Team Yankee Tournament – Rumble on the Rhine!

So some of the Janco team decided it was time to earn our Team Yankee wooden spoons.  Myself, Baldie, James and Big Paul headed down to Rumble on the Rhine in Preston.  The event was hosted by the Ribble Warriors running out of Frenchwood Social Club.

The room itself was a spot on size for the number of tables, and a bar was on tap to drown any sorrows.  A good start!

The Tables

The tournament tables were of a high standard with some nice variation.  One or two of them looked like they would be quite different to play on!  Hills featured quite prominently, which ironically we didn’t have a lot of experience playing on!  The rules for hills and hull down are quite difficult to implement from the Battlefront description, but the Ribble guys had come up with a nice solution where if you were sat in the back half of the hill you got the cover – nice and simple.

2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (1)2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (2)2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (3)2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (4)2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (5)2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (6)

The Games

The tournament was 3 games, Nato vs WARPAC, with each table’s results contributing to the progress on the campaign map:

2017-02-19 Preston Tournament (25)

The interesting part was it was the TABLE’s result that game that contributed to each bar movement, not the same player’s each round.  I thought this was a nice touch.

I was using my Combined arms force that I’d been evolving over my last half dozen Janco games:

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams 6 pts
(1) FIST M113 Observer team 1 pts
Formation 1
(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team 1 pts
(6) M113 Mech Platoon 6 pts
(6) M113 Mech Platoon 6 pts
(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams 32 pts
(3) 3 x M106 Mortars 3 pts
Formation 2
(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team 1 pts
(6) M113 Mech Platoon 6 pts
(6) M113 Mech Platoon 6 pts
(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams 32 pts
100 pts

Game 1 – Mechanised Soviet List

My first game was against a BMP2 heavy mechanised list and I needed to take the objective from them.

Due to the placement of the terrain and setup area, the BMPs ended up having quite limited lines of sight and were rarely able to fire on My Abrams, who used their mobility to skip firing lines.  However, I was a little too hesitant with my infantry and in the end I was unable to dislodge them from the Objective.

The game ended 2:5 to the Russians.

Game 2 – T72 Soviet List

On this game I was attacking down the table against a T72 list.  My opponent chose to keep all his T72s in reserve initially and this allowed me to push up the board hard.  His BMP2 ambush failed utterly due what I can categorically say was the worst string of dice rolling I have ever seen – it basically continued throughout the whole game.

I was eventually able to force his Infantry off the objective on my left and then use the Abram’s superior cross stat to occupy the woods around the objective and prevent a counter attack.

Score was 5:2 to the US; although I suspect a lot of this was down to the absolutely abysmal dice rolling of my opponent!  He was a great sport about it!

3rd Game – Soviet Afgantsy

I ended upon the defensive here, with my forces split across the board on 2 objectives and my Tanks in the middle ready to support either Objective.

My opponent pushed hard for one of the objectives by landing on my table edge behind it; however, I was able to move Infantry into range and force the Hinds back into the air where they were trimmed down to size with some lucky 50 CAL fire.

Once they were on the back foot, I was able to push the offensive with my tanks on the left flank whilst my right flank the Mech held solid.

6:1 win to the US (no pics for this one!)


Overall the 4 HoG / Janco participants did pretty well – the amount of games and list tweaking we had done clearly paid off.


Closing Thoughts

The Ribble Warriors put on an EXCELLENT event.  We all had great fun.  The day was well thought out and prize support was pretty damned awesome as well with support from Tim Harris at The Plastic Soldier and a few of the Club Members with MDF products and the like (apologies if I missed anyone, please mention in the comments and I will add you!)

Will definitely be along for their future events!


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