Team Yankee on 8ft x 6ft Board – Lee vs Big Paul


Firstly, long time no post… I blame Real Life for getting in the way…

So a few of the lads have been discussing for some time that Team Yankee is bloody awesome, but one of the few things that we don’t like is the board can feel very ‘compact’ at 4ft x 3ft standard table size.  You tend to end up with a lot of car parks hardly anything except infantry weaponry is ever out of range…

We’ve been proposing for some time to double the table size, and we finally got round to it.  Of course, we felt compelled to up the points to a very sizeable 150 (well Paul did!)

So on to the forces…..

Lee – Team US

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon

(7) M113 Mech Platoon

Formation 2

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon (no added Dragon Team)

Formation 3

(16) HQ – 2 x Abrams Tank Teams

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M103 Mortar Tank Teams


(14) 4 x Cobra Attack Helicopters

(6) 4 x VADS AA Tank Teams

(15) 6 x M109 Artillery Tank Teams (with Bomblets)

(1) FIST Observer


Big Paul – Team Russia

(15) 6 x MI-24 HIND Assault Helicopters

(5) 3 x BMP-2  Recon Tanks

(4) 4 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA

Formation 1


(9) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 5 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams, 1 x SA-14 Gremlin AA Team 
(8) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 4 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams
Formation 2
(5) Tank Battalion HQ
(32) 7 x T72 tank
(32) 7 x T72 tank
(12) 5 x T72 tank

Total 150pts


Mission and Setup

We used the Expanded Missions – choose your strategy option (only way to play!).  I went planned attack and Paul went for hasty attack, generating a Mobile Battle with me as the Attacker.  A roll on the chart gave Hasty Attack.

Hasty Attack

Paul plonked his objective bang slap in the centre of a multi storey building in the middle of his table side, and an objective on a hill on my side not far off centre.

I went far left and far right with my objectives, hoping to split his forces over the much larger table width.

Haveing to choose my reserves first, I chose all my Abrams, 2 Mech teams and my VADS to start on table.  Paul chose 2 units of T-72s, his Gophers, and his 2 infantry companies (1 in BMP2s, the other in BMP1s).  The BMP2 company went into Ambush within their transports.

We both deployed, with Paul protecting the centre and left objective (it had by far the most cover leading to it, so was my obvious choice for attack).  I removed the right hand objective after deploying armour on the left flank and Mech to the centre with nice lines of sight and an eye on my own objective defence.

Turn 1 – Americans

I lucked out on my Reinforcements roll and after debating between the Cobras and M109s, I blitzed my Artillery onto the board using my HQ’s Skill level (he had been conveniently loitering on the edge of the board for such an occurrence!)

My armour on the road moved up to occupy a set of gardens, passing multiple cross checks, and my Armour HQ occupied a stables garden giving me lines of sight onto the T72s in the distance.  Everyone else hunkered down for some shooting.

My Abrams were able to destroy 1 T72 in the ensuing fire, along with a number of BMP1s.  The Dragons from my Mech teams also rained shots into the BMP1s, leaving them quite beleaguered once the smoke cleared.  The M109s, despite some ace shelling, killed a single base of infantry in the centre building.

Turn 1 – Russians

Paul dropped his BMP2 company out of ambush right in front of my Armour units.  Ah crap… His T72s swung round from behind the Ambush to get shots as well, and his T72s on my right flank pushed forward in line of sight.

Luckily for me, the T72 on the right flank were out of range.  Then, in some of the worst rolling I’ve ever seen, Paul only managed to hit my Abrams 2 or 3 times.  And I saved them all…  Worrying times for the Russians!

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (12)

Turn 2 – Americans

No reinforcements this turn, and with all my forces in good spots I moved straight to firing.

My centre Abrams started first, killing 3 T72s and bailing a 4th.

My Abrams on the left, alo with the HQ, tore into the BMP2s.  the Dragons from the 2 Mech Platoons followed suit; in the end, 5 BMPs were totalled and 1 bailed.

Turn 2 – Russians

The remaining T72s now centre table made for cover, and the ones on my right got into range.  His centre infantry company started to make their way across the Refinery towards my Objective.

Between the T72s and the BMP2s a hail of fire was poured into my Abrams yet again.  Yet only 1 Abrams fell to the firepower… I couldn’t believe my luck.

Turn 3 – Americans

I rolled for Reinforcements and got 1; I mobilised my Cobras, blitzing them on using my HQ.

Concentrating on the T72s, the US really turned up the HEAT (pun intended)….

With combined fire from my Abrams and Cobras, the T72s on the left were broken, and 2 T72s on the right destroyed.  The Russian General’s response was very appropriate…

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (24)

Turn 3 – Russians

Paul was unable to call any reinforcements just yet.  Resisting hitting the Vodka, he soldiered on.

His infantry moved up on both flanks and his remaining T72s broke off to the right behind the Refinery to flank my objective.  His remaining BMPs took further shots on my Abrams.  With 2 hits landed, I saved them both….

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (28)

Turn 4 – Americans

I scored 2 lots of reinforcements so brought on both my Mech Platoons that were my 3rd Formation.  On the left, a platoon sped up the edge of the board protected by buildings from incoming fire.  4 Abrams moved to assist them.  My other platoon split from their transports; they landed mid-board, and the transports sped up the right flank to threaten the Gophers hanging around at the back.

In the centre and left I opened fire again, finishing off the remaining BMP2s.

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (31)

Turn 4 – Russians

Paul rolled 2 reinforcements on 2 dice.  He chose his HINDs and last T72 company; rolling for his T72s’ they came in on my left flank corner, immediately giving them flanking shots on a unit of Abrams!  2 Abrams were destroyed due to below average to-hit rolling; I had gotten off relatively lightly.

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (36)

On my right, the HINDs dropped right next to the objective supported by 2/3 of an infantry company and 4 T72s.

AA fire from my M113s proved ineffective.  The HINDs, infantry and T72s between them killed 2 units of Mech Infantry and 4 M113s, again due to very poor dice rolling from Paul.  Nonethless, my objective was now threatened.

Turn 5 – Americans

My 3 Abrams in the centre finally broke cover and headed right, taking out 2 T72s on the right flank with snipe shots.

On the left, a combined crescendo of fire from 4 Abrams, 3 blitzed Dragons from my Mech platoon and the Cobras decimated the newly mobilised T72 company.

My Mortars came on to support my Objective; Dragons and M113s all opened up on the HINDs but were only able to down 1.

Turn 5 – Russians

On the left, the Russian Infantry were unable to cause any damage and were now in danger of being overwhelmed with ease.  On the right, a few M113s and Mortar tanks were lost but my objective had 3 Mech Platoons in range of it and 3 Abrams moving to support.

At this point Paul called the game.

A few pics of the final board:

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (38)

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (39)

2017-03-30 Team Yankee Lee vs Paul 150pts (40)


The game itself was great – although the dice rolling was shockingly one sided.

Using the larger table added a lot of depth to the game, in terms of strategy, usefulness of units and just a much better look to the table (‘car parks’ seemed much less prevalent, Artillery ranges were useful for keeping them out of threat range etc).

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