Lart de la guerra 200 points

Recent outing for my Seleucid force vs Republican Romans

200 points with me defending, my break points 20 and the Romans 26

My force so shamefully put together when faced by finely painted opponents

Elephants on the left, Pikes in the middle and deadly cataphracts on the right, Romans had placed their best troops on their right expecting to fight the cavalry so had to spend time moving over which shall prove to be a big problem


Game begins and Romans move the infantry out of line to start making it over to the left and shuffle the other two divisions to their right. My elephants move into the plantation, missile troops move to start harassing and the cavalry start to manover to threaten a flank


The first clash goes to the Romans as the blades get stuck into my pike on the right and only the rough ground on my left keeps the javlins and spearmen alive. At the rear my grey horse starts to drive off the enemy light horse and the Roman troops with some low rolls don’t manage to get far across. Even at this stage it looked like it was a race between my cavalry now ready to turn the tide in the foot battle and the Roman reserves trying to get across to stop them


Think I missed a turn where my light horse drove of the Roman skirmish horse from the camp and allowed my heavy cavalry to start attacking it, as it was fortified camp I needed a six to destroy it, good lads it took em two turns but there goes 6 more point to me


Last turn of the game the cataphracts moved in to take off cohesion from Roman blades fighting the pike blocks, the fight here had been incredibly even until the flanking cavalry made an appearance and I got some really good command rolls allowing me to remove lost cohesion points on my troops. One elephant chased off some skirmish troops and the other luckily survived being flanked by Roman blades then turned around to fight to the front and got support from javelin and spear troops to help out


Game ended with a crushing victory to the Seleucid forces, taking out 26+ points for the loss of 1/2 point each for a javelin and a spear unit and two cohesion pips for a total of 26 to 3

Romans rolling low on command really hurt them as the troops trying to relocate were too slow to get into a position to support

Really enjoy Lart, will def get these 10mm forces painted up and learn the rules a little more



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