Team Yankee – Battle of the Lees!

This was it – Lee vs Lee..  Baldie vs Baldy, Big Lee vs Little Lee.

I was carting on my revised list using 2 Mech Inf formations as usual, whereas Baldie had opted for a BMP-2 spam list (Netlister!!!!)

The forces were as follows:

Lee’s Americans


(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(10) 2 x A10 ‘Warthog’ Strike Aircraft

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Formation 2

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(3) 3 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 99pts

Lee’s Russians

5 Hinds x 2
1 BMP-1 observer

BMP Battalion
(2) HQ 1 x BMP-2
(20) BMP company 10 x BMP inc gremlin
(20) BMP company 10 x BMP inc gremlin
(38) T72 x 8 inc 3 x Mine Roller
(4) Shilkas x 4
(4) Gopher x 2
(5) carnation x 3
(3) BMP-2 Recon x 2

Mission and Setup

I chose to go on the offensive (I had a plan!) and chose prepared attack, whereas Lee dropped for Hasty Attack.  I attempted for Night attack but rolled Daylight.


After set up the table looks liked this:


The mood was tense and the troops ready…

Turn 1 – Americans

I rolled a reinforcement right away and moved on with 2 ITVs on my left.  I pushed up on the right towards the objective, dismounting White Platoon and supporting them with the 8 M113s.  The Abrams moved forward into firing positions on the T72s.  With everything ready, the guns opened up.

I started with my Artillery on the T72s, netting a single kill…

6 teams of Dragons followed up, netting 2 bails…

…and the Abrams, as usual, rolled rubbish and netted another kill.


On the right, my M113s were unable to harm the single BMP they could see.


Turn 1 – Russians

Big Lee’s T72s manoeuvred into firing positions on the Abrams, with 1 failing to remount.  His BMPs deployed to centre table, not wanting to tackle the 2 platoons of infantry defending my Objective.  On my right his BMPs shuffled forward into firing positions and his Infantry revealed from Ambush to protect the Objective I was obviously going to push for.   They succeeded in digging in.


Lee opened fire… His T72s totalled an Abrams and bailed a second.  On my right, his BMPs destroyed an M113 and bailed the other 3.

With his shooting done, it was time for morale checks.  It was quite obvious what was coming….

The Abrams and M113s broke…. Happy days…

First turn to the Russians….

Turn 2 – Americans

I reinforced with my 4th Mech Platoon and pushed up mid table, aiming to land them in the centre building to threaten the BMPs and, to a lesser extent, the T72s.

On the left, between my ITVs, Artillery and Dragon teams, we were able to destroy 1 more T72.  On the right, White Platoon destroyed a BMP and bailed another.  My Mortars hit the Infantry on the right but to little avail.

Turn 2 – Russians

Lee re-dployed his Gophers slightly to cover the Right side of the table fully, with 1 bogging.  His T72s repositioned to fire on my ITVs and the BMPs pushed up to challenge my 4th Mech Platoon behind the centre buildings.


The BMPs opened up first, destroying the sole M113 they could see and the rifle team inside; the Dragon team safely staggering into the building beside it.


The BMPs on the right took care of 2 of my Rifle teams in open space.


As per usual, the T72s were able to find their mark in pick out the ITVs, obliterating them.  My Objective was starting to look weak, now only held by 2 Infantry Platoons to which the T72s were completely immune up close, and my opponent knew this well.

Turn 3 – Americans

With a double reinforce I brought on my VADS and Cobras to push hard on the right objective.  The Cobras were going to be braving Gopher AA fire, but I had to push now.My 4th Mech Platoon redeployed from centre table to the right to push the fight for the objective

On the left, the Dragon teams and Artillery had some success, destroying 2 T72s and bailing a 3rd.

On the right, my Mortar team experienced an incredible success, killing 3 out of 4 possible teams.

Whilst I lost a Cobra to AA fire, they, White Platoon and the VADS were able to destroy another BMP and bail 2.  Whilst plenty of shots were put into the infantry, I couldn’t convert any of them into kills.

Turn 3 – Russians

The T72s went after my Artillery and FIST, missing the FIST but destroying an M109.  The BMPs moved up in the centre.

The action for the Russians was on my right this turn, focusing on defending the Objective.  Lee’s fire destroyed a VADS and bailed a 2nd, whilst also destroying 2 M113s.

Turn 4 – Americans

I reinforced on the left with 2 platoons of ITVs behind the bocage hedge.  I pushed forward the M113s there to prevent the T72s dashing into my lines.

On the right, 4th Mech Platoon dismounted and pushed into the refinery.  White Platoon pushed forward ready to assault.

Through combined fire, the BMPs on the right were either all destroyed or bailed, at the cost of 1 Cobra.


On the left, more success against the T72s as the Dragons destroyed another and the Artillery re-bailed one.

On assault, White Platoon were able to destroy an RPG team.  The Russians fell back and I pressed the attack.


Turn 4 – Russians

My success on the left spooked the T72s, as they fell back behind the building line.  The BMPs repositioned to start hitting the right.


On the right, the BMPs and Infantry hit back against me; whilst my Infantry faired well, a VADS and M113 were lost.

Turn 5 – Americans

This was the table facing me…


With the let secure, I concentrated everything on the right.  4th Platoon moved up ready to assault, and my Cobras finished off the BMPs losing one of their number to AA fire and then leaving the field.

img_0794 4th Platoon and White platoon then assaulted, clearing out more infantry but failing to clear out the objective.


End Game

We assessed the table as laid… my assault on the right was effectively over as the objective would be reinforced by BMPs and T72s and my infantry would be overwhelmed.  On the left, I would be able to repel almost anything thrown at me.   But the scenario was clear, time-outs would lead to Defender victory.

Victory to the Soviets!


Dropping my Abrams to a 3 team Platoon was an epic mistake.  As much fun as my 6 M109s were, the extra Abram would have been much more useful.

My infantry continue to perform well given their limitations, but  I need to be a little more aggressive in the early turns if I’m to win attacker missions.  I have a new list to test including 8 Abrams in 2 Mech Inf Formations that I believe will give me the right level of mobility and firepower to act aggressively with confidence.  But we will see!

Big Lee played an excellent game, He could have possibly done more on my left but played it safe and secured the win.

Great game and can’t wait for more.  Getting to be a bit of an obsession this Team Yankee is…

Some pictures from the table at Game End:



2 thoughts on “Team Yankee – Battle of the Lees!”

  1. Great game

    Loads of carnage and death, you got my list a little wrong though. Less BMP’s and more T72’s, only until I get more BMP’s of course.

    Loss of all those spy planes no doubt.

    I made 30 explosion markers for the game and we used all but one I think.

    Observant among you, or pretty much anyone who looks at the pics will notice, a few IS-2’s were appearing in a staring role as BMP-2’s

    They def killed more this game than they do in WWII

    T72’s spooked into hiding indeed. T72’s not stupid enough to try to out kill 4 x ITV’s in cover. Come and get me I will kill you in the open.

    Loads of pressure on the infantry defending and attacking the objective gave their lives whilst the lads in the woods watched on.

    No way I was going for the other objective until I cleared out all the supports.

    If you had ended up as defender I doubt I would have got it either.

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