Lart Scipio vs the Seleucid’s

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In the third of our grudge match it was once again Romans vs Seleucid in what is rapidly becoming one of my fave game systems Lart

Matt was game on for this one, choosing to attack and place a coastal zone on his left flank to limit the movement of my cavalry. There looked to be a few other little tweaks in the army and he had also learned some new tricks.


Legion on the right just one had armour, heavy infantry in the middle all clad in their nice shiney shiney and a group of less enthusiastic auxiliary on the left flank with some medium cavalry supporting them.


My left was my elephants with light support, blocks of pikes in the center and my cataphracts on the right


The Romans come on in force, attaching commanders to get more CP to convert into movement. My lads also get close, trap spotted on my right where the infantry looked to have been thrown in to hold me up whilst the cavalry get into my flank and rear.

I had learnt a few tricks as well, called the rules and for the first time ever shot my bows at 4 UD rather than 2 UD, take that slings


My cataphracts charge in and immediately take out two stands, it does leave my flank a bit in the open but hopefully the heavy cavalry can hold on for a while


Our two main units look happy to let the missile troops have their fun before getting stuck in on my left the elephants charged forward but stopped short of the enemy, my horse archers even decided to get a few pot shots in


The nellies wanted some action, probably been better to stay in the field but they would not be stopped


Romans decide to get some pay back but terrible rolls mean the heavy cavalry only takes a single pip. Meanwhile the cataphracts start to roll up the infantry. Hope was to get finished here to go help the pikes


Romans decide to do the charging but again the dice gods favoured me


Main lines finally clash, once again apologies for playing against a well painted force with my dregs. All fired up even the bows decide to get some combat experience. The horse archers play games with the slinger’s. Scipio himself is in combat


The cavalry clash on the right is unsurprisingly going in favor of the heavily armoured killing machines rather than the medium poppos. Most amazingly the heavy cavalry are still there


Handbags at dawn for a few turns in the center but the bows and mounted archers had nibbled out a flank and were looking to keep going


On my left the legion were getting a going over by massive beasties and also tiny little javelin men who were now in a position to start flanking. Even the elite armoured lads on the left of the pic were getting stabbed by the spears. It is fair to say that my dice were not amazing but Matts were shocking


The great Roman leader who had attached was hit in the flank and taken out which was a load of cohesion points


Heavy lads, they really must get painted for their heroic stand, hold out whilst the showy lads murder death kill all before them


Roman center starts to crumble with the death of their leader, no Janco James they are not my rolls that was after multipliers but still best rolls in the center where threes had been the norm


Elephants tenderising Romans, top of the pick the javelins decided to chase off the skirmish types. Still the elite Romans stood steadfast with another commander attached


With that it was game over something like 34 cohesion to five and no Seleucid deaths.

Two out of three so series to me which really says more about Matts terrible luck than my skill and to be fair Matt is also the person who has pretty much shown me how to play the game and has slaughtered me before.

Below is a quick clip from another game where our plucky English  peasant types gave a good drubbing to the French landed gentry. A joy to watch.


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