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Dale came up from the land of the roundabouts to have a game of HC, I have not played for a while and neither has Dale so there may have been a few oopsies.

New Kingdom Egyptians vs Early Hoplite Greeks we played 288 points as that was how much a basic list of NKE came to.

I wanted to get my new Greeks on the table so took them even though I expected to face chariots and worried about them getting round my flanks and rear.

Greeks were two divisions each of Hoplites and light infantry backed up with skirmish and missile troops.

The NKE had a division of medium infantry some with double handed axes backed up with medium archers and skirmish archers. Lots of archers. The second division was made up of two light chariot units and more archers.

After a couple of turns positioning the NKE started to hassle my lads with bow fire whilst one unit of chariots started to make it round my flank. Fortunately the lack of roundabouts confused them and they took several turns to make it round.


My left hand division was a mess with fleeing Cretan archers and the four infantry units getting separated. It could have got messy but the enemy failed a few checks which bout the Greeks some time.


The right flank had at least held together, again the opposing forces failed to move meaning they did not get the benefit of a charge. It was now that the medium archers got in the way of the harder hitting infantry behind them. One unit of bow men held up a phalanx on the charge drawing combat.


Back on the left a cheeky chuck of javelins by my skirmishers forced a break test and the flanking chariots fled from the table. Not destroyed but off the table for a while. Archers continued to punish my troops for failing tests to charge, we play cm in 15 mm scale so my lads were just out of 6 cm so couldn’t get into combat on an initiative move.


The Geeks were getting the better of their opponents and either killing them or driving them off, we did forget a round of double handed special rule capping my moral at 5+ on the left hand phalanx so was actually even closer. We commented on lots of shooting and fighting but no break through moment just a slow grind.


Handbags at dawn on the right, with the chariots deciding they liked being off table. The inability for the chariots to get behind me was pretty much reason for this flank of Greeks getting crushed.


Greeks finally charged into contact with the chariots, the light infantry got some closing fire to the face and broke.


No support for my lads now


We broke the chariots and the left flank broke the other division winning me the game.


Good little game with the Greeks getting lucky, def don’t like missile fire of that intensity.


Dale had to go so we had a good little DBA game with Sparta taking on Graham who had some Late Roman types.

Really good slog until the Spartan general got taken out.





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