Flames of War LW Strelk vs FJ

After several months of playing Early and Mid War me and Colin, impresario of Janco Toys and long time enemy of the glorious forces of the Red army decided to play a game of Late War.

In truth I always struggle more with my beloved Russians in LW than in EW or MW so I asked if we could do more LW games.

We played pincer and as we both had infantry forces we rolled to see who would attack and who would defend, Colin rolled to attack.

Red Army Hero Strelkovy Polk


2 x Strelkovy companies

3 x IS-2 1944

4 x SU-100

4 x T34/85

Priority IL-2M


FJ Company


2 x FJ platoons

1 x HMG platoon

3 x Pak-40

4 x 150mm Artillery, i normally hate these guys

2 x Jagdpanthers


Table with a rather modern petrol station, TY is in full effect in Janco’s at the moment. It was laid out a little oddly with massive gaps on each side but we decided to leave it as it was. Would have been interesting if we had rolled a lengthwise mission.


I had the 2 Strelk companies on the table, one dug in around an objective and the other close enough to come to their assistance but still able to dash to the unoccupied objective if needed. The SU-100’s were in ambush hoping to take out the Jagdpanthers and because it was mobile reserves my IS-2 and T34 platoons were in delayed reserve.


The Germans had the artillery ready to blast me to death, two platoons of FJ and the MMG that I was sure were just going to rush the closest objective. The Jagdpanthers on the edge of the deployment zone gunning their engines ready to try to get down to the other objective and wait for my reserves.


Game on, the JP and an FJ platoon made a move to start the rush for the far objective whilst the MMG made towards the edge of the wood ready to get shots off later in the game. The second FJ stayed put, not sure why but this was a mistake my opponent later regretted. Artillery took a pot shot at the Strelk to the side of the rather spiffy church but did nothing. The Paks waited for my reserves to arrive.


Turn one for the Red Army and in came a single plane and up popped the ambushing SU-100’s. They took out one of the JP which was a relief as I had no doubt I could take out everything else but worried a little about the AT16 tank hunters. Plane managed to kill a single base of infantry but bounced off the top of the JP. The FJ were pinned however.IMG_0640[1].JPG

Turn 2 for the Germans and the FJ failed to unpin which was nice, the MMG moved a little further forward and the JP moved slowly to keep itself in cover. Artillery bailed a couple of SU-100. The second FJ now moved forward.



Turn 2 for the Soviets

Planes came in and hit the FJ in that had just started to move and the SU-100’s moved a little to try to get into a position to get at the JP. Two of them failed to remount. I had to move a couple of stands of infantry to ensure the plane could come in but as they were behind a wood I thought they were fairly safe and I needed to do something to the FJ as they looked like they would roll the objective, live from turn 6, and I would then need to re capture it. Took out one stand and an MMG leaving them both pinned.IMG_0643[1].JPG

Turn 3 for the Germans and the FJ in the built up area stayed pinned again, everyone else unpinned. The pinned FJ made for the cover of a building and the assault on the woods began. The JP went off and hid again, Colin was worried about either the SU-100’s of the soon to arrive reserves getting a flank shot.


As me Hero Strelk pass skill tests on three’s this would be bloody with two forces in effect Fearless Vets in the assault, I hoped my batalon commissar would give me the edge. Also I could afford the losses as due to the slow moving force trying to get to the other objective I had left my second company of infantry ready to come over and give a hand if needed.


After a few rounds of scrapping and despite some rolls such as the above, white were my dice the purple my enemies, it ended like this. With a single base of FJ and and the commander of the MMG left alive both of which passed the test to stay. My Strelk also passed their test and stayed on the table.


Turn three for the Hero’s of this match and first off a roll for reserves, non. Needed to hold off the JP for another turn. Plane came on and did little other than a stand and a pin on the lads who had decided a corrugated iron hut was a safe place to be.


After the plan left they pulled back the roof to give more protection.


Turn four and the Germans were in trouble, the JP and FJ from the tin hut who managed to unpin for a change moved closer to the objective. It would be time to move my second Strelk soon if the reserves did not arrive.

Due to a rush of excitement the camera man forgot to take a few pics, he will be re educated. The IS-2’s came on an took a pot shot but moving with rate of fire 1 meant I missed. The German artillery bailed out one but being fearless they got back in again.

Turn five the German Commander and 2IC picked up the last of the FJ near the wood and went for it again. Unfortunately before they got there the second Strelk moved into the woods and took the fight to the enemy, they were going to go after the artillery and ATG’s but for once the inner Orc was quietened and they stayed hidden in the wood. The SU-100’s moved to hold the second objective in case the JP moved towards it.

JPs killed a T34 and bailed another and the SU-100 that could see the JP and the IS-2s all missed.

Last turn of the game the T34’s, IS-2’s and an SU-100 shot at the infantry and the JP with the plane managing to take out the JP. Plane def my Hero of the Soviet union this time.


With that the game was called as the last couple of stands of infantry were not going to get to the objective and now the remaining Russian assets free from the tyranny of the JP were pretty much free to hunt down whoever they wished.


The FJ were ideally suited to defending and the Strelk to attack so of course we rolled the opposite. The IS-2’s are great at getting hit with TA2 and FA11, terrible at actually managing to hit anything. The T34’s without H&C are good but you don’t get many of them. Plane had a great time as enemy had brought no AA.

If the Germans had rushed the objective in the woods or had not spent so long pinned and moved to the other objective it may have been tougher.

Good game and a win to the Soviets in LW so mission quite literally achieved.

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