Team Yankee – Saviours of the World vs Brits

First game of TY today, my Soviets vs James and his Brits

Now it must be said that the British were let down badly by their logistics department as many of the shiny toys have yet to arrive.

I used a T72 Batalon with


2 x T72 companies

1 x BMP-2 Company

2 x Shilkas

2 x Gophers

2 x Hinds

Maggies finest were I believe a Chieftain company


2 x Chieftain platoons

1 x Mech platoon

1 x Swingfire platoon

2 x air landing platoons

4 x Lynx attack helibobs


We set up the table then rolled for mission, I ended up attacking and had to get to one of the two objectives that would be live on turn 6

James placed his in the middle of the Wood in his deployment area defended by a platoon of chieftains and his company HQ. In front was a platoon of PBI and a unit of swingfire armed lads were hiding in ambush. I placed my objective just at the end of the strip of trees near the houses.

After very carefully looking at the table and deliberating about which was the bast tactic to use I of course decided to charge forward all T72 blazing whilst the BMP-2’s bombed down the road as fast as they could.


My shilkas and gophers were to hide behind the blue building ready to deal death to the air landing guys and try to get some cover from the reserves that were going to start coming in from the top right corner.


The Hinds set off to get some kills on the tanks in the wood safe from the swing fires as they were in ambush so couldn’t get me till James’s turn.

As ever an all or nothing approach was the way forward.


The BMP’s went on a road dash


Whilst all the tanks rolled forward and started shooting, needing sixs to hit it took all the tanks and the hinds to kill two Chieftains causing the third to bottle it. Not a bad turn


First set of reserves arrived for the British and the T72 commanders waited to see who would not be going back to Olga on the farm.


The chieftains in the woods managed to kill a T72 and bail a second and the three in the cornfield took out another two. The swingfires easily finished off the Hinds, the chieftains had decided not to try to use their AA the previous turn as it would have simply removed their gone to ground status.

The BMP’s let out the infantry to surround the objective then went off to help the worried looking T72 company trying to hold off the reserves.



Meanwhile the other T72’s were trying to finish off the Chieftains and also take out the swing fires that had arrived at the edge of the wood. If I could kill them off before they fired things would look grim for the Brits. Aha says I rolling a handful of dice, Ho Ho says James as they all miss


Well known for their good manners the Brits then also let rip and missed all the T72’s in front of them. On the flank the three Chieftains made a better job of it taking out two T72’s, now down to just two left, and also took out two BMP’s and bailed a third.

Maybe the woods would not be ours just yet


I had not realised that not all of the Lynx’s were attack helicopters so was surprised when these two landed behind my AA assests ready to let out a platoon of bad lads.


The Shilkas turned their turrets whilst the Gophers moved to hide from the helicopters, the shilkas radar were confused by the low corn field and only tow out of twelve shots hit and no damage was done at all.

A good turn of shooting saw the British commander and two swing fires ablaze for the loss of one more T72.


With no more reserves arriving the chieftains took out a T72 making the company run but not until they and the BMP’s had thinned the numbers out a little. Unfortunatly the plucky brit held on.


The British infantry defending the woods has sent off their transports to harass their Soviet counterparts on the second objective, Cains lads had left their entrenching tools at home and had been unable to dig in so took a number of hits and a few casualties.


With the woods about to fall and the BMP’s taking out the last Chieftain the Brits capitulated deciding the remaining infantry were likely to be given the run around by the BMP’s and T72’s whilst the reds remained on an objective waiting for turn six to come around. As all the AA assets were still alive any helicopters would have a hot welcome when they came to play.

It is he was also going home as it was his turn to make tea.


As the British commander was marched into captivity he was allowed to keep his supplies of tea, we are not barbarians after all.


Conclusions, either

A – I am a tactical genius with a grasp of tactics that Alexander of Macedon would be proud of and soon all of Europe will be liberated from their capitalist overlords.


B – Hampered by the lack of support choices that are delayed somewhere we are told and the fact that I would not have been able to specifically set up the table and choose a better mission if I had been able to. Road to the objective, half the brits in reserve and decent cover for my infantry and AA teams.

Liked the game so James did his job of keeping me interested.

Still don’t like it as much FOW but at least I am playing now.







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