Team Yankee – Lee vs Paul, round 3

Continuing on the bloodshed from our previous games here and here, we were one apiece and both looking to bloody some noses (in a friendly rivalry sort of way of course!)

I took my customary Mech Inf force with no changes, whilst Paul was still changes things around to see what worked for him.

Lee’s American Mech Inf Force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(7) 3 x  M109 Artillery tank teams

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Paul’s T72 Tank Battalion


(15) 4 x MI-24 HIND Assault Helicopters

(4) MI-24 HIND Assault Landing Company – 4 x AK47 teams, 4 x RPG-7 teams

(5) 3 x BMP-2  Recon Tanks

(2) 2 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA


(9) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 5 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams, 1 x SA-14 Gremlin AA Team 
(8) BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company – 4 x BMP2, 4 x AK-47 teams, 3 x RPG-7 teams
Gremlin aa
(5) Tank Battalion HQ
(22) 5 x T72 tank
(22) 5 x T72 tank
(12)3 x T72 tank

Total 104 pts

The Mission

I was expecting people to start getting wise to my ‘always defence’ selection on the More Missions table, so decided to try a Hasty Attack choice.  Paul also went Hasty Attack, and we ended up rolling Encounter – the same mission I drew against Colin the day before!


Set up

I was classed as attacker so picked the side.  We set up objectives and I dropped a unit first.

I kept off my 4 ITV platoons, Mortars and Cobras.  (I also forgot to deploy my FIST!)  My Commander stayed off as I planned to have him help the Cobras blitz onto the table.  Knowing he had Spearhead, I dropped down an Infantry Platoon on one objective and their M113s near to the other to try and keep his deployment zone pushed back.

As we swapped deployments it was evident he was going to push for my right objective with a Spearhead of 3 T72s and 4 Recon BMPs, so I dropped 2 Infantry platoons there.  Once he had run out of platoons to deploy I dropped my Abrams safely in the woods ready to flank his T72s.  My left flank was ably protected by my 3rd Infantry Platoon, and the VADS took up centre board surrounded by M113s.  Paul’s only infantry on the board protected the right flank objective with their BMPs.  His other objective was protected solely by 2 Shilkas, which was potentially a big problem for him.

Turn 1 – Russians

Paul won the roll-off and pushed forward hard.  On the left, his BMPs dashed cross country, looking to flank my M109s and use the woods to gain cover from my Inf Platoon.

On my right, the T72s pushed forward into my Infantry, destroying 3 rifle teams with their machine guns and killing a 4th in assault.  I chose to fall back with my 4 remaining Dragon teams, knowing that they could not harm the MBTs and my Abrams were in a prime position to wreak revenge.


Turn 1 – Americans

On my left, my Rifle teams moved forward into range whilst my Dragons took aim.  Opening fire, they succeeded in bailing 3 BMPs and destroying one.


On the right, My Abrams maneuvered onto the tree line and took aim at the T72s whilst my unharmed Inf Team targeted the BMPs.  The Recon BMPs were destroyed wholly by Dragon and LAW fire, whilst the two T72 baring their rears at the Abrams were also destroyed.  Testing morale, the 3rd T72 decided discretion was the better part of valour and fled, leaving 2 Shilkas defending the Russian objective on my right flank.

Turn 2 – Russians

The BMPs pushingon my left retrieved 2 of their bailed number and piled forward around the trees, getting cover from my Mech Infantry and bailing one of my M109s.  On the right, the Shilkas hunkered down and hoped for the best.

Turn 2 – Americans

On the left I pushed to eliminate the BMPs, with my Rifle teams pushing through the woods and firing on the move with their LAWS and 2 of my M113s swinging around the woods from the other side.  Alas, the LAW shots all missed (needing 5s and 6s) and the M113s were unable to penetrate the BMP armour.

In the middle, my VADS moved up (when they weren’t getting bogged) and my M113s moved up to their Platoon on the right ready for them to remount.

On the right, the Abrams moved up and popped a Shilka, being cautious not to break cover as they expected Russian reinforcements on the third turn.

Turn 3 – Russians

With no reinforcements incoming, the BMPs on the left did what they could to clear my forces there.  With the last bailed BMP remounting, they killed 2 M109s and a Dragon team.  The sole surviving bailed M109 did not run.

Turn 3 – Americans

I rolled a single reserve, bringing on my Cobras with my Mech Inf HQ.  Using his skill I succeeded in blitzing them onto the table (rolling 3!) and they came onjust right of centre table.

One the left, my single M109 rallied.  Supported by my Rifle Teams who blitzed up closer to the BMPS, it let rip at point blank range and utterly annihilated a BMP.  After the LAWs had fired only one BMP remained, which took the high road.

On the right, my Abrams platoon took cover in the tree line and my Infantry mounted up and dashed for the objective, supported by additional empty M113s from the 2nd Inf Platoon and the unbogged VADS units.


My Cobras took aim and finished the last Shilka with TOW missiles.  At this point, the only Soviet units on table were the transportless Infantry protecting the Soviet objective on my left.

Turn 4 – Russians

Paul managed to roll a single reinforcement and brought on his HINDs with infantry aboard as these were the only unit he could guarantee landing on target (dispersed reinforcements was in effect).  One of the HINDs landed (note the troops were placed for clarity, they were still inside the HIND at this point), whilst the other 3 attempted a Rocket Salvo on my advancing M113s.

I opened up with my AA fire from 7 M113s and my 4 Abrams, managing to down 1 HIND.  The resulting Salvo hit 7 of my 8 M113s, needing 5s to hit!  Thinking his luck had improved at this point, I somehow then proceeded to save every single M113 barring a Bail roll, which he failed to confirm!


Turn 4 – Americans

My Abrams decided to throw caution to the wind, moving up to fire on the landed HIND.  My VADS also moved into range, and my troops deployed and flooded around the Objective.

On the left my troops dug foxholes and sat tight.

The VADS opened fire and downed one of the airborne HINDs, whilst the Abrams destroyed the landed one.  The 2 passenger teams survived, bailing out beside the HIND and becoming pinned.  The remaining HIND fled.

Turn 5 – Russians

Paul received a single reinforcement and chose a unit of 5 T72s, also electing to bring his HQ T72 on with them.  He rolled for scattered reserves and luckily was able to deploy on the right.

The 2 infantry teams from the HIND were able to unpin and moved onto the hill overlooking the objective.


The T72s moved toward the Infantry and opened fire on them with machine guns, managing to kill a single rifle team.  They then charged the Infantry and killed another Rifle team and a Dragon team.  With me being unable to hurt him at all in assault, I chose to fall back.

Turn 5 – Americans

I brought 2 ITV platoons on from reserve and they set up ready in cover.

The Abrams surged forward into the T72 lines to gain shots on their side armour, whilst my Cobras took aim and my Infantry moved up onto the hill.


Opening fire, the Abrams and Cobras were able to destroy 4 T72s and bail the 5th between them.  The infantry succeed in killing one of the soviet teams with rifle fire and charge the remaining one, killing the team and occupying the hilltop beside the Objective.

Turn 6

The Russians had at this point only 5 Tanks and a small amount of Infantry left to deploy to table.  Testing for the tanks, they would have come on the left and thus were unable to contest the objective on the right.  At this point Paul conceded the gam, there was simply nothing more he could do.



Due to how Paul had split up his Units (T72s in groups of 3, 5 and 5 for example) and me having more units to deploy I was able to save my Abrams until after he had deployed everything and place them in complete safety but threatening his forces.  As he placed his spearhead first, I was able to build up my counter around it.  The game was probably decided by force composition and deployment, truth be told.

When Paul’s T72s came on, they shot at the Infantry when the Abrams were within 16″ and not in cover.  If he had shot them and killed a couple it could have been a different story, but he would have still been contending with the Cobras.

This was almost a role reversal on the first game we played (and Paul’s first game of Team Yankee ever) where I left one of my objectives completely undefended.  As Paul had been completely on the offensive in his first 2 games, having to defend as well threw him a little I think 🙂

I’m not sure what I would have done different (apart from remembering to deploy my FIST next time).  I was quite happy with the way things went down, especially after the slugfest in the same mission the day before.

Rematch on Wednesday…

As always, comments welcome!

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