Team Yankee Battle Report – Lee vs Jimmy

Following on from my musings about my Mech Platoon list, I fielded it against Jimmy’s Afgantsy force.

Forces were as follows:

Lee’s American Mech Inf Force


(1) 1 x FIST Observer

(14) 4 x Cobra AH1 Attack ‘Copters

(15) 6 x M109 Artillery tank teams with Bomblets upgrade

(6) 4 x VADS AA tank teams


(1) HQ – Mech Combat Team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(7) M113 Mech Platoon with +1 Dragon team

(24) 3 x Abram Tank teams

(6) 6 x M106 Mortar Teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

(3) 2 x ITV Anti-Tank teams

Total 100pts


Jimmy’s Russian Afgantsy Force


(32) 7 x T72 Main Battle Tanks

(6) 4 x BMP2 Recon Tanks

(7) 2 x SU27 Frogfoot Strike Planes

(4) 4 x Shilka AA tanks


(1) MI-25 HIND Air Assault Battalion HQ

(12) 4 x HIND Assault Helicopters

(6) 2 x HIND Assault Helicopters

(19) Air Assault company comprising of: 10 x AK47 / RPG-18 teams, 9 x RPG7 teams, 2 x PKM LMG teams, 1 x AGS17 team, 1 x AT4 Spigot team, 1 x SA-14 Gremlin AA team

(13) Air Assault company comprising of: 7 x AK47 / RPG-18 teams, 6 x RPG7 teams, 2 x PKM LMG teams, 1 x SA-14 Gremlin AA team, 1 x AT4 Spigot team

100 pts

The Mission

I chose to defend and Jimmy chose prepared attack.  A roll on the chart gave us Fighting Withdrawal.


I dropped my objective in the centre of my half and Jimmy dropped his on each flank.


I set up predictably with an Infantry platoon sat on each objective.  ITVs supported each flank.  My VADs were set as mid-table as possible whilst still getting concealment, but I could see that me left flank was a little exposed to Air attack.  My Cobras claimed a building line for cover on the left flank.

I dropped mines in between buildings on the centre table, hoping to push Jimmy’s forces to the flanks and to the objectives that could be removed in the late game.

Jimmy placed his Tank platoon in mid field, using his Recon spearhead to push them further up the table.  He placed his largest Infantry company on my left flank, supported by 4 HINDs, and the other on my right supported by 2 HINDs.  His Shilkas deployed opposite my Cobras.


 Turn 1 – Russians

Jimmy’s infantry set off moving up the board on each flank, and his 4 strong HIND unit pushed down my left flank out of range of my VADS.  In the middle, his T72s and BMPs positioned themselves for opportune shots at my VADS unit.


Firing commenced; firstly the Shilkas opened fire, killing a single Cobra.  Their comrade Gremlin teams were unable to land any hits.  In the middle, the T72s and BMPs opened up on the VADS and FIST; again needing 6s, they only succeeded in killing the FIST Observer.

The HINDs opened fire, the left flank HINDs taking AA MG fire from infantry and M113s and losing 1 of their number (note the pic shows 2 lost, this was until we realised Guided cannot fire at Helicopters in the enemy turn so we put it back on!).  The remaining HINDs were unable to inflict any casualties on either flank, but pinned the right flank Mech Platoon.

Turn 1 – Americans

My right flank Mech Platoon unpinned.  Deciding to ‘go for it’ I deployed my Abrams from Ambush and moved up to counter the T72s mid-table.  My VADS shuffled up to the right corner of the corn field to get some teams in range of the HINDs on the right.  In the mid table, my M113s moved down the road to take some pot shots at Jimmy’s Shilkas in the distance.

I began my shooting by deploying a smoke bombardment from my Mortars across the centre board, protecting my Abrams and centre VADS from any return fire in Jimmy’s next turn (the mines would prevent him from pushing up to or through the smoke without significant risk).

My Abrams opened up on the T72s, killing 2 and bailing 1.  My Cobras killed another T72 and bailed a 2nd, and a single Dragon team from the left flank was able to draw line of sight and kill another.  With 4 destroyed and 2 bailed, the last T72 was testing for breaking, which it failed.  The surviving tanks fled the field.

My M113s let rip at the Shilkas but were unable to bail or destroy any teams.

The VADS unit opened up, destroying a HIND on the right.  The 2 ITV platoons on the left fired on the HINDs, killing all 3.  The final HIND on the left failed it’s morale check, leaving the Russians HINDless.

The M109 Artillery ranged in on the right flank infantry company using the right flank Inf Platoon’s leader as Spotter.  Firing bomblets, they hit around 9 bases of infantry.  Only 1 failed their save, but the unit was pinned.

Turn 2 – Russians

With the right flank Infantry company failing their pin check, the left flank advanced.  The Frogfoots became available and came on board right behind my left flank ITV teams.   The BMP Recon team redeployed from centre board to right flank, taking cover behind the corn field.

Shooting commenced, with the Shilkas downing another Cobra and the Spigot team punishing the advancing M113s, killing 3 of their number.

The Frogfoots opened up with their 30mm guns on the 2 ITV platoons, destroying 1 and bailing the other 3.  The weaker unit fled the field, leaving the other platoon with 2 bailed teams.

Turn 2 – Americans

The ITV platoon failed to remount any teams.  The Abrams platoon moved up to gain line of sight on the Shilkas and Spigot team.  The VADS and centre Mech Inf Platoon began moving to the left to support that flank.  Everyone else sat tight and opened fire on any targets they could see.


The Abrams faired worse shooting than the previous turn, killing a Shilka for their trouble.  On the right flank the ITV, M113 and infantry teams were able to kill 2 BMPs and bail one, with the unit then failing it’s morale check and fleeing.  The M106 Mortars failed to range in on their target Infantry.  On the left flank, the Russian infantry company was hit by the M109s and Mech Inf, losing 2 bases of Infantry and becoming pinned.




Turn 3

Jimmy had a good look at the board.  On the right, his infantry wouldn’t be able to reach the objective intact before it would be removed.  On the left, the Company might get close but the Americans were reinforcing and still had the Abrams and all their artillery.  Whilst I would be removing a unit at the end of my turn, I could simply remove an ITV unit from the right with no appreciable effect on my ability to defend.

At this point the game was conceded by the Russians.


Running through this report, we realised we missed a key rule, in that low cover doesn’t count as concealment from aircraft shots.  This could have helped the HINDs on the right flank to do damage to the ITVs, and changed how the HINDs on the left flank were used.

The realisation that Guided weapons can shoot aircraft was a big eye opener for us both, as my ITVs were able to function as secondary AA units against the HINDs with great effect.

Discussing the HINDs, we both agreed that fielding 4 and 2 isn’t enough, and that 4 and 4 needs to be the way.  I also think 4 frogfoots as opposed to 2 would really help.

Regarding the mission, this was a really poor mission for Jimmy.  Between the terrain set-up, the minefields and my choice of forces, he was always going to be struggling with his slow moving infantry.  In future games the use of spearhead to push his infantry further up the board may be a big help.

In terms of my own forces, I was very happy with how they worked together.  The mission allowing me to deploy everything / ambush was a massive boon, and taking out the T72 company and HINDs in the first turn essentially won it.  I did resist dropping 3 M109s and bomblets for a 4th Abrams, and in this instance I think it paid off, but I think I may make the change anyways to give the stronger Ambush unit.




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