Flames of War Version III Soviets vs Americans

Ok so we decided to do a Version III game before the weekend

MW 1650 points in hold the line. America defended with an armoured recce company vs Soviets mixed Tankovy

The Soviets 10 T26, 10 T34, 10 BA-10, 3 KV-1e, Limited Il-2


The Americans 2 Infantry in HT, recon platoon, 2 platoons of Shermans and some 105’sIMG_0055[1].JPG

Table had been set up like this before mission was rolledIMG_0056[1].JPG

105’s started on top of an objectiveIMG_0057[1].JPG

An American platoon started dug in around  the other one which was in between the golden domes church and the much more impressive barn to its right. A sherman platoon was in ambush, it was going to be two platoons of shermans in ambush but I reminded the American supreme command that my BA-10 could recce to contest objective and push back the ambush at least 8″. Still one platoon of shermans was still out there


Plane came in and took out the artillery commander and staff team but all the guns saved, the American company 1IC was camped next to them so Rich preferred the guns to stay


BA-10’s moved forwards hoping to stop shermans ambushing from the woods and also managed to take out the 2IC


Ambush reveled and some of the BA-10’s were burning, artillery joined in and more went up as well


Burning Russians pointed out to the rest of the battalion where the enemy were located, the BA-10’s had been used to store the companys spare supply of aviation fuel ready to turn into vodka so went up well


Sturmovik came back in and repaid the favour, Rich regretted not putting them in the wood next to his observer as the last one ran


T34 fire wiped out two guns and the rest ran, the commander looked on at the T34’s and dug his hole a little deeper. If the reserves didn’t come on then he was holding the objective with a single LMG team


Whilst KV’s and T26’s held the infantry around the far objective the T34’s went on the assault and despite the American commander holding on for a turn they got the objective before reserves arrived to contest it. Victory to the Soviets


American player is a returning FOW player and I am sure my chaps will get the kicking they deserve at some point in the future but hey a win is a win


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