Team Yankee – Soviets vs Unrecognised State

Game against Reese

My Soviet BMP batalon vs Reese and his Leopard company in an 85 points game.

We checked the missions chart and ended up playing Breakthrough with me attacking.

Soviet forces


2 x small BMP companies

10 x T72

2 x Shilkas

4 x Gophers

3 x Carnations

1 x Observer BMP

2 x Hinds


Unrecognised state forces

HQ Leopard

2 x Leopard

2 x Leopard

4 x Marders with infantry

2 x Gepards with attatched missile teams

2 x Helicopters

4 x Jaguars

Turn 1 my T72 raced towards some woods where two Leopards were waiting, I cross country dashed and ended up out of sight of them. There were two more and the HQ in ambush though that I thought may pop out of the trees and deal death to me. To give my opponent something to think about I sent a unit of BMP down into his other deployment zone. The carnations set up at the back of the table whilst the AA settled in to wait for the airpower to arrive. My two hinds flew in behind the two leopards in the woods that the T72’s had dashed towards. If they survived and the ambush was revealed that could be ten tank shots coming back at me from about 6″ so would be very nasty indeed.


The hinds managed to hit both tanks in the rear and blew them apart, how delightful to be on a board without any significant AA at the moment.


Enemy turn they popped the ambush and decided to take out the BMP’s. Most of the infantry survived and ran into the buildings next to one of the objectives waiting for turn six.


The marders rushed across to the other objective ready to drop off their troops, if my second BMP batalon arrived from reserve before they got dug in they were in trouble.


The jaguars rolled to come on from reserve on the first roll but then failed to come onto the table all game,  8 points not available to the enemy was a loss they could have done without

As the hinds flew straight to the side of the battle field as soon as they realised Gepards were arriving there was no air targets available. Wanting to get stuck in the gepards shot at and obliterated the lone carnation that was in range. When I say obliterated I mean obliterated


The T72’s were involved in a very unfair fight with three Leopards, at one point though five were bailed out but critically not destroyed. The two helicopters that came on to the table were knocked out by the Russian AA before they could get a shot in. Move or fire works for me.


The BMP’s came on and got into a scrap with the marders, the troops had not tried to dig in and had been taking pot shots at the T72’s


Now came the real turning point, turn six and the objectives were both in Russian hands so the Leopards had to spread out to contest them. This allowed the BMP’s and the remaining T72’s who had survived a break test and had managed to all get back in their tanks.


Few mistakes were made, I had LMG in my BMP’s which were not actually in the short BMP list. This was more than made up for as the enemy had milans on the marders and was also using them on the ground rather than one or the other.


Gepards that had started towards the carnations had come back to try to murder death kill infantry but could not get close enough to the objective without dashing to hold it.

RPG, T72 and spandrel fire took out the remaining leopards that had to expose their side armour to get close enough to the objectives and with that the Soviets had it.


Few points from game

Unrecognised states forces having cross of 2+ and amazing AA and tanks is very nasty and in another mission defending or attacking will be great

Hinds were very lucky to take out two leopards on turn one

Jaguars never arriving

Helicopters getting blasted before they could unload and relatively small size of unrecognised states forces made it easier for the Soviets

Probably bigger than all of that was five T72’s getting bailed but not killed and then surviving a moral test. If they had gone the remaining leopards would have been able to casually roll me up.

Still good game





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