit of light infantry, this made my light horse be more than 4UD from the enemy so could rally for free on a four plus. Just got a four which if failed would mean after combat we would have been 24-29 so a draw with both breaking at same time.

Against an opponent like the great ginger himself I will take a one point victory every day of the week.

Hero of the match, they may just have earned the rest of the cavalry a position on the painting table after all.



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