Epic “of some kind” 4K Eldar vs Kreig

Great game vs Scott, need more games to get some better idea of how to actually win as killing off stuff is not all that.

Took an Eldar list that is great at taking out everything other than infantry, this is really good against Scott with masses of grenadiers and death riders.

We set up the table and off we went


Starting deployment, Eldar mainly vehicles so nothing could start holding an objective. There was a Phantom on the Eldar side but the Guard had brought a Reaver and two Warhounds.


Larger of the two Krieg death rider formations moved into the woods to hold an objective and Eldar vypers went off to tickle them. Falcons also took pot shots with their secondary weapons but it was never going to be enough. Nightwing fighters arrived to shoot up a shadow sword that was making the Phanton nervous, so nervous in fact that it forgot to measure range and so did not shoot for a turn which in a four turn game was a problem.

Warhounds moved up and took a massive barrage of shots at the Eldar Titan but the hollofields saved it, couple of blast markers remained though.


On the other wing a few shots were exchanged and the Eldar howling banshee warriors in their wave serpent, one that looked suscpisiously like a scorpion, end of turn and I was bound to get to go first and take out the deadly death riders in the woods on this side of the table.

This is a picture of my two cobras with their deadly titan killer weapons ready to blast the Reaver, or it would have been if the Reaver had not gatlin blasterd them back to the craft world. Hide and pop up Eldar, dont get caught out.


Got onto the next turn and rolled a one for initiative Scott was going first as he rolled a six which with my plus four and his plus two was bad.

This blury picture shows a distinct lack of Banshees cos stupid Scott went first and killed two wave serpents with his I always strike first lances, the explosions killed two stands of infantry including my Banshee exarch. I killed tow rough rider stands then lost another two bases and last wave serpent. Ended up loosing assault by something like seven points which popped my last base as well.


My Falcons took pot shots on way past the rough riders who had so mercilessly run down the Banshees then went into hiding to try  to claim line breaker. Only two of them alive as the Reaver which is a tank killing behemoth vaporised four of them.


Falcons on my left flank took a couple more stands of the large RR company before running and hiding on the other side of the woods again acting as a second line breaker unit, the vypers also put a blast marker on them then went over to contest an objective

Night spinners continued to place blast markers on the RR hoping to pin them in place, the scorpions took some shots at the shadow sword before the aircraft finally took out the titan killing super tank. Scott was on his way to a glorious victory as his big formations can take a real hammering and still have loads left and the Reaver and Warhounds put out awesome fire leaving the RR companies to muller stuff in combat. There are still loads of grenadiers in the two gorgon transports on the hill and the one to the right of the picture next to the objective


Obviously being Eldar we still had a few tricksies up our sleeves. My right was looking a bit dodgy as the RR were holding the objective with the Leman Russ demolishers on standby and the Titan was taking out formation at a time.


My scorpions went off to hide and shot up some of Scott’s incoming super heavies and the big boy at the back strode over to the objective as I thought Scott may triple move onto it. A unit of broken Falcons looking very like fire prisms went off to the corner for a long think about their poor performance, more useful alive than dead around an objective


Scott’s tanks moved across and shot my line breaking Falcons either killing them outright or breaking them meaning they were no longer scoring for line breaking. Reaver came across and I think took out the scorpions, I really don’t like that thing as it is perfectly designed for killing my light vehicles. Ont the tray you can just see the Grenadiers that were sitting comfy in their gorgon transports


We had decided turn three would be the last cos it was 23:00 and the imperial guard commandeer had been asked to send a transport to Sheffield to collect another set of Banshees. So the Eldar do what Eldar do best and moved fast units to contest objectives and score as line breaking.

Result is what James loves, a glorious draw. If game had gone on for another turn or two I doubt the Eldar could have held on and certainly didn’t have the kind of fire power to take out the masses of infantry still waiting to pop out and assault the unwary

Still fantastic game and left me wanting more




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