Team Yankee – US vs Brits

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (1)

With the UK GT up and coming I’ve been trying to figure out a way to take on NATO MBTs.  Whilst the performance of the Abrams almost always does my proud against WARSAW, they usually get piledrived by Chieftains and I’ve yet to face Leopard 2s – suffice to say I expect to lose that gunfight.  So time for something different…

The US – 80pts

Mech Infantry Formation 1
HQ 1pt
1 x Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 4 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 7pts
1 x Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 3 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 6pts
1 x Mech Platoon (4 x Rifle Bases, 3 x Dragons Teams, 4 x M113 APC) 6pts
1 x M106 Mortar x 3 3pts
1 x ITV x 2 3pts
1 x ITV x 2 3pts

1 x VADS x 4 6pts
1 x Cobra x 4 14pts
1 x A10 x 4 20pts
1 x M109 x 3 with Copperhead 10pts
FIST 1pt

10 Total platoons – 80pts

Col, erstwhile owner of Janco Toys, brought the Brits to bear.

Colin’s Brits


(12) 4 x Lynx TOW Helicopters

(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAM


(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(4) FV432 Milan Section

(7) Lynx Airmobile Platoon

(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams

(7) Airmobile Team

Total 79pts

Mission and Setup

We both went defence choice so rolled up Encounter.  I got pick of the table side and went for the one with a reasonable amount of cover.  I chose 2 platoons of Mech Inf, my A10s, my Cobras and M109s to start on the board.  Colin chose his Rapiers, 2 platoons of Mech Inf and his Scimitars.

A marked up Pic showing units in yellow and the objectives in red…

Inked2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (2)_LI

Turn 1 – US

We rolled off and I secured the first turn… not my ideal plan as it meant I couldn’t fire my artillery (planning a smoke bombardment to cover my Cobras attacking the AA).  However, I did secure the use of the A10s for the turn so I had to go for it…

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (8)

With Colin not securing the objective with any Infantry, I rushed the location with all my Air units and a platoon of Mech Inf.

I fired with the Cobras first, with Colin electing to fire 2 Rapiers only.  Needing 6s, he fluffed all 6 shots.

With 12 shots on the unit, I hit well but Col also saved well; I only bailed one so would have to use the A10s to clean up.

Col fired his last unbailed Rapier, hitting twice.  I failed one save but he was unable to make his FP.  The A10s then cleaned up, leaving 3 Rapiers dead and 1 bailed.  They promptly failed their morale test and the last Rapier was spiked.

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (7)

On the other side of the board, I measured my other Mech platoon into buildings (the barn and smaller houses) to give my Dragons good shots and sat back and waited…

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (9)

Turn 1 – Brits

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (11)

Col’s Mech Inf from centre board jumped in their FVs and shot over to the objective to support their HQ, leaving the Milans in the Building.  The Scimitars moved to engage my loaded up M113 platoon, but having failed a Blitz move were unable to land any accurate shots.  This was compounded by the Milans missing my helicopters (we forget they would have been additional -1, so 6s, but he missed needing 5s anyways).

Turn 2 – US

With some luck I was able to secure the A10s yet again, so placed them to engage both the Mech Inf and Scimitars with their Gatling Guns.  The cobras sat tight and my Mech Inf dismounted into the woods.

I opened up on the FVs with my Cobra’s guns.  Whilst I landed quite a few hits, Col was able to save a few / only suffer bails.  I opened up with the A10s, splitting fire between the Scimitars and FVs.  Once the dust had settled, all FVs were dead and the Scimitars were either dead or bailed.

I dropped some shots into the infantry from my Mech Inf, but was unable so secure any additional kills beyond those that died in their transports.  My Dragons sniped a Scimitar, and they failed their Morale test and spiked their vehicles and ran.

Turn 2 – Brits

With not much else taking place, Col unpinned his Mech Inf and opened fire on mine.  Securing 5 hits, I rolled my saves…

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (16)

Yup, 4 failed saves out of 5…. I stared in disbelief for about 30 seconds then picked up my jaw along with my 4 rifle teams 🙂

Turn 3 – US

Col breathed a sigh of relief when my A10s failed to show, but then I rolled reinforcements and moved my 3rd Infantry Platoon up to reinforce my attack.

I managed to kill 2 more Mech Inf rifle teams with my Cobras and M113s, then foolishly tried to assault them with my M113s.  Seconds later, I was 2 M113s down and the other 2 were retreating with their tails between their legs… Gustav teams FTW I guess!

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (17)

Turn 3 – Brits

Colin was unable to make any headway defending his right objective, and set up on the left objective.

Turn 4 – US

I spent my turn cleaning off the objective, and Col failed his reinforcement roll.  Victory to the US.

2017-07-19 Team Yankee Lee vs Col (21)


The main reason for the battle was to test A10s and Cobras on the board together in place of Abrams, and it worked.  Other than that, was a fun(ish) and quick game.  The mission we rolled meant that Col had very little on the table and he mis-deployed his infantry somewhat; I was able to capitalise on that.


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