Team Yankee – Lee vs Colin

So, as per usual Scott whiffed out of playing a planned game so Colin challenged me again with his still-under-development Brits.

I changed up a couple of things, dropping my Arty, 2 ITV units and 3 Mortars to bring in my A10s and another Mech Inf Platoon and HQ, splitting my force into 2 formations.

Lee’s Americans


(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(10) 2 x A10 ‘Warthog’ Strike Aircraft

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams

Formation 1

(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Formation 2

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(6) M113 Mech Platoon

(3) 3 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 99pts

Colin’s Brits


(12) 4 x Lynx TOW Helicopters

(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAMs

(10) 4 x Harriers (using Tornado proxies)


(14) HQ – 2 x Chieftain Tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(6) 3 x Swingfire tanks

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

(4) 4 x Scimitar RECON tank teams

Total 103pts

Mission and Setup

We both chose defence, and rolled up the mission as Dust-up.


I deployed the entirety of Formation 1 along with VADS and Cobra Support.

Colin kept back his Rapiers, Harriers, TOW Lynxes and a Chieftain Platoon.


Turn 1 – Brits

Colin scored the first turn and set off moving up the board to secure cover.  His Mech Platoon made straight for the centre building in their transports.


Turn 1 – Americans

Moving to flank the Brits, my Abrams set off to my right whilst my second Mech Platoon set off to the left.

My ITVs blitz moved up using the HQ’s skill level to shoot at the Mech Transports…. 1 bogged, and the other missed.

My Cobras and Dragon teams in the building had a little more success, destroying 2 Swingfires that had moved the previous turn and bailing a Mech Transport.

Turn 2 – Brits

The Mech Infantry Platoon moved into the centre building.  The only shooting was limited to a Swingfire shot at my Cobras, which connected but was saved.


Turn 2 – Americans

I hadn’t realised the threat of the Brits getting in that building, but had to do something about it.  Redirecting my 2nd Mech Platoon and 2 platoons of M113s, as well as my Abrams, I threw everything at them.


When the firing finished, the Brits were pinned but had not suffered a single casualty.  What few shots had gotten through their saves, I had been unable to convert to a kill with my Firepower checks.

The only consolation was one of My Abrams firing on the Scimitar team, killing a 2nd and bailing the third and causing the unit to break.


 Turn 3 – Brits

The Brits reinforced with their AA, and otherwise sat tight and opened fire…

The Chieftains in the centre and my left opened up first… The HQ sniped down an M113 …


…whilst the 3 Chieftains on my left rained hell on my Infantry in the woods, hitting 5 times! pinning them and killing 2 teams of Dragons.

Luckily, his shooting elsewhere was less effective.

Turn 3 – Americans

The Brit Infantry in the building had to go, now!  I turned everything I could muster on them, with the exception of my Abrams that retreated back behind the refinery before his last Chieftain Platoon arrived from reserves.


Everything I had assembled threw their all at the Brits… killing 2 teams…..  I was incredulous, Colin couldn’t stop laughing.  Undeterred, I pushed in for the assault…


And was immediately driven off by defensive fire, losing 2 more teams in the process…


Turn 4 – Brits

Still laughing, Colin deployed his Chieftains to the right flank and set about carving up more of my forces.  The Rapiers took down 2 Cobras, and the 5 Chieftains now sat in centre board finished off my Mech Platoon sat in the open.  This wasn’t pretty…

Turn 4 – Americans

On my left, I reinforced with an Infantry Platoon and pushed it up near the objective taking cover behind a Vehicle shed.

Still focused on the centre Brit building, I moved my second Platoon of infantry forward to engage.  My Cobras braved Rapier fire to engage again with their Vulcans, and my VADS opened up with their stationary ROF.  Boy those Brits were gonna get it…


I lost another Cobra to Rapier fire, but managed to only kill another couple of teams.


My second Platoon tried their luck on Assault.  Charging in, they killed a single Brit team.

The Brits then counter-attacked, and wiped out the 4 Teams that had assaulted.  The remaining Dragon teams, well out of Command range, failed their Morale and ran off, taking the M113s with them.


My Abrams took a chance and pushed on the 3 Chietains.  They did better than I  expected, bailing 2 of them.  However, the Chieftains did not break.

I was in serious trouble, with basically only the VADS defending my 2 objectives…

Turn 5 – Brits

Col reinforced with his Lnyx TOWs,  back up his Cheftains on my right.


In a stroke of luck for me, neither of the Chieftains remounted.  My Abrams might just survive…

Col’s centre board Chieftains and Infantry set upon my VADS, destroying 2 of them in an attempt to clear the airspace for his Lynxes.

His lone Chieftain on my right zeroed in on my Abrams, destroying 1 outright.


As his Lynxes opened fire, I was able to down two with the VADS.  The remaining 2 failed to hit my Abrams.


Turn 5 – Americans

My Abrams made a mad dash for the Chieftains, destroying 2 but failing to finish the last.  It again refused to run.


On the left I occupied the Machine hut with my Infantry, and in the centre my 2 remaining VADS moved out of like of sight of the Brit Infantry.

Turn 6 – Brits

Col’s Harriers came available.  His solo Chieftain again failed to remount.

His Lnyxes were finished off my my VADS as they attempted to fire.


On the left, his Harriers lined up for a cluster bomb strike on my 3rd infantry platoon.  I managed to shoot down 1 Harrier with .50 cals from the M113s, but the remaining 3 killed 3 teams of Infantry and destroyed / bailed 2 M113s.


Turn 6 – Americans

Start of the turn…


Colin had really missed a trick in the middle – his Infantry could have advanced on the objective, opposed only by 2 VADS which they could have probably easily dealt with.  I wasn’t going to complain…

I rallied my Infantry and pushed onto the left objective.  My A10s finally entered the fray, sweeping in behind the Chieftains on the left.


In the middle, I reinforced behind my objectives with my 4th Infantry platoon.  Col’s window to take the objective had passed.


My Abrams set about  removing the AA and final Chieftain.  Fluffing the shots on the Chieftain, they killed 2 AA units.


I activated my A10s.  They suffered AA fire from Rapiers and Chieftains but emerged unscathed.  Lining up for the perfect Maverick launch, they rolled…. Double miss!  That’s them back in the box for another few months…


Turn 7 – Brits

Colin was in a predicament on my left.  He couldn’t get within 4″ of the objective with a dash, so had to kill everything within 4″ of the objective, with only one centre Chietain instead focusing on my Abrams.

His sole Chieftain on the right remounted, and between the 2 Chieftains they destroyed an Abrams an bailed another.


On the left, the Chieftains and FV432s let rip but it wasn’t enough, with them narrowly leaving me within 1 team of a morale check.


Turn 7 – Americans

With an objective held by my Infantry, it was victory to the Americans!

Conclusion / Thoughts

I really don’t like fighting Brits!  With Chieftains at long range and infantry up close, they really do take some killing.  If not for Colin failing to notice the open objective, I’d have lost at the start of turn 6 with no recourse at all!

With another Platoon of infantry slotted in and some more games under his belt, I reckon Col is gonna be a force to be reckoned with.



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