Team Yankee – Lee vs Colin

Four of us have entered a tournament in Preston Feburary next year, so the race is on to perfect our lists and get some experience in.  I’ve made some significant changes with a view to being able to win at a decent points ratio, and this was the first chance to try it out.

Colin fancied another ruck; if this planned strategy could work against Brits, it should work on anyone!

Lee’s Americans


(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams

(1) FIST M113 Observer team

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(3) 3 x M106 Mortars

Formation 2

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

Total 100pts

Colin’s Brits


(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAMs


(7) HQ – 1 x Chieftain Tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(6) 3 x Swingfire tanks

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams

Total 95pts

Mission and Deployment

My new strategy is to attack by night, as Americans by far have the best distribution of Thermal Imaging.  So I went for prepared attack.  Colin opted for Defence, so rolling on the chart gave us No Retreat.


The mission gave me a choice of Time of Day, so I opted for night time.  The biggest bonus here was that the Chieftains didn’t have Thermal Imaging, so would be hitting me on no better than a 5…

Setup followed.


Turn 1 – Americans

I charged forward with everything on the left (moving at Terrain Dash as per the Night rules – luckily Abrams are very fast).  In the middle, my 2 spare Mech Platoons get ready to keep the Brit Infantry busy.

I had left myself a line of sight to fire a smoke bombardment with my FIST as the spotter, but he need a 6 to make the pre-determined point.  He rolled a 5 and I pulled the smoke closer and ranged in.


Turn 1 – Brits

Col rolled for reinforcements and nothing was forthcoming for now.

With very little to do, he backed off his Chieftains to prevent me getting on their side armour.

Turn 2 – Americans

I ploughed forward with the Abrams and Inf Platoons on the left, whilst my Infantry on the right took up positions in the buildings and Bocage hedgerow to ensure Col’s infantry wouldn’t dare break from their Foxholes.


I opened up with my Abrams, and as per usual against Chieftains it was like throwing pebbles at a wall.  I ended up with 1 Chieftain bailed for 8 shots fired, and the 4 Abrams doing the shooting were now horribly exposed.

My other Abrams fired on a Swingfire and the Mech Transports, bailing a single transport.

My Infantry had a little more success, killing 2 Brit Infantry teams.

Turn 2 – Brits

Colin rolled a reinforcement and brought on a Chieftain unit with his HQ, blitzing into position.  Colin also moved up a single Transport to hold on to the Objective.

This could hurt…


His single Swingfire that I had missed fired first, bailing an Abrams from one squad.  Then the Chieftains opened up…  The unit of 3 behind the hedge blew up 2 Abrams immediately, and I waited for the squad wipe; but somehow, the second unit completely missed all it’s shots.  Some luck for once!

Turn 3 – Americans

My Mech Inf on the left dismounted and headed for the objective.  My beleaguered Abrams unit pushed forward suicidally to get a shot on the side armour of the Chieftains, whilst the other manoeuvred in the cornfield to fire on the Swingfire and Mech Transports.  On the right, my other 2 Mech Inf Platoons settled into their cover ready to fire on the Brits with their Dragons.

The Suicidal charge of the 2 Abrams paid off, with them destroying 2 Chieftains outright.  The other Abrams were also able to destroy the single visible Swingfire.  The Bailed Chieftain crew decided to run for it, spiking his tank before leaving the field.

Shooting continued on the right, but to little appreciable effect.  However, the goal was to simply keep them busy, any kills were just a bonus.

 Turn 3 – Brits

3 more Chieftains blitzed onto the field to augment the 4 still in operation.  Colin chose not to push anything forward onto the objective, instead electing for total destruction.


His Chieftains opened up, with his HQ-led team destroying one of my ‘Suicide Abrams’ and the other team only succeeding in bailing a single Abrams from the other team.  Amazingly, my solo Abrams passed his morale check to stay on the field.

Turn 4 – Americans

I manoeuvred to secure the objective.  With only a single FV432 preventing me securing it, my Infantry threw up a cordon around the Objective and readied to engage the FV423 in Assault.

My Suicide Abrams drove up to the side of another Chieftain group for some point blank shooting practice.


My Abrams blew up the HQ Chieftain tank, with the Commander surviving and taking up residence in the tank next door.

The Infantry were easily able to overcome the FV432, and moved to complete the cordon around the objective.


Turn 4 – British

Colin decided at this point that there was no way he could take back the objective.  If he charged my Infantry cordon with his Chieftains, they would then get overrun by my Infantry and flanking Abrams.  So he called it there.


My objective was to attack at night and secure an objective quickly and cleanly using 8 Abrams and 2 platoons of Infantry.  We did exactly that.

We talked through Colin’s deployment.  If he had put his infantry on the objectives it might have been different, but they would have probably got steamrollered by the Abrams.  The biggest mistakes he made, in my opinion, were where he put the mines and his choice of Ambush unit.  I would have definitely put a unit of Chieftains and their HQ in ambush rather than the Scimitars, and used the mines to completely block the left hand approach to the objectives.

For my part it was mostly textbook.  Looking forward to trying this force against the Russian hordes!

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