15mm Lart 200 points

Hey All

Had a great game against Dave, needless to say one of the top tier gamer’s that usually takes pleasure in beating me

200 points of my newly painted medieval types, this time playing as the Swiss vs Arthurian Types

Roll off and I was the defender

Terrible pic of my brave lads in the center, two divisions of 2HW halberdiers and pikes, facing them were a massive division of spears and a smaller division of swordsmen and skirmish troops


On my right was a smaller division of halbardiers with an organ gun and some mounted X Bows, loved these figs for years. The third enemy division was not on the table either in flank march or ambush

Light green hills were hills, dark green patches were scrub and the road was a road. I had a cunning plan, stay out of the scrub with the pikes


Arthurians move forward, I thought to draw me forwards and flank me on my left. light infantry and light horse started surrounding my pikes and putting cp on them. This I could not have and charged in, remember no pikes in the scrub oh bugger


My lads in the scrub didn’t exactly slaughter all before them as I hoped but did see of some archer types. Rest of my lads moved forwards fairly certain now that the enemy had flankers so needed to try to kill the ones on the table first. On my right I moved forward as a group twice, as I had a light artillery piece I was moving 1 UD. So after a while the organ gun was dropped off to await the flankers

Enemy charged in against my main units, x bows bravely fled away to the rear. The light blue chits behind the enemy were the cp markers after the first clash. Very low rolling from Dave combined with my elite troops, all but three of the main units were elite, meant I had the best of the fighting. However the forces on my left were crumbling and I was in threat of being flanked. Top right of the picture my LH X Bows danced with some archers and spears. Through the scrub half out of sight on the right my foot moved forwards much faster without the organ gun


The phone camera shamed into working correctly by the professional film crew that arrived started taking clear pictures just in time to capture the flank as they rolled to come on. As of next turn they would come onto the table and start to cause trouble. No problem I had a hell blaster volley gun


Holes were starting to appear in the battle lines. It was going to be a race to see if the forces in the middle could break the enemy and turn to face the two flank chargers or if I would be turned into the squash stuff in a sandwich. I was starting to feel as confident as I did when the enemy started the game placing terrain and figures which left me with the impression he knew how to play


These lads looked like they were up for some choppy choppy


A unit of halbadiers that had held up the left flank for a decent amount of time finally died. One more unit and the pikes would be flanked


Top left one unit of heavy cavalry hits some halbadiers that had been given the dubious honour of trying to protect the flank. Another unit made use of the road to get behind my main force. The last stand was just in arc of the organ gun. The bare bases are my camp, scorched earth policy here. Fortunately a fortified camp or the horses would probably had plundered it


Suicide wing one normal and one elite unit of halberds


Counting up I was on 22 of my 23, or so I thought, and the enemy were on 19 or their 25 break points. Lots more table could be seen as units were removed. I don’t think my lads rolled particularly well but elite saved them. One turn I am sure the enemy rolled six sixes out of eight fights or similar. One unit of LH were having a great time riding down my LI X Bows. Pikes with commander were flanked but importantly had just killed the enemy to their front. Things were not looking rosy for the Swiss


yay, the organ gun finally hit something. a crucial cp


My left division managed to win out and form up again, this flank looked like it would hold. My center division was able to take out the enemy to their front, non elite halbardiers and LH assisting with support. The suicide squad fighting the horse and spears on the right flank won with a six vs one roll


Close up of a surrounded unit facing foes from all sides and the dedicated blocking force


Organ gun got another hit and when we counted up it was a victory to me after a recount, really thought I was dead in this and got a little luck with rolls and terrain. That and the flank march not coming on for several turns. Couple of turns earlier and it would have been curtains for the center force


However it was clear the true victors were the organ gun crew who got the winning point


Will have a few more games with the Swiss as they are all I have done at the moment

NB my lads were one base to a unit due to it being all I had whilst the enemy had two bases per unit so looked terrifying on set up

22-25 victory for the Swiss so huzza

Thanks for game Dave, again I learnt a new rule every turn it seemed




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