English Civil War – Royalists

Made a start on my ECW force, first game I saw at a real gaming club back int day at Rotherham Library was an ECW game. Must have been several gamers collecting loads as it was a massive game. From that day I have always felt a propper gamer should have an ECW force.

Pike and Shotte blocks, done em as fill sized blocks but will def be gamed as smaller blocks to make em go further. Lart, P&S and FOG are all destined to get these boys on the table.

Are based up pretty much for DBA’ish as tend to use this for my 15mm forces then bend the rules to suit.


A unit of lifeguard heavy cav, three of cavalier med cav and two mounted dragoons.


Supply wagon for a camp, some commanders and med artillery. Not decided if I actually want to put the division commanders onto round bases or not.


Gun carriage with a broken wheel as another camp, trying to re pose 15mm figs is a pain and has meant broken limbs all round, and the heavy artillery.


Of course the King himself and to the right his cavalry commanders.


Figs are from Museum Miniatures and are really good, going to get a few more infantry to finish off blocks and to do some dismounted dragoons as light infantry.

How long they will take to paint is of course the unanswered question and again means my poor old ancient Britons are not going to get their cavalry divisions painted any time soon.

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