M&T British vs Canadians

I has been a while since our last game of M&T so we were a little rusty.

At Janco toys we often play with beautifully painted figs on terrain made specifically for the game, unfortunately this was not one of those occasions as shall be seen.

Still a great game


Officer, couple of units of militia, Indian chief and three units of Indians two of them were blood thirsty



Officer and a terribly large looking unit of regulars, unit of rangers and a couple of units of Indians


Table was set up before rolling for the mission, which is typical. We then rolled that the Canadians had to defend the homestead, we decided not to get out any buildings and placed indian sacred groves. So sacred that they still had snow in the middle of the summer. British were trying to slaughter civilians, here the cunning idea of sacred groves came unstuck as we only had European looking civvies.


British start their advance, not only had we forgotten the smoke but also our hidden movement markers. This was turning into a classic Janco’s match up.


The British firing line looked deadly


Meanwhile civilians huddled behind the sacred groves thinking it would be much safer inside a nice house.



First card of the game and random event was all civilians had to test moral, one failed and fled the table so there were five dead civilians and a second unit also failed and recoiled towards the board edge. Great start, it would have been amazing if all three units routed on turn one giving the mission to the British forces.


Second card out and this time we rolled an eclipse giving the British all the cover they needed, night fighting in effect, as they advanced. The spirits were displeased that outsiders had been allowed to visit the trees, presumably thinking they were going to chop them down to build a nice safe fort.


Few cards on and British advanced and got into a firing line as another random event card forced all civilians to move, the British player won the roll of and two groups of Civilians moved into plain sight. Wonderful, the chaps lying down were unable to stand on the gentle hills obviously not good woods folk, one had a spyglass and could see the crops moving in the field but couldn’t spot what was causing it.



SO excited by the game were we that photos were totally forgotten. A group of savage indians made it behind the British lines and took out a unit of irregulars and whittled down the regulars enough so that some Canadian militia managed to take them out. Hope was to draw indians away from the trees and the remaining civilians but the enemy was not cooperating. It had cost a two full units of indians and most of a unit of militia to take out the British which meant there was not much left to try to take out the last two units of indians.

The British officer was achieving his side plot by staying more than 4″ from his own units crept up on the last two remaining Canadian militia that had chopped up his men. He got right behind them drew his pistol and missed.


Alerted by the shot they managed to get two cards and chopped up the officer then went to advance into the woods



To the left of the picture the indian chief who had managed to read a secret message gaining him his side plot hoped to hit some indians forcing a test he may have managed to read it earlier had I not forgotten to reveal him so he could start trying to decipher it. Another unit of blood thirsty savages had managed to route one unit of indians and eyed up the second. There was a little hope after all.

A shot ran out and a farmer, oddly hiding in a sacred tree shot at and hit a unit of British indians that were contesting a wood. The fled from the shot, the cards were now doing us both over. French indian chief got shot.


This is a picture of another unit of civillians, or at least where they were until another random event caused them to test and rout. Ten of fifteen had fled the table from random events, I eyed my opponent with great suspicion as he was obviously using some kind of Eldar trickery to twist the paths of fate. The rest had been shot so indian objective was theirs.


The French officer bravely made it to the top of the hill and managed to shoot at the indians in the wood hoping to make them rout if he could and managed to roll game end it would be a draw with both missions achieved and also both side plots admittedly the British had killed nearly everyone that faced them, unfortunately he missed.


Indians then got a card and went into a charge but a well aimed tomahawk to the head took out the last remaining Canadian


British got mission and side plot

French just got side plot

Game most definitely to the British, game was really brutal as we forgot to put in the moral card after taking 1/3 casualties

Great fun as the cards and event did their best to break both sides without any combat at all, def looking forward to more games. A big multiplayer game next time methinks




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