DBA in glorious 15mm

Baldie vs Guesty in our first games of DBA

Probably got some of the rules correct

First game was Camillian Romans vs my Thessalian’s and was fantastic I won 4-2 , you will have to take my word for it as no pics survive.

We then had a rematch

We even went brave and did some terrain, the Thessalians moved forwards whilst the Romans held back admittedly partly because we thought the plough was bad to be in. However after a couple of moves we realised it was not because it had not rained.


Forces move forward and some Psilo played with the horses until they tagged out to be replaced , the brave Roman foot troops held back. Clearly too excited this game was all over the place with fractured fights and incredibly close until I was defeated 6-3


We then decided to try another game this time with the Ancient British, Roman auxilia and Psilo waiting in a wood


Warband ran forwards with the chariots coming alongside hoping to get behind the Romans


Light horse moved around the wood not really sure why they had been sent the long way around


Crunch as a unit of warband go down, followed by the boss and then finally another warband. Great game over on turn two, I know I know warband should have gone into the woods


Three really good games, just wish I had actually taken pics of it all

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