DBA Board

Hi All

After realising how much I enjoyed playing DBA I decided to knock up a board, this one is 2 x 2

It is done as a basic deserty scrub board which may look a bit odd with some of my armies but is a doddle to do


Am going to do a couple to leave with Colin, prob a plain one as well


In a rush to make some glue dry I foolishly stood it up in garden where the sun has bented it a little but for 50p I am not that fussed


Some basic terrain, DBA likes a flatish table


Then for this months painting challenge a couple of units of Seleucid cataphracts for HC and Lart. Need to add some static grass clumps if I can ever find the colour to match the rest of the army




Genuinely shocked how much I enjoyed playing DBA and can see me getting more for it

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