Team Yankee – Lee vs Colin

Master Colin, owner of Janco Toys and owner of a slow grow Brit force, challenged my Yanks to a game of War.  Being the Chieftain lover that he is, he went with a Chieftain force against my Mech Company.

The Forces

Lee’s Mech Infantry force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(7) 3 x  M109 Artillery tank teams

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(32) 4 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Colin’s Chieftain Brits


(12) 4 x Lynx TOW Helicopters

(6) 4 x Tracked Rapier SAMs

(10) 4 x Harriers (using Tornado proxies)


(14) HQ – 2 x Cheiftain Tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(21) 3 x Chieftain tanks with armour upgrade

(6) 3 x Swingfire tanks

(9) FV-432 Infantry platoon

Total 99pts

The mission

We both chose defence; Colin rolled for mission and we ended up with Encounter.  We chose our starting forces and set up objectives and forces.

On rolling for first Turn, Colin clinched it and made a start

Turn 1 – Brits

The British infantry began to move up centre board, taking cover behind the church.  Everyone else sat tight and fired, the sole American casualty being an ITV; it’s unit partner stood firm.


Turn 1 – Americans

I blitzed my Red Platoon infantry on the right forward towards the Swingfire and began positioning my M113s near the church to counter the incoming Brit infantry.  My ITVs missed everything they shot at.  The M109s and Red dragon teams were able to destroy 2 Swingfires between them.


Turn 2 – Brits

The Milan teams in the Infantry platoon ascended the church spire in the centre board.  The solo Swingfire missed it’s target, but the Chietains on the right did not, hitting and killing an ITV and bogged VADS.

Turn 2 – Americans

Red Platoon managed to finish off the last Swingfire.  The M109s ranged in on the right flank Chieftains, using Red Platoon’s unit leader to range in, and bailed on of them.  In the centre, the M113s and VADS openup up on the infantry and their transports, killing a Milan team and bailing a transport.

Things had been very scrappy and tit-for-tat so far, but with the third turn incoming also came the chance for reinforcements.

Turn 3 – Brits

With no reinforcements incoming, Col’s infantry dismounted in the middle and pushed to hit the M113s with no success.  The Chieftains on the right flank were able to destroy an ITV and bail the other with 2 lucky hits, succeeding to hit where the church tower Milan team failed.

On the left flank, the Chieftains fired their big guns on my Infantry, killing 2 dug in bases with their brutal firepower.

Turn 3 – Americans

No reinforcements.  I pushed up in the middle with my VADs and M113s to press Colin’s infantry at the church.  They were able to kill 2 rifle teams.  My M109s dropped shells on the right flank Chieftains again, this time managing to destroy one of them.  Finally, a Chieftain down!

Turn 4 – Brits

Col rolled a reinforcement and went for his Harriers.  He then failed their roll for deployment.

In the centre, the last of the infantry deployed and hit at the M113s and VADS., destroying 2 M113s.  The Chieftains on both flanks were unable to inflict any damage to the infantry in front of them.

Turn 4 – Americans

I rolled 1 reinforcement and went for my Abrams, reinforcing the left flank and aiming to take down his HQ Chieftains.  My left flank Inf Platoon loaded up and set off for the objective.


The Abrams opened fire, but only succeeded in scratching some Chieftain paintwork.  By the church a little more success, with the M113s and VADS killing more infantry.

Turn 5 – Brits

Colin rolled 2 reinforcements and also had his Harriers come available… this could hurt.  He deployed his last Chieftain platoon on the left opposite my Abrams, moved the Harriers onto my advancing M113s and blitzed the TOW Lynxs onto the board on the right.

Somehow, after the smoke had cleared I had only lost a single Abrams and an M113 (and it’s passengers).  Lucky for me!


 Turn 5 – Americans

I received 2 units of reinforcements, successfully blitzing on both my Cobras and a unit of VADS.  I moved up into cover with my Abrams and prepared to drop some pain on the Chieftains.

Alas, with some epically bad dice rolling (and saves from Col) I was unable to damage anything.  I was duly informed by the spectators that I was now going to get Rapiered….

Turn 6 – Americans

Col auto-reinforced with his last unit, the Rapiers, and successfully blitzed them onto the board.  Although they ended up at the far end of the board from the Choppers, they were still just in range….


The Harriers flew in behind my Abrams and the Chieftains ranged in on my new ITVs.  It was bloody…


2 Cobras were shot down by the Rapiers…


The Harriers cluster bombed a Chieftain into oblivion and bailed a second (I forgot to AA fire!).  Luckily they didn’t run.

The 2 ITVs in the open were easily torn apart by the Chieftains.

Turn 6 – Americans

Reinforcing with my last Infantry Platoon, it came on the wrong board corner (left) and made a terrain dash in it’s M113s to the right.  My Dragons and M109s were able to kill 2 Rapiers.  My fire on the left was ineffectual again.

Turn 7 – Brits

The Chieftains on the left started to push forward.  The Harriers once again showed up, this time targeting my right flank Infantry platoon.

The Chieftains fired on the move, destroying the bailed Abrams and bailing the last one.


In the middle, the infantry and Helicopters fired on my VADs and new Infantry M113s, destroying a third VAD and bailing the 4th, and killing an M113 and a Rifle base at the cost of 1 Lynx.

The harriers lost 2 of their number to AA fire from M113s, and only succeeded in pinning my Red Inf Platoon.

My final Abrams crew decided enough was enough and fled the field.

Turn 7 – Americans

With my left objective under threat, my Third platoon dismounted and moved to protect it after passing their pin check.  On the right, my infantry passed their rally check and started to advance on the enemy objective, supported by a reinforcement Mortar team.  My last ITV platoon failed to Blitz on so moved up behind the wrecks of their predecessors.

In the middle, my M113s were finally able to break the Infantry platoon.  Some success at least…


Turn 8 – Brits

Colin advanced the Chieftains on the left, bailing an M109 and missing my ITVs.  On the right his Harriers attempted a strafing run on my Mortars but were shot down by AA machine gun fire.  His Chieftains and Lynxes succeeded in finishing off my VADS and destroying 3 mortar teams.

Turn 8 – Americans

On the left flank I was unable to inflict and damage with my ITVs or M109s; on the right I advanced with my Infantry, and completely forgot to move my Mortars (the stress was getting to me!).


Turn 9 – Brits

On my left, the Chieftains pushed towards the objective and attempted to flank my ITVs and catch them out of cover.  In a rare stroke of luck for me, they all missed.  On the right,  the Chieftains killed more Mortars.  The lynxes attempted to open fire and took AA fire from the Infantry and M113s, losing 2 of their number.  Only succeeding in bailing an M113, the last Lynx then fled the field.


Turn 9 – Americans

The ITVs blitzed around the wrecks to regain their cover on the left, whilst on the right my Infantry and M113s advanced for the objective and finished off the Rapiers.  I was once again unable to damage the Chieftains with my ITVs…


Turn 10 – Brits

The Brits fired with their Chieftains, once again missing my ITVs.  The Command Chieftains destroyed 2 of my M109s, causing the third to flee.

Turn 10 – Americans

My Infantry on the right moved into position, ready for the assault.  On the left, my ITVs finally managed to bail a Chieftain.

My 2 Rifle teams fired their LAWs into the side armour of the Chieftains, looking for a single bail to tip the forthcoming assault in their favour.  Needing 5s, they both missed.

Undeterred, they pushed the assault.   Meeting a wave of machine gun fire and 5 successful hits, they were forced back, becoming pinned and losing two of their number and narrowly passing a Break test as their 2 Dragon teams were out of command.


Turn 11 – Brits

The Chieftains on the left were finally able to find their mark, destroying my last 2 ITVs.  On the right, the Chieftains fired on my Infantry but all were saved.

Turn 11 – Americans

On the left, the Mech Infantry Platoon decided to take the fight to the Chieftains.  Abandoning their Foxholes, they flanked the tanks and fired their LAWs, but were unable to hit on the move.  On the right, my M113s gunned their engines and headed for Colin’s other objective.

My Infantry on the left then charged, braving fire from 3 Chieftains.


Unbelievably, the Chieftains only scored 4 hits.  Whilst I lost a team, the remaining 3 made it in.  The teams were unable to cause any damage and the Chieftains counter attacked, killing a team.  Undeterred my remaining 2 teams fought on, bailing a Chieftain.  The final Chieftain stuck it out and fought on, killing another team.  My last team valiantly fought on but missed it’s attack.  Miraculously, the Chieftain failed it’s counter roll and broke off, leaving it’s 2 bailed unit members to be destroyed.  The final Chieftain then fled the board!!!


Turn 12 – Brits

We decided that due to the time, this would be the final turn.

Colin’s Chieftains on the left ignored my Infantry to shoot my M113s heading for the objective, killing one and causing another to run.  His command Cheiftains missed my other two M113s from the other team.

Turn 12 – Americans

To win I had to kill / break his last unit (the 2 Chieftains on the right) and force a Formation morale check for him to fail.

I rallied the right flank infantry, but they were unable to inflict any damage with their LAWs.  Attempting to assault, they were forced back and lost another team.


End Game – Result and Conclusion

As we effectively ran out of time we both lost.  Checking the victory points, we scored 3 each for casualties caused.  A draw!  A true slog of a game with us picking bits off each other every turn!

My Mistakes

I should have pushed the right flank sooner, and pushed my M113s from the centre for the left objective as soon as I cleared the infantry from the Churchyard.

My Abrams should have deployed out of sight in centre board and forced him to commit his final 3 Chieftains without knowing what I was going to do with them, then used their superior speed to push the weak spot.

Col’s Forces

Harriers are far too easy to shoot down, and Col is short on Infantry.  He plans to ditch the Harriers and take an Airmobile platoon, which will make it much harder for his opponents to protect their objectives.  His Chieftains did extremely well until then got close to me, so he needs something else doing his offensive work.

The final Battlefield…


It took 5 hours to play and 4 hours to write up, hope you enjoy!

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  1. it was a great game ty Lee I agree need more infantry and need the Scorpion tanks need to refine list but the Brits did well

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