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Had a couple of great little intro game to V3 MW at my second, some would say only, home Janco Toys in Barnsley

Colin the shop owner and painter extraordinaire had decided to set a points limit on the day of 40 points, possibly thinking people would do starter set forces

The table was a little wrinkly but I like to think the sand had blown in some mini dunes


The forces of Darkness, DAK 40 points PIII company

The forces of  hope, Desert Rats. Those of you who have not yet started drinking for the day will realise there is something a little odd about them. You are correct they are Soviets masquerading as a Crusader Company again 40 points. I was surprised to find only the Grant HQ card in the starter set so will have to wait for the Crusaders to be released


The DAK start to swing around on their right flank whilst my Crusaders run for their lives hoping the RAF will arrive soon


However on the table they were destined to stay for several rounds


Colin now realising I would be more than happy to wait for the RAF whilst my CS tanks tried to annoy him so went in for the kill. He missed, so my guys went for the kill, they bogged and missed. The CS tanks did at least manage to hit the table to screen the flank for a turn


Handbags at dawn as Crusader and DAK blasted the ground really close to the enemy hoping to choke them with sand


RAF arrive and manage to take out two PIII


The DAK hit back bailing loads of tanks, the three Crusader II’s in the middle all got bailed. On their turn one got back in but then rolled a six for last man standing and did not run


Couple of PIII’s got brewed up by Crusader III’s


Crusaders now started to get it in the flank from a PIII that continued to pass its last man standing roll. The DAK love a scrap


The last of the PIII platoon are taken out by Crusader II’s and III’s that had also taken out the DAK’s HQ. Amazing how brave I got when only having to take on one tank


Reduced to a single unit in bad spirits the DAK broke automatically


Good little intro to the game, some may have felt bad to bring the RAF to a little 40 points game but after loosing countless T34 to Colins hide and seek Tigers over the years I was more than happy to

Game 2 we played annihilation again on same table, my Rats were as before but Graham was the new DAK commander, as uncle Adolf had recalled Colin for a chat, and hearing planes were about dropped an HQ tank and brought AA


The Rats decided to hide and try to bombard the AA waiting for the RAF to come in, they did come in but decided to hide at the rear until the AA were gone, as it happens the AA never went.


The DAK decided to hold out and wait to see what happened


What happened is my Rats begun to believe they were Soviets and ran forward, the DAK then lit them up and forced two units to run with failed last stand tests, the test on a 5 instead of a 4 is a killer

The tanks retreated and called in the RAF again who decided to try to take out the AA, the AA hit the RAF but the RAF saved, the RAF then hit the AA but the AA saved


T34’s, sorry Crusaders littered the ground in front of the ruined fort, not even the wrinkles in the cloth could save them


The HQ and CS tanks came forward trying to tempt out the DAK


After literally half an hour of measuring and procrastinating out came the DAK again, no one can accuse Graham of making hasty decisions


DAK start to hunt the Rats, surviving a couple of RAF raids that only ever seemed to bail tanks


Not realising that you don’t have to face the direction of dash in MW, too much TY, I left my rear pointing the wrong way and lost two Crusader III’s due to it


Now started a great Benny Hill moment of my HQ running from the DAK, the DAK running after the HQ but trying to protect their rear, the last two Crusader III’s trying to get in the DAK’s rear all with the RAF and AA taking pots shots

Unfortunately game ended as shop shut and it was called, Graham had me on the ropes to be honest and it was going to end badly for the Rats at some point


IMG_0119[1].JPGGood couple of games, will have to do some 100 point games with infantry before I decide if I like it or not but was still a great way to waste a day

Many thanks to Colin for providing the Brits with their tea supply and dying gracefully and thanks also to Graham for moments of great comedy and for his precise movements throughout, he did however refuse to die quickly the filth Jerry that he is.

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